The Cleveland Browns wide receiver/Return man Josh Cribbs appears to have lost a step in his movement. We have seen a couple of holes open up and the old Josh Cribbs would have hit those hole and then it would have been off to the races. The thing that could have led to the brutal hit we saw Cribbs take in the Ravens game is the fact that Cribbs has slowed down a bit. Josh Cribbs use to make moves that would help him avoid the kind of hits he is taking this year. He hasn’t really had a decent return in a while. Some fans think the Browns should have started the new speedster the Browns have on the team Travis Benjamin. Others think Cribbs is just fine.

Cribbs was knocked out cold against the Ravens. As he laid on the field his teammate took a knee and prayed for him to get up. Cribbs did get up and it was great to see him walk off the field under his own power. Josh Cribbs has his bell rung and he suffered a concussion. This is at least the second big brain concussion Cribbs has suffered, we all remember the big hit Cribbs took from Harrison. Now the question is how much longer will the Cleveland Browns use Cribbs as the teams return man.

Playing special teams is a rough job. Josh Cribbs has done it for over 8 years. Cribbs has been an inspiration to the other guy sin the Browns locker room and he has done more to try and put wins on the board than most. Should the Browns expect Josh Cribbs to continue to take the beating he takes as a return man? I say use the younger faster guy and let Josh Cribbs finish out his days in the wide receiver position, Cribbs has shown he can catch the ball and he has shown he can make plays.

Don’t take the chance of Cribbs getting a terrible injury. Move him to a full time receiver position. We all know the Browns could use one….



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Readers Comments (3)

  1. muttklingon

    Josh Cribbs for frist 2.years becauce no other team had a strong return man.! Butt now all team s are watching for Josh Cribbs.?

  2. muttklingon

    Josh Cribbs? washed up ? or used up?. or?

    • LG

      Used up my be the right answer. It is difficult to be a one man football team..


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