The Cleveland Browns released Greg Little last week, and he was claimed from waivers by the Oakland Raiders. What does this mean, it means in week 8 of the regular season, Greg Little will be returning to Cleveland to face the Cleveland Browns at First Energy Stadium.

If you lived in Cleveland or followed Cleveland sports for any length of time, you would know, when Cleveland lets players go and they return as part of another team, it comes back to haunt them. Little will probably have a great game.

He will probably make some catches that will amaze people. Now that he is a member of the Oakland Raiders, he will probably come back to Cleveland and run all over the place. Of course, the Browns defensive secondary is supposed to be better than it was last season and the Oakland Raiders are a team in search of a starting quarterback.

So if they have a guy that can get the ball into Little’s hands, then he might have a big game. The Browns cut Little prematurely in my eyes. He is still young and should have had more time to develop as a wide receiver.

Cleveland could have used this guy this season, especially with Josh Gordon face with a season long suspension. Sure, you can say, Gordon is appealing this, but the fact is he may not win the appeal.

We’ve seen this before, and in Little’s case we may see it again. This decision by the Browns to release Little could come back and bite them in the you know what. We will see come week 8 of the regular season.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. jwm

    Not gonna happen, like you stated they’ll need a QB to get him the ball and he’ll maybe catch 50% at best. Not worried, he’s not going to be the difference maker.

  2. G

    While I am mildly surprised at your support of Greg Little, I do not disagree that he is talented & may one day blossom into an elite NFL receiver. Maturity & Focus seemed to be areas of concentration that, once mastered, could enhance his stature. With Gordon all but gone for the season & no WR picks in the recent draft, Little’s unceremonious dumping leads me to wonder if there was a non-football reason for his being jettisoned. Do any of your sources have the skinny on this?


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