Something is clearly wrong with Davone Bess. Before the 2013 season came to an end, Bess was absent from the Browns offense. He had to leave the team due to personal problems. Bess was the talk of Cleveland when the Browns pulled off the last-minute trade with the Dolphins to acquire the sure handed procession receiver.

Then it happened, Bess came to Cleveland and was anything but sure-handed. He dropped some passes last season that clearly could have help the Browns win a couple of more games. He also fumbled a punt that could have help Cleveland hand the Kansas City Chiefs their first loss of the season.

It was all down hill for Bess from there. He never recovered and his problems only got worse. Yesterday Bess posted a photo of himself on twitter with what appeared to be marijuana.

The Browns issued a statement saying, they were aware of the photo posted by Bess and the team was going to handle the situation internally.

Today Davone Bess was arrested in Florida on charges of assaulting a law enforcement officer at an airport. Something is clearly wrong with Bess and the Cleveland Browns have ignored all the warning signs.

We all know an NFL team isn’t a baby sitter for their players. However there were programs put in place in the NFL to help troubled players. The Browns should have been able to recognize Bess was spinning out of control and reached out to him.

The success of an NFL team depends on the quality of the unit. Many teams spend more time together, than they do with their families. In today’s NFL the players are tempted more often because of the large sums of money they make.

Teams need to have systems in place to help these guys, both on and off the field. In the case of Devone Bess, the Cleveland Browns completely ignored all the warning signs and now this guy that Cleveland was so happy to get is completely out of control.


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Readers Comments (5)

  1. jablonski


    Something is clearly wrong with LG. Before the 2013 season came to an end, LG was absent from the Browns Reporting. He had to leave the forums due to (let’s pretend we know why—when we really have no idea). LG was the talk of Cleveland (at least in his mind)when he started reporting Browns news……Oh this really is not worth my time. Devon’s choices are his. who cares

  2. marty

    There is no place for drugs in the NFL. Making large sum of money is no excuse. They are in a job position that young americans look up to. Cut him from the team. Get him help— He is over the age of reason.

  3. KBB

    really LG throwing responsibilty on Joe Banner and the Browns???….Bess is an adult (we think) and responsible for his own actions…this is why this country is what it is….people not taking responsiblity for themselves and putting blame on others for their stupidity and shortfalls in life.

    • LG

      What I am saying is teams should have programs in place to help players deal with their problems. Sam Rutigliano created the Inner Circle foundation back in the late 70′s to help his players. Creating a family within the team could only help the organization as a whole…..

  4. marty

    99% of the time I agree with you, LG. This time absolutely not.Tickets are priced too high. These players are over the age of reason. They know what the rules are! These programs add more cost to a ticket.There should be a program to teach house cats to not go outside. They should be responsible enough. They know what the results will produce. THERE IS NO PLACE IN SPORTS FOR DRUGS…


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