By Bob Bower

I’m a big time tribe fan who is just getting a little sick of management sitting there with their thumbs up their butts! Lots of free agents out there and Cleveland needing some right handed power. So here come the winter meetings annnndddd…NOTHING! Antonetti hinted at something unexpected to happen but the same nothing emerged. Man, quit lying to us!

Now with some power free agents out there and some signings going on, the Tribe is doing….. NOTHING….AGAIN! I  had hoped we would have made a run at Josh Willingham but ohhhhno, the Twins got him. Aw shucks, huh? Well Michael Cuddyer would make a fine fit and has power, right? Ummm, looks like he’ll be going to the Rockies. Will you do ANYTHING, Antonetti? I mean besides getting us a grandpa starting pitcher in Derek Lowe who is a gamble at best? But hold on.. we got Felix Pie to sign to a minor league contract. Wow! Clevelanders go wild!!! Did you blow it all last year with the Jimenez trade? We ended up just under .500 after a dynamic start. I know we had a lot of injuries but you’re not gonna sell many season tickets by sitting on your corporate ass! DO SOMETHING, DAMMIT!

C’mon, dude! Get Cleveland fired up by getting us a power bat. You could put a LOT of people in the seats with..ohhhh, let’s see… a guy named Prince Fielder? C’mon, dude! We’re tired of B players. It’s time to spend! Now!

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