Mike Holmgren Wants To Coach Cowboys Mike Holmgren the Browns former President and the man Randy Learner paid millions of dollars to take over football operations for the Cleveland Browns said his coaching days were over. Holmgren said he would never work the kind of hours it takes to be a head coach in the NFL again. Now with his butt cheek prints still pressed into the furniture at Browns headquarters in Berea, Holmgren comes out ans says he wants to become the head-coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Mike Holmgren is probably still cashing checks he is getting from the Cleveland Browns. Now he wants to coach the Cowboys. What is that all about.

When the Cleveland Browns were looking for a head coach and the Cleveland Media asked Holmgren about coaching the Browns his answer was NO. I am not going to work the kind of schedule it takes to coach in the NFL.  The man who Randy Learner paid 8 million dollars a year should have taken a little time out of his do little schedule and helped his head coach Pat Shurmur who he hand-picked for the job to become a better head coach. But NO, Holmgren refused to get involved and now the Cleveland Browns are in their 3rd losing season in a row under the Mike Holmgren watch.

Holmgren was welcomed to Cleveland with open arms by Browns fans. The hope was that Homgren would help to coach the Browns. That didn’t happen and now Mike Holmgren is moving on and this time his record is full of losses. This is what the Cleveland fans will remember. A man who said no when it came to helping the Cleveland Browns to become a winning football team. But now the man who said his coaching days were behind him wants to be the Dallas Cowboys head coach. We been scammed………

Hey Holmgren be sure to take Shurmur with you……

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Readers Comments (10)

  1. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … i’m not so sure holmgren will ever coach again … if he does , god bless him.

    i guess that browns fans will have to believe that haslam & banner will make the right decision & bring in the right guy. personally , i don’t wanna see them pursue cowher , billick , gruden etc … i’m not sure who the up & coming coordinator in the nfl is , or what college coach will have what it takes to motivate in the nfl.

    i will hope for the best as it will be one of the browns most important moves.

    have a good one …

    • LG

      You have a good one too

  2. muttklingon

    Mike Holmgren as Head Coach of Browns ? what great IDA?

    • LG

      He didn’t say he wanted to coach the Browns he said he wanted to coach the Cowboys…

  3. longhaul

    that would make a great team dumb and dumber

  4. Bob

    Holmgren who? He should be kissing Favre’s a@# right about now.

    • Bob

      Just had a thought, maybe Holmgren is asking Favre to be the QB coach at that high school that Favre is OC at.

      Remember, Favre had the nickname “the gunslinger” also. I wonder who also gave Weeden the nickname the “gunslinger”. Hey Holmgren, Weeden is definately NOT Brett Favre. Did Holmgren leak that nickname for Weeden to the press like he leaked to the press that he wanted to be the Cowboys coach?

      • LG

        The Funny thing Bob is that Colt McCoy spent time with Favre. Then McCoy doesn’t get a chance to play. I cannot believe Holmgren would want to coach again after he said his coaching days were done when asked if he would coach the Browns. To bad his check cashing days weren’t done. He sure didn’t have any trouble cashing the 8 million dollars a year he got out of Randy Learner did he?

  5. isitnextyear

    The fact that Holmgren may or may not want to coach again leaves me with one question……who cares? He barely got it done in Green Bay, and was an annual loser in Seatle. Why Haslam has allowed him to continue in Berea is beyond me. He’s obviously all about himself. Pack he and his buddy Shurmer’s bags and show them the door. I hope he goes to Dallas so he and Jerry can be seen throwing punches on the side line. I’m not saying that Holmgren doesn’t know football, but his track record speaks for itself.

    • LG

      You are right Isitnextyear. We should be so lucky that he takes his Buddy Shurmur with him…..


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