Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden isn’t good enough to play quarterback in the NFL. Now he isn’t smart enough to keep his mouth shut and he said, he doesn’t need a bunch of 5-year-olds telling him how to play quarterback on twitter.

Weeden just alienated any fans he had left in Cleveland. He just insulted the entire Cleveland fan base comparing them to 5-year-olds. Once again Brandon Weeden has just stuck his foot in his mouth.

As one fan Paul H put it; Fans R passionate & these players R well paid & expected to PRODUCE! If there was no difference w HOYER vs WEEDEN in results then if say Weeden has point! BUT I WAS A WEEDEN BELIEVER… Yes, I was as U know… But now I do believe THE GUY TOTALLY SUX! He SHUDNT criticize anything except HIS OWN AWEFUL PERFORMANCES!
HE’S HORRIBLE! If u get applauds when u succeed then to be bood when U totally suck is ok!

Weeden would have been better off just ignoring the criticism. This guy thinks he is a good NFL quarterback. He doesn’t understand he suck and the stats back up the fact, he sucks.

Now, he is getting his 21st start in a Cleveland Browns uniform and the Cleveland fans aren’t going to forget his comments. He makes his own problems, not only with his poor play, but he adds to his problems with his delusional thoughts.

We saw this after his first game in the NFL, the one he came out of with a 5.1 quarterback rating. After the poor performance Weeden said he thought he played well and he went on to say he put the ball right where it needed to be all game long. I guess the 5 interceptions fits that description in his mind.

Last week he went 13 for 30. What can we expect this Sunday when the Browns take on the Jacksonville Jaguars? It is anyone’s guess. One thing we know, is if he plays like the Brandon Weeden of old, the fans will let him know about it.

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  1. Arthur

    In your case LG, he was absolutely right. You write like a 5 year old, think like one too. I don’t take offense at anything Weeden says because if he did actually say what you said he did, then it is because of people like you that he did.
    I never defend his play LG, but I do defend him given the way you attack him daily, in a very personal way that has much more to do with you obsession with him than anything he does in a Browns shirt. Man, you really need help.
    I bet you can’t sleep at night can you, thinking about him. Just for once, lay off, forget about this guy, and write something, anything, that will convince more than just ‘one fan’ that you actually belong in the profession you have chosen.

    • LG

      Arthur, you must be just as delusional as Weeden is if you think I stay up all night thinking about this guy. As far as laying off of him, as long as he continues to wear a Browns uniform I will voice an opinion as to what a waste of a roster spot he is and how his salary is nothing short of a rip off. He doesn’t deserve the millions of dollars he is taking from the Browns and should do the honorable thing by realizing he sucks and quick playing in the NFL…..

  2. Dave

    I too was at one time a Weeden supporter. But facts are facts- he can’t get the job done. He tried/tries and fails. Time to move on. BUT- don’t read something in to his statement that isn’t there. He meant what he said- 5 year old Twitter users. He’s not comparing the fans to 5 year old children. C’mon man…Get off the bash train. Weeden is NOT in the future for us. Dont waste our time writing about him.

  3. Drew

    He sucked as a major league pitcher and now as an NFL QB. Need to get rid of him and get some other QB. LG, do you think the Browns should look at picking up another rookie to start or should we try at free agency for a good QB not sure who will be available this offseason but we need somebody! Or do you think that Hoyer deserves a chance when he gets healthy?

    • LG

      I think they draft a QB, Keep Hoyer give him the shot while he helps develop the drafted rookie QB. Even the great Bernie Kosar had Gary Danielson to learn from. Hoyer would be a big help to anyone we bring in and lets not forget Campbell is still contracted for next season.

  4. Clint

    I will admit that I’ve had enough of Weeden on the field too, but he hasn’t said anything that everyone should be all butt-hurt over. Oh my, he called a bunch of pussies on Twitter 5yr olds…Oh the horror. How thin skinned can you be Cleveland “fans”? No wonder the rest of the country makes fun of us.

  5. Rich

    I agree he was talking about how 5 yr olds try and tell him how to be a quaterback come on LG are you any better besides if you were graded on your writtings everyday you would need to be traded too

    • LG

      Hey I am not robbing anyone out of millions of dollars am I Rich?

  6. ForeverABrownsFan

    Simply put, if Weeden starts and finishes the game, WE LOSE!

    If he starts and new guy Tanney comes in, who knows.

    If Tanney starts we may win.

    Either way for the rest of the season it’s going to get worse!

  7. AL

    I’m tired of bad raping Weeden his play speaks for itself , I won’t be happy till he’s off the roster for good ,matter of fact the morning I rise and see this news I’ll probably do cartwheels down the street , he should maybe start the next game ,after about a 1/4 of play the new guy should be able to figure whats going on and come in ,it doesn’t take a couple years like Weeden would have everyone believe ,somewhere in his thick head he believes they or somebody will take the time to build around him ! Times Up

    • LG

      You saying you don’t think this front office is going to offer him any type of contract extension?

      • AL

        Hahaha ! Only place he should be extended to it out of town ,and whoever signed him should go as well !

  8. KingDavid614

    Get a life Browns fans. What do you want Weeden to do? Do you want him to quit? Then who would have come in for Campbell? He didnt draft himself. Every QB that has played for the Browns since the return has suck bcuz he is usually behind a pourous line, is usually playing from behind and has fans that think it is okay to boo their players. You act like Weeden tries to suck. He cant help it. But fans can try to be supportive at times. Do you boo Thomas who sucks? Do you boo the non existant ground game? Do you boo the coach that calls constant “go” routes against Cincy that is down 3-4 dbs and has on of the best front 7s in the game? No, its all Weedens fault. Get real.

    • LG

      Yes we would love to see him quit and we would also love to see him refund the money he took too…

    • AL

      He doesn’t try to suck it looks like it come natural to him “gifted” you might say and yes I to would love to see him quit , I wouldn’t care if Chud suited up and threw the ball , Weeden is just snake bit !!

  9. KingDavid614

    What money did he steal?? The whole draft process is based on extensive background check. Game vids back to pee wee, interviews, exams, physicals, transcripts, and so on. After all of that and being drafted, he sat down with team execs, trained negotiators and lawyers. Did they reqire him nt to suck? No! Did he promise not to suck? No!

    I bet your contract does not have a “Don’t suck or payback” clause, does it???

    • LG

      Love the way you put it. A don’t suck clause. The Idiots that signed him did this to pay Cleveland back because they had to know this team was for sale…..Because all the scouts said Weeden sucked and wouldn’t be ready for up to 5 years in the NFL…..

      • Arthur

        Which scouts said he sucked LG?. Name them here. I know you said ‘all’ the scouts did, so name tell us who they are.
        I will research it and then tell you what they really said.
        You say a lot of these things without ever checking them first LG, saying anything that backs up the biased opinion you have had ever since Weeden was drafted and took over the QB position from Colt McCoy.
        You think nobody out there knows how to calculate QB ratings, checks facts etc, when you publish your inaccurate bile day in, day out.
        If you ever wrote a piece based on fact, and then backed it up, it would at least be credible. But you don’t.
        Tell us ‘all’ the scouts who said Weeden sucked LG, before he actually did, and back up what you say with a few facts. Otherwise, this will be yet another of your petulant, childish, and tiresome anti-Weedem rants, that only serves to make you look stupid.

        • LG

          Do a little research Arthur, do a google search for Weeden NFL draft reports. You’ll see no NFL scouts had any faith in Weeden being ready to play in the NFL the only one who looks stupid here is you with your constant defense of this loser who doesn’t belong in the NFL.

          • Arthur

            So, rather than name them ‘all’ LG, you put it on me. Once again, you have spat your dummy out, said something you can’t back up, and can’t be bothered to tell us what research you did, other than to ask me to google it.
            You said ‘all’ scouts LG. Another lie I take it, used just to fuel your worrying obsession with this guy. Incredible.
            And, just once more for the record, I am not defending Weedens play. I can’t do that given the body of work we have to judge him on.
            I am simply asking what it is that this guy did to you personally to have you hating on him like this each and every day?. You wrote your first hate piece the day he was drafted, and you have never stopped.
            Weeden may be bad LG, but he is still far better at what he does than you are at this. Just write something else for once.

          • LG

            You are incorrect Arther, I put links to those scouting reports in my articles about this waste of a first round draft pick last season. Look it up…..

        • Dave

          Nice!! I can tell you one that was high on Weeden last year AND this pre-season—Jon Gruden! What’s he got to say now!

          • Arthur

            Good reply Dave. Ron Jaworski was high on Weeden too before the season began. But LG said that ‘all’ scouts were hating on Weeden BEFORE he was drafted. Simply not true, and no ‘writer’ should state that as a fact without at least researching it first. LG does it constantly, and lets himself down so badly when he does.
            A lot of people thought Weeden would be better this year because of Norv Turners influence. It hasn’t worked out, and the game still remains too fast for Weeden. If only he could lose the urgency, and find a rhythm, he has the tools.
            It is disappointing but he is not the only failing QB this year. Look around. Far better QB’s than Weeden are having issues now and their careers will suffer because of them. His are psychological, just like LG’s.
            But LG’s issues with Weeden are far more personal, and that is worrying.

          • LG

            I said no such thing Arther, you show me where I said All Scouts were hating on Weeden…..Never did I use those words. I said no scouts liked weeden and they said he doesn’t have what it takes to play in the NFL…..In other words to cut to the chase they all knew he sucked……Look up the scouting reports yourself Arther..

  10. Moler

    I love that you picked a 5 year old that types in all caps to be the representative of the fan base that Wheeden, correctly apparently, labeled as 5 year olds.

  11. JIM V

    “ENOUGH ABOUT WEEDON”! It has all been said. I haven’t responded lately, because we’re “Beating a Dead Horse To Death”! It has all been said. We know he’s terrible! It has people turning against LG and correcting his grammar and spelling! Mainly by Professor Arthur! How many of you took the time to read Terry Plutos book, “False Start”! So read that if you haven’t! Then start giving your Professional football wisdom! Why? Is still and will remain a mystery as to what is really going on in the Front Office! It has a lot to do with money!!! As long as they keep making money from us. It will take a long time to see improvement. No quality players or coaches want to come to Cleveland! Wonder why that is? Remember, Learner, Helped Modell leave Cleveland! Then 5 years later he has the new team???


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