The Cleveland Indians met with Terry Francona yesterday in Cleveland for the job of managing a bad baseball team. Francona left the Indians thinking the Tribe has a family feeling. For Indians fans that is the problem with the ball club, the Indians are owned by the Dolan family who apparently refuse to raise the Indians pay roll to bring players into Cleveland to contend in the Major League. The Dolan's have trimmed the Indians pay roll by about 110 million dollars from the time the team was a contender.

The fans have lived with promise after promise for years since the Dolan family took over the Indians. Each year the Indians front office says the team is going to open up the wallet to bring in some players to make the Indians more competitive, those words turn out to be more empty promises. The Indians let good players go to other teams and it is more of the same thing with the Indians.

The club isn't saying much about the Francona interview, he was here and that is about it. The fans don't think the Dolan's will pay what it takes to bring a high-profile manager like Terry Francona to Cleveland and if they do, how about the players he would have to work with? Would he be able to build a winning team being hand cuffed by the Indians pay roll? The teams Francona built into winners in his past have spent the money required to bring in the talented players. That may not be the case with the Indians. Then there is the problem with the Tribes front office, do these people have the smarts to get the right players?

There are all kinds of problems with the Cleveland Indians beside the manager. Until the ownership cut loose with the cash it is going to be more of the same with the Cleveland Indians.... It was a nice dream to see Francona come to Cleveland for the Indians manager position, if that dream becomes a reality is entirely another story....

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