Trent Richardson didn't know he was traded by the Cleveland Browns until he heard it on the radio. The team doesn't even think enough of the former first round pick to call and talk to him. The Browns looked at what T-Rich has done since the former regime wasted the team's first pick in the 2012 draft on him and felt they have seen enough to know, Richardson doesn't have what it takes to become an elite running back in the NFL.

The Browns should have never wasted a first round pick on a guy like Richardson. They didn't do their homework. He has screws holding his ankles together. He had to undergo knee surgery before his first NFL season. Why on God's green earth would anyone who is suppose to know football waste a pick on a guy like Richardson?

We told you last season Richardson was a bust. This season he continued to be a bust and you can blame it on the Browns offense line all you want to, it wasted their fault. T-Rich doesn't have the explosive ness need to hit the holes that the line opened for him.

He was too busy trying to dance around and not hit the holes. He never ran up the middle and then bounced it to the outside like you see so many great NFL running backs do. T-Rich should have never been drafted in the first round by any NFL team.

He will have a short career in the NFL and it is because, rather than running he wasted too much time and takes too many hits. He exposes himself to far too munch punishment, his legs will never hold up for a 16 game season and his season will end prematurely.

The Cleveland Browns did the right thing getting a 1st round pick for the bust out they called T-Rich.....I say good-bye, so-long and see ya later bye baby....

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