Josh Gordon has just come out and praised the Cleveland Browns new offense. He said defenses will be amazed at the teams new offense. The question I am suddenly pondering, is whether we can expect Gordon to play in all 16 games next season.

When the Browns picked Gordon in the 2012 supplemental draft, they had to be concerned with his past. The thing that is humorous in 2013, is that none of the guys who took Gordon are with the Browns this season.

Gordon has a ton of talent when it comes to catching the football, but he doesn’t have a ton of talent when it comes to avoiding trouble. After he was picked by the Browns, Gordon reluctantly come clean about his three failed drug tests in his past.

Gordon said, he had learned his lesson, and missing a year of college football would be enough for most to learn their lesson. With the 2013 season approaching and the Browns installing a new high-powered offense that could feature Gordon and Little as the Browns premier receivers, one has to wonder about Gordon’s abilities to continue to pass NFL drug tests.

Should the Browns be concerned about Gordon? We don’t know. What we do know is that there are some that think they have a reason to be concerned. There are some that think trouble is already brewing and that Gordon could in fact be part of this trouble.

While we can’t substantiate any of these concerns at this time, we can wonder about Gordon’s past and whether he out grew the problems that would cause him to fail a drug test. We also can wonder whether a guy who couldn’t get away with his troubles in College would be dumb enough to think he could get away with it in the NFL.

It is far too early to say what is going to happen in 2013. It is also far to early to make a prediction about how many games Josh Gordon will play for the Cleveland Browns this season. If a guy like Gordon was smart, he would have learned to not tempt fate after what happened to him in college. If he was even smarter, he would recall what happened to Haden last season and all those reasons would be enough to avoid failure again.

It will be interesting to see if Gordon was able to out grow his failures….. Are they in the past? Only time will tell……



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Readers Comments (11)

  1. 1stAnubiis


    You get an ‘A’ for being the antagonist. What was the point of stirring the pot by dragging Gordon’s name in the mud by this speculation that he has run a fowl of the NFL drug policy. You admit you have no proof to your allegations or suspicions or whatever this accusation with no proof article was supposed to be but and not to be mean, but you will never be taken seriously as a journalist writing articles like this. I have read and like your articles on the Indians but you keep missing the target on the Browns.

    • LG

      Keep your eyes and ears open. I think you will have a heck of a surprise coming about Gordon. Look at some of the comments on yesterday’s article……

      • dan dyer

        Not some of the comments nimrod, just one post who never gives any proof to back it up. You will write about anything that sheds a dark light on this team. Nice journalistic research on an article before you drag someones name thru the mud with nothing but speculation. You are lower than a turd!

        • LG

          Dan the article posts a question. It asks if Gordon dropped his bad habits and learned a lesson. I don’t see how that is dragging his name through the mud…..

          • dan dyer

            of course you don’t, you are blinded by your own ignorance.

          • LG

            I think you are blinded by the wishful thinking on your part

    • eldaveablo

      The writer of this article has just come out and proven he has no journalistic integrity, and instead has made passive aggressive accusations with no evidence whatsoever.

      It will be interesting to see if this jackhole will ever understand his ethical responsibilities, or make enough money in journalism to move out of his Mother’s basement. Only time will tell…

      • LG

        No matter how many times I tell you people this, you still don’t get it. My mother has no basement…

  2. dave

    Hey did you ask this same question of little or haden what about the guy we drafted that already got busted for drinking and driving i do believe? Why are you just asking about gordan do you have a personnel problem with the guy of something?

    • LG

      No personal problems with Gordon at all…..Lets see what happens….


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