Former Cleveland Browns QB, Brandon Weeden has signed a 2 year deal with the Dallas Cowboys. Obviously, the Cowboys as an organization weren’t able to see any game film on Weeden. If they did, they would have not even wasted their time on this bust out quarterback the Browns wasted their 22nd pick in the first round of the 2012 draft on.

Weeden was nothing short of terrible during his time with the Browns. He showed, he didn’t have what it took to play in the NFL. Dallas has to be desperate to sign this guy. Weeden will choke under pressure. He will throw the ball away, letting the other team create an interception, because he is a afraid to take a hit.

Browns fans everywhere have to be hoping Romo suffers an injury and Weeden starts if the Browns play the Cowboys. This way the Browns are guaranteed a win. It’s a shame the Browns don’t play the Cowboys in 2014. It would have been nice to think of Weeden starting against the team who cut him.

Weeden was one of the worse quarterbacks to ever ink a deal with the Cleveland Browns. Now that he is a member of the Dallas Cowboys, all of America will get a chance to see how much this guy sucks. Weeden wanted a chance to go somewhere else to play football now he has got it.

It just goes to prove the old saying, There’s an A$$-Hole for every seat. Weeden found one with the Dallas Cowboys, team owner Jerry Jones……

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  1. AL

    Him and his agent must be laughing there asses off at some Irish Pub today good for him ,better for us hahaha !

    • LG

      to bad we don’t play Dallas this season.

      • Ed Stutsman

        How many QBs has Cleveland gone through in the last 4 or 5 years. None of them were any good according to Browns fans. Says a lot for the sorry organization. You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken droppings, it just doesn’t smell good. Also all of these wonderful writers don ‘t even have the guts to put their name. To bad you don’t play Dallas, they will probably need another win.

        • LG

          My name is Larry Glicken Ed, it is not too hard to figure it out. Hence the LG. If you google Cleveland Sports 360, you would see my name sooner or later………

          • Ed Stutsman

            Why would anyone want to google Cleveland Sports 360? Not much to talk about there. That’s almost as bad as being a Cubs fan.

          • LG

            LMAO, you’re too funny Ed, you sould think about becoming a comic relief artist…..Lots of people google CS360….

          • PH

            I’ve never heard of Cleveland Sports 360. In fact, I was pretty sure that the only talent Cleveland ever had packed up and moved to Miami a few years ago. Ever since, I haven’t heard a single thing about a Cleveland sports team that wasnt followed with “sucks”

          • LG

            You must have missed the entire 2013 Indians season…..

  2. Ronald

    Surprises me. I didn’t think another team would want him. Well, I’ve been wrong before.

  3. Blackjeep

    Now if Dallas could only get Colt McCoy to back up Weedon…then Jerry Jones would the perfect azz!!! Lol

  4. Paul

    LG, your nemesis is off the team. Why do you have to continue to wish bad on him? The man deserves to work and earn a living as much as you and I. Get off his case, already!

    • LG

      you’re right he deserves to make a living just as you and I do. Not making millions masquerading as an NFL QB….

      • Anonymous


        • LG

          LOL not bitter at all, just stating the facts

    • AL

      I can tell your not a Cleveland fan Pual, as far as him making a living he already had a fat check for doing nothing , give me a couple Mill $ a year and im sure i could do as good as him , he should be sued for false advertisement hahaha

  5. Stew

    Whoever wrote this sounds like a pathetic loser. Easy to bash pro athletes when you are sitting in the cheap seats while they are playing the game in the rain.

    • LG

      The pathetic loser is now a Dallas Cowboy……


    LG, I agree with you 100%! It amazes me that so many people were sucked in by Weeden. We had crazy fans comparing him to hall of famers for goodness sakes! It proves the ineptitude of Holmgren and Heckert. Maybe Heckert can use alcohol as an excuse….he was drunk when he picked Weeden. Same fans are ready to annoint Hoyer the next hall of famer at age 29. I wish Hoyer the best. However, he’s not the future. The Browns “MUST” find a quarterback.

    • LG

      Now he will be a hall of fame clip-board holder.

  7. marty

    Paul, Sadam Hussain got paid to make a living also. Weedon didn’t deserve a penny for what he did to the browns and the fans. What Weedon is making in those two years is a lot more than most people make in their lifetime. He is a loser taking advantage of high ticket prices that good fans have to pay for.
    LG remembers from the very start when weedon was drafted. He was a bust.The only reason he was drafted was that management wouldn’t play Colt McCoy.

    • LG

      You tell him Marty

    • Leon II

      Ummm, Marty Colt McCoy wasn’t the answer either. Lets not forget that this off season the 49ers traded a sixth round pick to acquire Blaine Gabbard rather than resign Colt as their backup. Colt is still out there unsigned with no interest in him as of yet. How do I know this – because I’m a Colt McCoy fan and have followed his career since his days in Texas.

      The sad truth is that Colt had the intangibles of an NFL QB but was weak in terms of his athletic skills, Weeden had the athletic skills but lacked the intangibles. If only we could have attached Colt’s head to Weeden’s body we would have had a franchise QB.

      • LG

        Leon, are you sure the 49ers have no interest in keeping Colt? Harbaugh really liked the kid…

        • Leon II

          I’ve been checking daily for Colt McCoy news and so far not a hint that anyone has any interest in him. As of now the 49ers list three QBs on their roster: Kaepernick, Gabbert (who they just traded a 6th round pick for), and McLeod Bethel-Thompson who was on their practice squad last year. It would seem that while Colt has all the intangibles teams love in a QB they just aren’t convinced he has the athletic talent to make it – even as a back-up. At the start of free agency there were 7 teams in the NFL who would not be hurt by having either a replacement or someone to challenge their starter and another 6 which need a quality back-up. To date none of them have shown interest in Colt. This has been a very sad week for a fan of his like myself.

          • LG

            Will Leon, I think someone will be interested in him. He could be another Drew Brees, he reminds me of him,

          • Leon II

            I hope so LG. Like you he reminds me of Drew Brees and I really hope he gets another shot in the NFL. I would love to see him back in a Browns uniform but I’m not holding out much hope for that.

          • LG

            Wouldn’t that be something Leon? I would love to see the team bring him back.

          • PA

            Colt McCoy could come back and play football in Cleveland, for the Gladiators.

  8. Cally

    I find it funny how Weeden is blamed for the failure of the Browns. The Browns would have lost no matter who was QB, they have been historically dysfunctional since 99.
    Browns fans love their scapegoats.

    • LG

      They didn’t lose the 2 games Hoyer was able to complete.

      • Cally

        He won the Buffalo game that Hoyer was losing.
        I’m not a fan of Weeden but I’m also not a fun of piling on. It’s classless and immature.

  9. Leon II

    I’m not the least bit surprised that the cap strapped Cowboys would take a flier on Weeden especially considering Orten is considering retirement and what they got Weeden for. Weeden, desperate for any chance to keep his NFL hopes alive, signed for $570,000 in 2014 and $660,000 in 2015 with nothing guaranteed. The Cowboys are paying about half as much over two years to kick the tires on Weeden then the Browns are paying in one year to get him off the roster. If a change of scenery was all Weeden needed to become a quality back-up then the Cowboys got a hell of a deal. If Weeden is as worthless as most Browns fans feel he is and he doesn’t make the 53 man roster then they are only out $75K in cap space from what I understand. I would not call this a brilliant move or even a good move by the Cowboys but it is a low risk/high reward desperation move that should be understood as just that. Sometimes you just have to buy the junker and pray it gets you through long enough to save up for something more reliable. Desperation by the Cowboys and Weeden is what made this deal happen while sadly Colt McCoy still sits as a free agent looking for a team.

  10. ForeverABrownsFan

    Well wouldn’t that be a “Kick In The Pants,” if Weeden, after leaving Cleveland and joining the Cowboys, would end up in a Super Bowl and they won, just as Kosar did when he went to the Cowboys?

    Just saying. Sometimes you don’t have to do nothing, to get something.

    • LG

      That’s what you can expect from Weeden in Dallas a lot pf nothing.

  11. TR

    I think LG is in love with Weeden even though he doesn’t want to admit it since he can never seem to not talk about him. I agree with Paul, leave him alone. You do realize this isn’t the first QB to get ruined by the Browns. At this rate, you guys should keep talking about Tim Couch while you’re at it too. And if Weeden should do well with the Cowboys, I better see an article about that too.

    • LG

      Weeden is a bum and shouldn’t be in the NFL at all…..

  12. muttklingon

    not bad for BRADEN Weeden a 2 year deal 3million Dallass &Browns still paying 2million? not bad for bad QB. …muttklingon

  13. Swarming Defense

    What does it say about an organization that brought in Weeden in the first place? Good thing the Brown’s cleaned house but still, Weeden and Richardson got the hell out of Loserville with their health and a nice wad of cash. I can hear Brandon and Richardson singing
    “Happiness is Loserville is my rear view mirror”


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