Fire Manny ActaThe Cleveland Indians are in the middle of another losing streak, this time the team has lost 8 in a row. The Indians just came off a losing streak where they lost 11 games in a row. Manny Acta doesn't seem to have any answers to why the team is playing so poorly. Is this a case where the players didn't see the Indians management make any moves to get them some help before the trade deadline and they lost their comment to win? Or is this a case where the manager can't inspire his team to go out on the field and make the comment to give their all?

There have been far better managers than Manny Acta that have been fired from major league baseball, some for the exact reasons we are discussing here. Manny Acta was thrown out of the game last night for arguing a call the umpire made. This is the first ejection Acta has faced all season and the Indians were victims of bad calls plenty of times this season. There were times when the players would argue the call with the umpires and Acta didn't even bother to come out of the dugout. What message does this give the players?

I am not one to blame it all on the coach, Acta does need to find a way to inspire better play from his team, if the Indians are still his team. Acta doesn't seem to do anything to right the ship that has sunk since after the All-Star break. How can a team with the same players drop off the face of the American league standings the way we have seen the Indians do it? This is the same thing that took place last season. The month of August and September were just terrible.

Management has to do something, I once worked for a guy when I was a teenager. He had a saying, he would say don't ever just stand there, do something even if it is wrong do something. We are at that time with the Indians, it is time the Indians management does something....

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