Anyone who is a fan of the Cleveland Browns knows that Colt McCoy hasn’t gotten a fair shake with the team over the past season. Gerald McNeil the man known as the Ice Cube said that there is no doubt that Colt McCoy can win in the NFL and he went on to say that McCoy is a very smart quarterback. McNeil said the young quarterback brings plenty of skill to the football field and went on to compare McCoy’s talents to guys like Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, RGIII and many of the new bread of NFL quarterbacks. McNeil said, the team needs to build an offense around McCoy, he also said McCoy is a very smart guy and he knows how to get wins.

It will be interesting to see if the Cleveland Browns have a fair quarterback competition in Cleveland once training camp starts. McCoy really wasn’t given much of a chance to start last season under the former coaching staff. Some think McCoy could move the team down the field at will when he plays and they can’t understand why he wasn’t the starter in the 2012 season. If McCoy is on the Browns roster when camp starts this season, I think the new coaching staff gives him a serious look. We all know Chud comes to the Browns from a team where the Q.B. was able to scramble.

McCoy has the ability to scramble with the best of them in the NFL and he could be a bit more accurate than what the Browns saw last season when it comes to throwing the football. Watch the Video and listen to what McNeil has to say about Colt McCoy….

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  1. Joe


  2. marty

    I followed Colt in college, he is smart and fast reacting.He does not throw a bullet. The arch of his throws are high, but he can be very accurate. He is a QB that can nickel and dime a defense.The only thing that worries me, is that he is human and how could he emotionally and mentalily take waiting as a back-up.You can see the players have faith in him.If he is truly given a fair chance to compete he will emerge as the starter.

  3. dan dyer

    2 years…6-15, he was given a chance. No excuses he didn’t win. Weeden will get his 2nd look this year and if he does not improve and produce, he will be gone. It doesn’t matter who says what about who, it comes down to Chud and Norv period! They have said they will give Weeden a chance to succeed and they believe that he can/will. They have not come out openly and said anything about McCoy except for they like him too.

  4. terry woods

    McCoy was not given a fair chance to play. he was thrown in when they new his arm was`nt fully recovered,and he did`nt have a good receiver to throw to, not to mention the fact that they could`nt run the right routes which was evident when you saw them return to the huddle an McCoy would try to explain to them where they were supposed be.It`s a shame he`s been treated they he has ,he`s a good quarterback and I only hope he gets a fair shot this year.

    • RB

      According to colts own camp, his shoulder was fully healed when he has his pro day prior to the draft.

      So they were lying?

  5. marty

    To develop Weedon into a NFL QB he has to have raw talent to develop. Weedon doesn’t have any talent to offer. He has to have the right mindset for the game.Clearly all season it shows he doesn’t. Weedon doesn’t have the physical or mental toughness for the game. He fails on both accounts.Weedon can throw far, but far from accurate.There is more wrong than right to develop.Bringing Brian Sipe out of retirement would make more sense.He had the heart and guts for the game.


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