Sam Rutigliano advice for shurmur The sale of the Browns is complete, the new owner Jimmy Haslam III is coming to town today to host his first press conference from Berea and former Browns coach Sam Rutigliano had an important piece of advice for current head coach Pat Shurmur. Sam Rutigliano said, “Shurmur needs to go to church before Browns games and then Just win Baby’. Truer words have never been spoken. Shurmur does need to win. If Pat Shurmur has a season anything like last year, his time in Cleveland well be short-lived. The Cleveland Browns have a new owner and he paid a lot of money to buy this team. One reason Haslam said he did buy the team was because of the fan they support this team. With that being said, Haslam will expect people to do what it takes to win football games.

Pat Shurmur was kind of shoved down Cleveland Browns fans throats by team President Mike Holmgren. Whether Shurmur won or not it was made perfectly clear Pat Shurmur was going to coach this team. Now, with the new owner coming in Holmgren may not be here to protect his Head Coach. When Shurmur was under fire for the way he handled Colt McCoy’s injury in Pittsburgh laast season it was Holmgren that finally came into handle the media for Shurmur. If Haslam does let Holmgren go, Shurmur willl have to stand on his own two feet.

I would expect Haslam to keep thing the same for the 2012 season. I mean why not, these guys are paid for. Why not get what he can out of them. I would expect major change at the season’s end if the Browns don’t have a winning season. In the mean time Shurmur should take the advice of the Old coach Rutigliano, get to churh and then just Win baby…..

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