One of the most respected Cleveland Indians of all time, Kenny Lofton has gotten the shaft in the Hall Of Fame Ballot voting. Lofton who is arguably one of the best lead-off batters and center-fielder of all time didn’t receive enough votes to be included in next years hall of fame voting. What is wrong with this picture? Lofton had 2,428 hits for a lifetime .299 average in his major league career. He is one of the best in stolen bases of all time with¬†622 career stolen bases.

Lofton won a golden glove 4 times during his career that almost spanned 2 decades, (1991-2007) he drove in 738 runs while scoring 1528 runs himself. Many times Lofton could score just because of his outstanding speed. There is no reason at all, Lofton shouldn’t have received the 5% of the votes to be included on the Hall Of Fame ballot. this Hall Of fame thing is turning into a joke. To not have Kenny Lofton in the Baseball Hall Of fame is going to be a demonstration of just how bad the voting system is.

You have to change the way you do things to bring the great ones to Cooperstown. Lofton Should be there and he should be there as soon as possible…..


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  1. Len Green

    Kenny Lofton should be in the H of F as well as that old timer who is so way long overdue to be in the HofF, William, “Dummy” Hoy.
    Do a research on him and catch my drift.


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