When players reach a certain plateau it becomes clear that their struggles to get better aren't going to work unless they put the time in. In the case of Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden, you can tell from the onset the guy is lazy. He hasn't had a history of working hard to get better and he isn't a student of the game. People think they know all  about football and when they see Weeden's ability to throw a ball down field, they start to think, man  this is the guy the Browns needed for years.

Boy, are they wrong. The Browns need a guy who can be a student of the game. they need a guy that goes in early and stays late studying game film searching to find the one little thing they missed to get better the next time they go out to play.

That guy isn't Brandon Weeden. He has a history of doing the least he can to get by. His natural talent the Lord blessed him with is good. it isn't the only thing he needs to become successful in the NFL.  It is interesting to hear the way Jake Spavital talks about Weeden. Spavital coached Weeden and he is the one guy that knows who he his.

When you hear Jake talk about the other quarterbacks he has coached and what they do to get an edge, it is said to say that Spavital doesn't feel he can add Weeden's name to the group.

As a matter of fact when he talks about how hard a guy like Geno Smith studies the game, he uses Weeden as an example of the opposite. In an interview Spavital did in a Packers report, he goes on to say that Weeden was lucky to have some talented guys around him at OSU to help him make some plays.

He said Weeden never spent time in the film room studying the game and he had a few other things to say about the soon to be 30-year-old quarterback.

Jake Spavital won't even call Weeden a complete quarterback. I knew it from the very first time I ever saw him play in a Browns uniform. Here is what Spavital said;

Questions dominate the position. Unlike last year, there isn't an Andrew Luck or a Robert Griffin III rampaging into the NFL. West Virginia’s Smith is the headliner and could go as high as No. 1 overall to the Kansas City Chiefs. On Tuesday, Spavital described Smith as the quintessential “film junkie.” Through these last few years, he has coached the record-setting Case Keenum at Houston, Brandon Weeden at Oklahoma State and then Smith.

Out of the three, Smith was the most complete quarterback. And while outsiders may have doubts, Spavital believes Smith has a skill-set that will translate to the pros.

It is a shame the Cleveland Browns old front office would waste a pick on a guy that is kind of lazy. The team isn't going to make it into many super bowls without having a complete quarterback. When it comes to working hard and learning the play book, Weeden himself came clean last season and said he doesn't like doing it. I feel it is a complete waste of the teams money to have a guy that isn't going to give a 110% each time he comes to camp.

When Spavital talks about the way Geno Smith learns from some of the great NFL quarterbacks in the league, here is what he said;

“He studies it,” Spavital said. “With Brandon Weeden, I couldn’t say that about him. I love the guy to death but he had some good guys around him. Brandon knew how to get the ball to those guys. There were times at West Virginia when (Smith) had to create things.”

Weeden is a guy with very little imagination on the football field. You see how Jake Spavital talks about Smith's ability to create things? Weeden isn't able to create things. he hasn't ever been able to create things. When he tries to create things that's when he is going to make a mistake and throw the turnover.

So you can see we haven't been hard on Weeden. We simply call it like we see it. You can read the entire Jake Spavital article by clicking here.  This way you can see it isn't us here at Cleveland Sports 360 spinning words around. It is Weeden's former quarterback coach pointing out the flaws.....Maybe we should give him a guaranteed contract extension while we are at it.....

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