The year is 2014, 15 years after the Cleveland Browns returned to the NFL. They have had more head coaches and more quarterbacks than any other team in the history of the NFL.

Today, we saw the Indianapolis Colts pay D’Qwell Jackson 22 million dollars. 11 million is guaranteed money. Just days ago a team that won 4 games during the 2013 season,deemed Jackson as worthless.

Today the Colts begged to differ with that opinion. The Browns also can’t get a deal done, at least not yet with TJ Ward. Ward is a top 3 safety in the NFL.

If the Browns can’t sign him and he hits the free agent market, you better not expect him to be back in a Browns uniform for the 2014 season. Someone will sign him and Ward will walk away with a couple of fists full of money.

Now comes the sad reality. The Browns have an owner who has his head stuck so far up his A$$ he can’t think straight. Coming form being a minority owner with the Pittsburgh Steelers, you would expect Haslam to know something about running an NFL football team.

If his actions in his first year hasn’t proved that notion wrong, you must be blind. Haslam knows nothing about running a professional sports franchise.

He placed his trust in the wrong people and he was made into the laughing-stock of the NFL along with his team the Cleveland Browns.

Now comes the saddest part of the story. The Browns hired a guy to be the head coach who wasn’t even considered as a head coach by the new GM.

That’s right, Ray Farmer had nothing to do with hiring Mike Pettine. He wasn’t the GM when he was hired and if you were alone with Farmer having a couple of drinks, he would be the first one to tell you he didn’t hire Pettine and he probably wouldn’t have been his choice for a head coach.

Now you’re starting to get it. If Pettine doesn’t turn this thing around this season, we will be right back where we are right now doing the same thing we have been doing for the past 15 years all over again next season.

The Browns are making bad decision after bad decision all over again. It is the same old song and dance and people are buying into this crap all over again.

The fans should know by now, this team’s future is only 16 games long. If they don’t have a winning season, they will be starting all over again next year.

There is a reason the team didn’t raise their ticket prices this season. Who in the hell would pay more to see this crap they call football in Cleveland with this clown they call an owner at the helm?

The answer is simple. No one would. If they would have raised their prices, the fans would bail faster than they got rid of D’Qwell Jackson.

Mike Pettine better not unpack his stuff. If he doesn’t win, he will be gone. The only real hope the fans have, is that Haslam II gets indicted and placed in prison. Then maybe someone with a football I.Q. can take over this team and build us a winner.

This is what football in Cleveland has come down too, and it’s a damn shame……

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Readers Comments (19)

  1. JIM V

    When I heard Jackson went to the Colts and the money they will pay him, I almost broke my PC!!! So how well is Farmer at being a GM??? Well LG. here is my solution! It is no crazier then what has gone on since 1999! Let’s all Browns Fans & Backers form a Corporation and we will make Bernie CEO and buy the Team! That way we can put a stop to this unprofessional Football “CRAP” in Cleveland! You all will laugh! But, that’s what the NFL, Media, Players and fans are doing now!In the Football World, we are considered a joke! Does anyone in the Sports Media have the “Balls” to find out why Weedon is still considered a Browns Player and Jackson is gone! They probably will let Ward go too! How many times do I have to write this:? It won’t change until we hit them in the wallet! “Quit filling the Stadium!” Ever wonder why we see so many people in Ohio wearing Steelers Gear???

    • LG

      It’s going to be an interesting year to say the least. They better find a way to sign Ward,if he hits the market someone will sign him.

  2. gary slagle

    I agree wityh ya Jim we need too form a corporation and sell stock to buy the team like Green Bay i would definatly buy 10k in stock today and love to see Bernie running the team.

    • LG

      The problem is the NFL made rules against the public buying a team after the Green Bay deal.

  3. JJJ

    Same Colts that traded a first round pick for Richardson?

    • Mike C.

      I agree with your thought. If the Browns are going to compete we need to get younger and more aggressive at that position. I liked some of his years at the Browns but time to move on. The Colts are paying a lot for him like they did for T Rich we will see how that works out for them.

  4. david

    Part of our problem as Browns ra.s are our emotional attachment we get to players. Jackson is a phenomenal leader but he’s not a game changer and 22 million for a leader is too much. Haslam had banner forced on him by the NFL a d he in turn brought in Lombardi. I like that Haslam had enough of those two and got rid of them.

    • JIM V

      David, with all do respect, Every team most fans are emotionally involved with their team! We are no different! Look at what the Management Leaders have done in the past. They were not even on the field of play. At least our defense was half way decent! If I’m not mistaken Jackson was the leading the Dfence in tackles? It boils down to leadership! That can be priceless, especially with new players. Watch as our good players will start leaving!… To JJJ, Richardson “Was not a proven player, Jackson is! I don’t think they are being fooled twice. They up-grade the Stadium with millions. But don’t want to pay the players! That makes as much sense as a screen-door in a Submarine!!! There is a old saying, which I think is still true today! “You have to spend Money, To make Money!!!

      • David

        He led the team in tackles. He didn’t lead the team in sacks or picks. He was the leader of our D. But let’s be honest., he’s no Samaruai Mike or Derrick Thomas. He is a good player and a great leader. But we have to move on. Maybe he didn’t fit in Pettine’s scheme. I think unloading Banner is the first step to showing Haslam is ready to spend money.

    • Roland

      So the Browns let a 28 year old proven leader go in Free Agency and sign a 32 year old player to a 4 year deal! Tell me how that makes sense!The fact that they are overpaying for washed up casoffs leads me to question what they know about evaluating talent and what their plan for rebuilding this franchise really is?!?!?

  5. Stiv Marley

    Jim V, I hope you were like me yesterday when I got my Season Ticket Renewal Package. My wife asked me what are you doing with that renewal? I told her watch and I thru it in the trash. I’m done spending money on a lost ship, and I’m tired of seeing thousands upon thousands of opponents jerseys every time I do go. DO NOT RENEW SEASON TICKETS !

  6. david

    Part of our problem as Browns fans are our emotional attachment we get to players. Jackson is a phenomenal leader but he’s not a game changer and 22 million for a leader is too much. Haslam had banner forced on him by the NFL a d he in turn brought in Lombardi. I like that Haslam had enough of those two and got rid of them.

  7. Ronald

    It sure didn’t take long for the Colts to sign up a good player. Good luck D’Qwell!

    Haslam’s not going to demand these guys be re-signed. He’s trying to stay out of jail.

    I’ll be surprised if Mack or Ward stay. Who can blame them.

    Starting over. Again? We don’t keep a staff long enough to get a stable football in place. Distressing!

  8. Brandon

    Jackson is a terrific leader and a very good 4-3 linebacker where there is an extra body in front of him to eat up a blocker and give him freedom to move. The simple fact is that he a below average 3-4 middle linebacker. He’s just not physical enough and makes too many tackles 5-7 yards down the field in this system. Jackson has even admitted to this fact. I think he will do very well in Indy’s 4-3 scheme. I wish him luck. Mack isn’t going anywhere this year. no one is giving a long term contract worth 10+ million a year to a center. Hopefully they can sign an extension for 2016. As for Ward, I hope he stays because he is a very good SS safety but is a liability in coverage against todays hybrid tight ends. If you can exchange him for Byrd it’s a tremendous upgrade in todays NFL.

  9. RICK

    I think I will wait for the finished product before I pass any judgements.

    • Jeff

      I’m with Rick. Ask me in December what I think of new coach and team. As for D’qwell that’s too much $$$ for a maybe a little above average ILB. Browns need a high impact ILB that makes plays behind line of scrimmage, not 5-6 yards downfield.

  10. jake

    Jackson was way overpaid by the colts. They once again overpaid for a Browns player LOL. Jackson gets tackles but cannot stop the run. I bet Denver offered nothing close to that because yeah he is not that good LOL

    I love how people rate the talent, the team won 4 games, let’s not just look at stats. Ward is good at what he does but he is limited, he sucks in coverage but is a good tackler. The Bills D was nothing before Pettine got there so give him a chance.

    Free agents who want to get paid will still come to the Browns. Free agents that want to win will play for a discount some place else.

  11. jj

    Jim V
    Jackson was such a great leader, he led them to how many 4th quarter losses? I agree TJ and Mack need to return, but don’t break the bank. There are other capab le players that can fill and probably a lot hungrier. Glad the banner lombardi sga is over. It’ll be an interesting season that’s for sure. Hope they don’t use number 4 on a QB. there plenty of options later and the can get a pretty much no miss at WR or DE.
    Go Browns

    • JIM V

      JJ, I never said Jackson was the greatest Leader in the NFL. But there were 10 other players on the field with him, and from what I saw last season didn’t do their jobs real well. Just the best “WE HAD”! I agree with you about getting rid of upper Management! We all realize there is where the main problem was. So I ask you and the rest of our fellow fans on 360. Who do we have now to step into Jackson’s role?


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