If you are a fan of the Cleveland Browns and you have concerns about the play of the offensive line, especially Oniel Cousins in the season opener. Don’t worry Head coach Rob Chudzinski said he just had a bad day.

The coach has no plans of making any changes to the Offensive line and Cousins will get the start in Baltimore. It must be that Chud hates Brandon Weeden and he is on a mission to get him killed. This way the new coaching staff won’t have to admit they made a major mistake naming a bum like Weeden as the team’s starter and when he is injured and out for the rest of the season the Browns can play any quarterback they want.

If Chudzinksi continues to play the same offensive line he played Sunday against the Dolphins that is what is going to happen. Someone is going to get hurt and that someone is Brandon Weeden. Chudszinski must believe he has some kind of magic in his bag of tricks that is going to convert Cousins into an all pro lineman before the Browns travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens.

I’m starting to wonder why the Cleveland Browns hired this Chudzinski, he obviously is in over his head. To even think about starting this Cousins against the Ravens leaves serious questions about his NFL decision-making process.

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  1. Keith

    It’s a shame you had to use the article to take another dig at Weeden LG, but you are right about Cousins. Chudzinski said that the ‘guy who gets the most reps’ gives you the best chance to win, but when you have someone hurting the whole team like Cousins did on Sunday, I would rather pick someone out of the stands to replace him, than leave him in the game.
    Gilkey was there, and ready, but was not even considered. I don’t get that. If he is worth a roster number, play him. What else is he there for?.
    If Cousins plays on Sunday, the Ravens will target the right side of our line and it will be game over, season over.
    I am baffled by this.

    • LG

      You should be baffled by it..

  2. Don

    I have been waiting for next year since Bernie Kosar left the room.
    I guess I will keep waiting and hoping next year will be different.
    Praying that maybe just maybe things will turn around this year.

  3. RICK

    LG, It’s nice to know that we have a backup coach that knows more about football than the experienced coaches that we have. Maybe your next in line with that knowledge. I’m sure your at the top of their list. Why should you care if Weeden gets hurt, you hate his guts anyway. Your story is your usual conspirocy theory with no basis, just criticisms and shots at management. I guess it’s time to retool because we lost a game. Once again we are in first place and we weren’t going 16-0 so you can down the team all that you want thats your right but it doesn’t mean that Browns fans believe it. I hope that they get as much praise when they win as they get negativity when they lose.GO BROWNS

    • LG

      Rick, do you have a place to go get some mental help?

  4. Wane

    another blockbuster straight from the horses A$$. are you trying to say how bad Oniel Cousins is? or is this artical about how stupid Chudzinski is? maybe your worried if the bum Weeded gets hurt you won’t have anything to write about. or is it just another pointless LG artical about how smart you think you are, and how stupid you think everybody else is? i’m going with the last one.

    • LG

      I had no doubt you would

    • JIM V

      Wane, after what you wrote to LG. The first thing that popped into my mind was an old saying,”it is better to be thought of as ignorant! then to open your mouth or put in print and remove all doubt”!. I have been a Browns fan for 60 years! With that said, I truly hope that LG and myself along with others hope were wrong and that we will see a Browns team that is always in the thick of things. But since their rebirth in 1999, it’s almost like Groundhog Day, the movie. I Saying that we changed players. We’ve changed coaches and we have changed management. I always thought the problem was the ownership! But it looks like I’m wrong about that too! However, it seems we are getting the same results! Two things I want to bring to your attention first. One of the most underrated overlooked quarterbacks. That’s ever played for the Cleveland Browns was a man by the name of Kelly Holcomb! Holcomb in college. Stayed in a game and continued to play on a broken leg. It seems today if they have a hang nail. They want to keep them on the bench He came into quarterback against Pittsburgh in our only playoff appearance. He threw for over 400 yards but we still lost the game. I think he did his part but the rest of the team (the defense) let him down. it still sticks in my mind a comment made by a quarterback by the name of Jeff Garcia, who made a statement. If you want to ruin your career go to Cleveland. Why is it no proven big-name coach or coaches want to come to Cleveland? Why is it any quality free agents don’t want to come to Cleveland? during the preseason games. The talking sports heads, Saying that the Brown’s coaching staff was not showing their new game plans for offense and defense during the preseason games. But after Sunday’s game. I highly suggest they take the tarp off those plans and let the fans see them! . Again, I hope I’m wrong! But you got a show me, not tell me!

  5. RICK

    LG, Why, because I don’t agree with you? Most people don’t so I guess there are alot of people in need of some LG guidance to make it thru the day. (whine,wnine,whine) “He’s obviously is in over his head” is a real show stopper.Weeden sucks,Chud sucks, management sucks,Offensive line sucks, Richardson sucks, What will we ever do? We are doomed. LOL

    • LG

      No Rick not because you don’t agree with me at all……Because you may actually think Weeden is a good player that is why…..

      • RICK

        LG, I have never once mentioned that Weeden is a good player. I have defended him when he’s been bashed and I think he has some talent but I have never told you before that he is a good player yet. I just think it’s needless bashing is all.I have told you countless times that I don’t care who the QB is and that they can win with any of them.You don’t know what I think unless you fired up that stupid crystal ball again dammit.

        • LG

          Sorry Rick, I thought you might have thought he was good….

  6. Ron

    The Browns continue to be one of the worst teams in the NFL. Good prospective head coaches and players avoid joining them like the plague and corrective action by the team is too slow to come. The die-hard fans keep hoping that something good will happen but they’re living in a fantasy world. They will never get it because they are not thinking football with their heads. The only way things will get better is if the management hires people who can actually get the job done. Not to harp on anyone but Weeden is a perfect example because he will never be a first string QB in the NFL. I’ll always be a Browns fan in my heart but never deny what my head is telling me about the team.

  7. Rich

    A good line can make any quarterback. Frank Ryan won the NFL Championship and two years later was getting his brains beat out when the line fell apart. Same for Brian Sipe and Bernie Kosar.

    • Duane

      When did Sipe and Kosar win an NFL championship?

      • Rich

        Sipe and Kosar had good seasons (not NFL Championships) until their lines fell apart.

        • LG

          Kosar won the Central Division……A couple of times……

  8. Stien

    Don’t believe in giving a player a second chance??? Hardesty, not finished a year on the field, but you think he needs another chance. Funny how you pick those that are worthy and those that are not. Time for me to stop reading this crap you put out. No reporting here, no good information, just bashing whomever you feel like.

    • LG

      Hey Hardesty didn’t cost the Browns offense a bunch in penalties and he finished last season….

  9. paul throneburg

    You have to love sport writers, after one game its already a mistake hiring chud,and as far as Cousins He had a bad game lets waive Him so we can start a undrafted street free agent, I know for a fact your boss does not get rid of people for a bad day because your still here bad story after bad story, I wonder why 32 teams didn’t hire you, because you know ALL…

    • LG

      First off I never tried to get hired by a NFL team. Secondly, the head coach has to do a better job with determining talent.

  10. Jim V

    well, back to the drawing boards! I know everyone has heard this before, but I must run it by you one more time. Definition of total insanity! Doing the same things over and over and expecting different results!!!

  11. Daniel Jones

    My my my, 1 game in and such a scathing comment,come on man give it a break,nobody deserves thst much abuse after 1 game,lets bet the Browns have a much betterv season and your comment here shows how of an asshole you are

    • JIM V

      hey Danny boy you must be a member of a think tank! . Someone disagrees with you. For example LG and you call him and asshole? I hope that you get to bed early tonight so you won’t miss or be late for day care in the morning! I’ve got 60 years of being a Browns fan and watching professional football. But what would I know? it’s just a genius like you that has it all figured out!


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