Trent Richardson didn’t know he was traded by the Cleveland Browns until he heard it on the radio. The team doesn’t even think enough of the former first round pick to call and talk to him. The Browns looked at what T-Rich has done since the former regime wasted the team’s first pick in the 2012 draft on him and felt they have seen enough to know, Richardson doesn’t have what it takes to become an elite running back in the NFL.

The Browns should have never wasted a first round pick on a guy like Richardson. They didn’t do their homework. He has screws holding his ankles together. He had to undergo knee surgery before his first NFL season. Why on God’s green earth would anyone who is suppose to know football waste a pick on a guy like Richardson?

We told you last season Richardson was a bust. This season he continued to be a bust and you can blame it on the Browns offense line all you want to, it wasted their fault. T-Rich doesn’t have the explosive ness need to hit the holes that the line opened for him.

He was too busy trying to dance around and not hit the holes. He never ran up the middle and then bounced it to the outside like you see so many great NFL running backs do. T-Rich should have never been drafted in the first round by any NFL team.

He will have a short career in the NFL and it is because, rather than running he wasted too much time and takes too many hits. He exposes himself to far too munch punishment, his legs will never hold up for a 16 game season and his season will end prematurely.

The Cleveland Browns did the right thing getting a 1st round pick for the bust out they called T-Rich…..I say good-bye, so-long and see ya later bye baby….

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  1. D. Chew

    Adds new meaning to the question. “What can Brown do for you?”. Or in this case look what the Brown’s did to you!  Go COLTS!

  2. geo2367

    First of all who in the ….!! wrote this here column, do yourself a favor and slap yourself not only for this ridiculous column you wrote but for future columns you write……”ARE YOU SERIOUS!! IT’S CLEVELAND YOU MORON ” Good for him, Trent if somehow you read this comment! go to the colts and show them how stupid cleveland ready is!!!!! Good luck dude!! I’ll be watching you this Sunday, know it’s going to be tough but you can do it run over 99 and 94!!!……..

  3. Jack

    Yes, classy move by the front office. I’m sure that looks good to any future free agents who might be considering going to Cleveland.

    • Carrie

      I don’t think any free agents are considering Cleveland! Honestly I don’t think anyone is considering Cleveland! Bahahah

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ Free agents thinking of coming to Cleveland

  4. Chelsea

    Trent you better run Cleveland over when you get to play them. Hopefully you mess everyone up and show them they really messed up this time. Weeden should be gone NOT you and . I don’t know who wrote this article but i hope they get the shit beat out of them for how false it is. Good luck go Colts! You show the browns what they lost!

  5. Michael

    LG..You are a tool!!! See you eat your words after Richardson goes off in Indy and helps them win more titles..then you’ll be retracting your ignorant rant here and going after the front office for getting rid of such a talent!!!

    • LG

      I highly doubt it….

      • Sharon

        He will do well for the Colts. This poor excuse for an NFL team, already threw in the towel!!!

        • LG

          He is a bust and soon you will see that….

          • RICK

            LG, I might have to agree with you on this one for once. This could turn out to be a good trade. All of our runners last year had a better avg. than T-Rich including Weeden. They have a little bait to use either this year or next year. Maybe it’s not the line as much as T-Rich. (just a thought) This will be interesting to see it play out. McGahee if healthy is probably better than T-Rich and is already experienced and has over 8,000 yrds and over 4 yrds per carry in like 10 years as a pro.I believe it is good move but time will tell.

          • Mike

            Your a joke dude.

          • Jeremy

            Like Rick, I don’t normally agree with your take LG, though I hate it, I agree with you. We may have had a chance in the first 2 games if Gordon was available.. Having TRich made little to no difference for us. May he have long and entertaining career… I’m happy with the trade, and glad I never bought a jersey.

    • Anonymous

      That”s funny the only talent I saw was losing yards and dancing in the back field glad his gone GO BROWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. JimV

    I hope he has a hundred yards plus Sunday!

  7. JimV

    That was so unprofessional to trade a player and not have the guts or the courtesy to tell him, at least on the phone! but there’s other players that could tell you the same thing happened to them! Well, ladies and gentlemen, and Boys and Girls. This is the quality of management and owner We have with the Cleveland Browns. You are a bunch of lowlifes!!! if I wasn’t disabled. I go to Berea and put my foot so far up your butt you would have to open your mouth to untie my shoe!

  8. Ken R

    One word describes this shocking trade: ASININE! If you had any doubt up until now, you know for sure that Mike Lombardi is not any relation to the late Vince Lombardi.

    This clown worked as a free lance sports writer from 2008-2010 for & after leaving the Oakland Raiders in 2007, after 10 years serving as their Senior Personnel Executive.

    In his last 5 years with the Raiders, and being THEE MAN responsible for pro and college player evaluations, the Raiders won 19 games and lost 61 games. That’s W19/L61.That’s a glorious {.238} winning percentage.

    On May 13, 2013, Fox Sports Ohio interviewed Lombardi and during the Q & A, he was quoted as saying, “We’re not throwing away this season. I’m too competitive for that.” as he talked about “building the right way” and chasing “sustained success,” as his plans for building up the Browns.

    As for his last draft, in 2007 with the Raiders, need I remind you that with the First Pick in the draft, he drafted JaMarcus Russell. He could have had his choice of anyone and passed on players taken shortly after his Russell selection like: Calvin Johnson, Adrian Peterson and Darrelle Revis.

    And I’m not even mentioning the role Joe Banner has in all of this. He has his head up his #*%(where the sun don’t shine) because all he’s good at and interested in is keeping his NFL reputation as a master of the salary cap.

    Finally, what a classy move the Browns showed Trent Richardson by not having a sit down with him and explaining the news to him personally. Instead, Richardson got to hear about the trade on the radio. I’m sure that type of player handling will greatly enhance the Brown’s chances of luring NFL free agents to Cleveland, despite all that masterly crafted , new found salary cap room.

  9. Don

    Good for T Rich. He will not have to spend his most productive years with a team that does not know how to put together a good football team. He will know what it feels like to win starting now.
    Brandon Weeden is done in the NFL. The Browns have stockpiled enough picks that they will draft a quarter back with their first pick in the up coming draft and have enough picks left over to draft a top running back
    So for now Browns Fans it is WFNY

  10. Stan

    In an interview with Trent Richardson last night, he mentioned that he had heard the News about him being traded from his agent.

    • jackrabbit21

      On ESPN Trent said he found out first from a friend who heard on the radio and then Trent said he heard it on the radio.

  11. JohnnyV

    I like the trade but I don’t know how anyone could call his rookie season a bust. 950 yards and 11 TD’s is not a bust. Obviously the jury is still out on his career.
    At the end of the day he’s in a much better siuation in Indy.

  12. Boulder Browns fan

    Even with injuries he almost had 1000 yards last year. I liked it when they would throw him the ball where he has some space to run with it, not just running him into the line. In the short term, great for the Colts and bad for the Browns. This season will only be salvaged if they work on developing Hoyer or Weeden, and don’t waste the draft pick next year. TRich has a chance for playoffs with his new team.

  13. Horton

    LG is right, he was right about Weeden and he’s right about Richardson

  14. jackrabbit21

    Disagree with you on this one. It’s amazing what he did by breaking Jim Brown’s records and he especially did it with broken ribs. Could you imagine what he can do not hurt?

    I also think he was not coached properly & he followed the coaches’ orders. They hardly used him in the first game. Why? I think under the right coaching and organization he will do well.

    The Browns, well, I think they will blow this because they will waste the first round pick on someone who will be a bust. Why? It’s the Browns way.

  15. Anonymous

    whoever wrote this article is a freaking MORON Again Cleveland gets SHIT on

  16. BOBBY D

    Well when I heard the news I instantly though of you LG. I told my wife LG says he is a bust, well we will no see for sure.
    Not a huge fan of T rich but the first thing out of his mouth when he got drafted was that now his family will not have to worry about money or something to that effect. And my first thought was what a bum, everyone else atleast fakes it and says how glad they are to go to such and such a team, he was all about the money.

    So LG I hope you are right and he is a bust. The colts are the only team I can think of that are worse at evaluatiing talent than the browns.

    • LG

      We shall see Bobby D, BTW when we having a cold one over at the Captains Club???

  17. bob

    This is the worst news I have ever heard. We done so much winning with TR. How could they trade a mediocre running back for a first round draft pick.As far as the radio thing, the team calls his agent first, by that time people leak this stuff. With the social media the way it is this stuff gets out there fast. Get over it its not high school football

    • LG

      LOL too funny

      • bob

        First time I agree with you LG. I’m coming around on running Weeden out of here also. Let’s blow it up.

        • LG

          You got it Bob….

  18. Jeff

    Well Lg we will find out soon. Either you are right or you will be eating massive amounts of crow…..I think Lg that you and allot of others are forgettig that this same exact thing happened to jerome bettis and marshall faulk after two seasons with the team that drafted them. They were both traded and are now both going to the hall of fame. The teams that drafted them thought that after 2 seasons they were busts….well maybe that was the motivation they needed. What ever it was they are now going to be in
    the hall of fame. Im willing to bet the same will happen with trent. His motivation will be through the roof now. I dont see anyway possible he fails…

    • bob

      I don’t care what he does for other teams. All that I know is he didn’t do nothing for my team.


    Hey clevland why do you think Art Modell moved a whole team out of your god forsaken town? you guys are a joke

    • bob

      Eags are looking good tonight bubba

  20. sealey2k

    Wow! This guy makes it sound as if Trent Richardson purposely ruined his knees and tricked the Browns into drafting him. I’ve never been to Cleveland, but if this article is a reflection of how the town respects it’s top athletes, can you blame LeBron for moving on?

    • LG

      Top Athletes are you freaking kidding me? Having never been to Cleveland, have you ever watched a Browns game? This guy is far from a top athlete.

  21. Horton

    Holmgren said if he was the coach they would have had to fire him to get rid of T Rich…hmmmm..seems to me they did fire him.

    That Holmgen Heckert team was nor a winning formula.


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