The Cleveland Browns returned from their Bye week with a renewed spring in their step. One guy that is excited to get back on the field to prepare for the Cincinnati Bengals, was Browns quarterback Jason Campbell.

The Bye week gave his sore ribs a chance to settle down. He came back and took to the field showing no signs of an injury. He was able to make all of his throws without feeling any restrictions.

He is ready to travel to Cincinnati to get his second consecutive win over one of the Browns divisional rivals. Campbell knows what is at stake in this game and his leadership will help to keep the Browns offense focused on the prize.

For the first time since the 1995 season the Cleveland Browns have a chance to sweep the Bengals. This would be a huge win for Cleveland and Campbell and the Browns offensive unit appear to be getting more comfortable with each practice.

He is building relationships with the play makers on this offense. They are getting a sense of each others capabilities and the timing is getting better with each practice.

Campbell’s leadership for this young Cleveland Browns team cannot be overstated. He brings a sense of calm to the offense and he shows great poise while running the plays necessary to move the offense down field.

This is only his third start as the Cleveland quarterback and it could be the most important one in a Browns uniform. The team knows what a win means and they intend to go down to Cincinnati and get the win.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. marty

    On record,the browns wins and loses are not impressive.What is impressive is that the teams gels better each week.The team’s attitude, the timing,the heart, the level of intensive action. They do not quit.The direction shows to be going forward and not looking back. I feel the team will have more wins than losses.They control their own destiny, not hoping for someone to loose.

  2. AL

    It’s the teams that get better at the end of season that win in playoffs like Ravens did last year ,and Browns are doing this year ,I think K.C is in for a bumpy ride rest of the way lucky for them they one every game so far or they’d probably get bumped from playoffs at the end here !

  3. David

    That is indeed good news LG. However, let’s bear in mind that this is only Wednesday. Hopefully he continues not to show rib injury effects on Sunday at 1pm when it counts.


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