By now we can all speculate about the changes coming to the Cleveland Browns. The media continue to pressure head coach Hue Jackson about the plan he won't talk about.

The same media tried to get some information about the meeting that took place between the Haslam's and the team leadership, but out of respect for the owners, the players are keeping the details to themselves.

The Browns are not able to win with the current leadership, and that is all the Haslam's need to know. This family is lost when it comes to running an NFL football team.

They've made one bad decision after another since buying the team in 2012. But putting Sashi Brown in place as the man in charge of football operations is probably the worst thing the Haslam's have done since taking ownership of the Cleveland Browns.

The team has set a record for the most losses over 47 games going 4-43. It has become the laughing-stock of NFL franchises and this has all happened under the leadership of Brown.

Brown let a lot of great players walk out the door in Cleveland. Guys that could have been difference makers on the team.

He has no clue of how to put together a winning football team, other than talk about a plan he has in place that is failing miserably.

When the Haslam's talked to the leadership of players last Monday, Sashi Brown wasn't included. It might be becoming clear to the Haslam's that Brown isn't the right guy, especially after the Browns front office failed to file the paperwork in the failed trade for a QB the team tried to pull off.

The sooner the team can get rid of Brown, the better off they'll be. His so-called plan sucks and so does the team trying to play under it. Being 0-10 with no way of winning is site, is too much for this Cleveland Browns fan base to take.

Next up are the Bengals, who have a 4-6 record. Then it is the Chargers with the same record of 4-6. The Browns could beat either one of these teams if they were to play mistake free football, but on this team that seems to be impossible.....




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