Now that we can see, this Cleveland Browns team is no better than teams in the past, it is time to take a look at the head coach Rob Chudzinski and offensive coordinator Norv Turner.

The first thing we have to wonder about, is their ability to properly evaluate NFL talent. After all, these are the 2 clowns that picked Brandon Weeden to start this season. 2 times Chudzinksi has benched Weeden and now we may have to revert to this waste of a first round draft pick, that doesn’t have enough intelligence to know why the boos stopped when he earned a worthless touchdown in the Steelers game.

Weeden, you weren’t being booed because your presence on the field drove more than have the fans out of First Energy Stadium. This is a further demonstration of what an idiot Weeden really is. He should realize the only reason he was able to drive the team down the field was because the Steelers were giving him those garbage yards to go along with his 13 for 30 garbage stats.

Then there is the rest of the team and their lack of being prepared by the professional excuse maker that calls himself the head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

Rob Chudzinski has put garbage on the field in the past two game. The Browns have struggled since returning to the NFL in 1999, but honestly I can’t remember the team looking worse in two games in a row since they returned in 1999.

Chudzinski should have had his players ready. Both in Cincinnati and against the Steelers. People, we got fooled again. We like Chud’s coaching style because he goes for it on 4th down, but consider the bigger picture.

This guy should have had his players ready to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. He didn’t, he is Joe Banner yes man. We didn’t hire a head coach for the National Football league, we hired a professional excuse maker that avoids answer tough questions.

Look how well the teams are doing where Chud and Turner came from. Cam Newton and the Panthers are going to be in the play-offs if they continue to play the way they have played this season. Newton and the entire Panthers offense looks a hell of a lot better without Rob Chudzinski there.

Then there is Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers, they too look a lot better without Norv Turner there. And where in the hell is the Norv Turner vertical offense we heard about all preseason long? His play book is just as bad as Pat Shurmurs dink and dunk offense.

Campbell was throwing passes for 3 to 4 yards all game long in Cincinnati. Who was calling all those plays, if you guessed Norv Turner you guessed right.

Now we as fans are forced to watch Brandon Weeden start if Campbell can’t go this Sunday. Why, it’s because Chudzinski was too stupid to get off his butt and find another NFL quarterback who understands the game of professional football after Hoyer went down.

It’s no coincidence both the Carlina Panther and the San Diego Charger are better teams without the services of Nrov Turner and Rob Chudzinski.

These two guys are professional excuse makers who blind-sided the Browns ownership into thinking they were the answers to Cleveland’s coaching needs.

They both talk a good game, but when it comes time to put a ready NFL football team on the field they fall short of their responsibility as NFL coaches.

You can make all the excuses in the world for these two coaches. The truth is there are other rookie head coaches in the NFL this season and they are winning football games.

The Bears are 6-5 and they have had to deal with injuries to their starting quarterback and the Arizona Cardinals are 7-4.

You have to wonder how Chudzinski and Turner are going to do come draft time. They both fall short of being able to check NFL talent and if they draft the same way they coach, Cleveland is going to be in the rebuilding process for years to come.

A perfect example is who they replaced Trent Richardson with. These guys brought in Willis McGahee to be Cleveland’s running back. A guy with knees that are so bad he can’t even practice during the week.

Really, this is the best they could do? Get used to saying 4-12, because if these two leaders can’t lead, this is where the Browns are going to finish this season.

Don’t worry Cleveland, you’ll be able to enjoy the losing experience much more next season when the team wastes 120 million dollars some of which is tax payers money so you can see replays on giant screens of how bad this team sucks.


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Readers Comments (22)

  1. Thomas


    I believe it’s way too soon to condemn Chud’s and Turner’s coaching acumen. They inherited Weeden and were astute enough to bring in Hoyer when he was under the radar. We also need to see the results of a couple of drafts before we can evaluate them as talent evaluators. After all, while I was a huge Richardson fan they were right in getting another first round pick for him as he hasn’t produced in Indy either. I agree with T.J. Ward, I am tired of the losing, but I am even more tired of ripping this team to shreds. We have talent to build around, let’s give this new regime a chance.

    • LG

      There is however cause to be concerned. Like the article says, there are other rookie head coaches this season and their teams are doing very well. Why is it only in Cleveland do we suffer like this?

    • ternan

      I would argue whether the core is worth saving – the very few players that we do have the at least come close to playing at a professional level will be very old men before Cleveland can build a decent team around them.
      I think Turner had to use the tools he had available – both the head coach and Turner were stuck with a very bad team and could not rebuild every position in one year – simply not enough draft choices or money to go free agent to fix everything that needed to be fixed. Unfortunately the Browns are years away from fielding a competitive team able to compete successfully against the Pats, Bronco’s or even the Ravens and Steelers on a consistent basis

  2. ozymandais

    Lg its because we dont have a QB and none of them in last years draft were with taking with our pick

    • LG

      Who is at fault for us not having a QB? There were some free agent moves, why didn’t we grab someone good? They brought Campbell and Hoyer in, they knew Weeden sucked when they got here, they could have kept Lewis and cut Weeden’s sorry ass…….It is their job to evaluate talent and they failed miserably with keeping Weeden…………

  3. motz

    chud and norm should be made to ware neck ties so their foreskins don’t pop out

  4. Mordi

    This is the worst piece of crap I’ve ever read. Look at each situation instead if just crying. Cam newton and te panthers were EXPECTED to break out this year, they built up their team and finally it’s paying off for them, why, bc they have a great defense and great qb. Well, we’re halfway there, defense is top ten in the league. Team that was supposed to compete for first pick overall has been competing for most of season despite going through three qbs, their top rb being traded, and injuries on the offensive line. Stop crying, we’ll be fine next year

    • LG

      Maybe you didn’t hear Smith from Carolina saying how much Chudzinski held the team back in Carolina…..

    • Anonymous

      Well said Mordi!

  5. luke49

    You were very clear that you think Weeden an d the coaches are idiots. It appears the old adage ‘it takes one to know one’ applies here. If all the defense gives you is short yardage plays , then that is what you have to take. It will eventually set up a longer play. But Lewis sure wasn’t the answer. Hoyer (your nephew) is only a god as a backup for a real QB, hopefully obtained in the draft or by trade.

    • LG

      I guess after wasting another season we will have to wait till next year to find out.There is always next year only in Cleveland. Other teams make coaching moves and they win..

  6. Aging Vet

    Well, isn’t nice to know that you are able to pursue your 1st amendment rights, huh? You could go to the Squeelers or Ratbird’s sites and spew your venom there. The last 14 NFL drafts the Cleveland Browns have had were, in fact, horrible, but Chudzinski and Turner had little to do with any of them. Unfortunately, Weedon seemed to be the best option at the time. I hate the defending this guy as he has no NFL QB skills, but he’s the best we got for the time being. If you’re going to write something, and you want people to read and think about what you’ve said, at least try and be subjective. Poor journalism permeates the internet and your addition only makes it worse; not to mention the perception that it makes the rest of us (Browns Fans) look bad.

    • LG

      As Browns fans we don’t need help to look bad…..

  7. joe

    Ray Horton will be the coach in two years. Then let him bring in an offensive coordinator that can bring in a fresh offensive mind and that will be a step in the right direction. Weeden ia a joke and won’t even be a backup next year. This whole season was basically a wash before it even began and now they don’t even have a shot at the number one pick. Johnny Manziel will be in a Browns uniform next year and the Haslams will have exactly what they want, entertainment not wins.

    • LG

      Joe I would take Ray Horton as the head coach

  8. jeff

    I root for the Browns as hard as anyone. In fact I am not allowed to watch games sometimes because I get too upset. The point of this article is why are the Browns again waiting for next year? Does anyone see any progress on this team? The running game is using a walker with three legs and noone in the NFL is afraid of any of the receivers. Horton has done good with the defense but they cannot make the big plays when it is needed. I try to laugh except when I cant stand listens to squeeler fans.

  9. G


    Your points are provocative & worthy of discussion even if the bounds of credulity are stretched now & then. But PLEASE entice someone to check your spelling & grammar. The message is often diminished by the presentation.

    • LG

      Ya know I appreciate the comments. I have a grammar and spell check device that is suppose to prof the articles and I do use it. As far as the grammar goes, this is sports journalism not a novel, but rest assured I am constantly trying to improve……

  10. JohnnyV

    Are you kidding me? You’re already blaming this group for the mess that Holmgrem and company left? Sorry, you dont dump a 1st round QB after one season. The running back – thats different. I’m happy they’re loosing. Maybe we’ll finally get the right QB etc. i cant believe i read this nonsense…Happy Thanksgiving!

    • LG

      The problem is Weeden shouldn’t have never been drafted in the 1st round. Just like T-Rich and they dumped him, the 3rd overall pick from that draft. Sometimes you need to cut your losses for the betterment of the team…..

      • JohnnyV

        Right LG but no one wants Weeden and the T-Rich deal was a good one even though it cost us some big cash. At the end of the day no one dumps the 3rd overall after one season. They didnt expect to win and they’re doing the right thing – Losing.

        • LG

          Hey no one wants to lose either, the fans expect a team that can compete. They have been through too much losing already……It is past getting old…..


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