One of the greatest kick and kick return men that ever graced the grounds of the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium, the Old Home Of the Cleveland Browns says that Brandon Weeden is 3-4 years away from winning in the NFL. Gerald McNeil “The Ice Cube” said, Weeden is a big strong country kid even though he isn’t young in age. He also said it is going to take Weeden time to become accustomed to playing in the NFL. He talked about guys like Manning who took a year or two before he was the quarterback he is today. He also said Weeden is a lot older, but it is still going to take him time.

McNeil went on to say that ,Weeden is a pocket passer, he seemed a bit concerned when he talked about how Weeden moves. McNeil talked about the way the good quarterbacks are playing the game today, guys like RGIII, Wilson in Seattle and others that can scramble out of the pocket to buy the team some time to make a play. It didn’t seem like McNeil thought that Weeden fit onto that category at all. The thing that has me concerned is the fact that McNeil thinks Weeden is 3-4 years away. Those were the same words the NFL scouts used to describe Weeden with before the Browns used a 1st round draft pick on the 29-year-old quarterback in the 2012 draft.

One thing you have to say about McNeil is, he knows his football. He played his college days at Baylor and he played with some of the greatest players in the history of the NFL including Mike Singletary.  Watch the Video and see what you think of McNeil’s analysis of  the Browns quarterback situation.


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  1. dan dyer

    Where do I start??? First and foremost, I would just like to say that I respect Mr. McNeil for all his great play as a Cleveland Brown. Having said that I don’t see any experience playing, evaluating, or coaching QB’s in his repertoire. I don’t think being a former NFL receiver, and let’s be honest he wasn’t a very successful one in the NFL, credits him as a QB talent evaluator. I would put more stock into what Kosar, a very successful former NFL QB, had to say about Weeden. Having said that he is concerned with Weeden because he is a “pocket passer” and that the good QB’s today scramble and bye time like Wilson and Griffin is a farce! Look at the QB stats from the 2012 season, of the top 20 QB’s in the league 17 are considered “pocket passers”. And what in the world does playing with the GREAT Mike Singletary have to do with evaluating a QB…just journalistic fluff.

    • RICK

      dan, I agree, playing the position he played doesn’t make him an athority on quaterbacks. We all seen what happened to the scramblers like LGIII and Vick just to name two.

      • LG

        Rick and Dan, I would say this to both of you. McNeil has played in the NFL and before that he played in the USFL. He played with some mighty fine quarterback both on the college level as well as a professional level. He was a top notch receiver at Baylor and with the Houston Gamblers in the USFl. He knows what he is talking about when it comes to quarterbacks.

        • RICK

          LG, With this wealth of knowledge that he has do you know who he is coaching for or scouting for? A lot of players have played with great quarterbacks but aren’t doing anything in football now.

          • LG

            Actually Rick, he was offered coaching jobs and he turned them down.

          • dan dyer

            LG-who offered him coaching jobs? Was it to coach the QB’s?

          • LG

            Rutigliano offered him a coaching job on the College level….

      • ABrown

        Rick, don’t forget about Montana, Young, and Fran Tarkenton — mobile QBs who are in the Hall of Fame. And other Hall of Famers like Staubach, Elway, and Aikman were also very mobile pocket passers who scrambled and ran very effectively.

        RGIII and Vick are not in the same category. Griffin knows his playbook and studies film and defenses. Vick has never been big on that part of the game, sort of like Weeden.

        • LG

          ABrown, have you had a chance to listen to the show last night I did with Gerald McNeil?

        • RICK

          ABrown, I’m not dismissing the fact that there were and are great scramblers in the league but it’s not a must.

    • ABrown

      Dan, he had good things to say about both Browns’ QBs. Listen to the interview before you criticize.

      He compared McCoy to Brees, Wilson, and Kaepernick, while he compared Weeden to pocket passers like Manning and Rothlesberger. He said some good things about your guy.

      And there aren’t many people in a better position to understand QB play than receivers.

      • dan dyer

        That would be true if he was actually a successful NFL receiver, but he wasn’t, he was a return specialist. And you are just proving everyone’s point on here that supports Weeden…LG never post anything that is said good about Weeden, just the negative. The opposite can be said for his posts on McCoy.
        I would say that one person that is in a better position to understand QB play would be an actual NFL QB. So the comments made by Kosar about Weeden hold more weight, especially considering he was a successful NFL QB and played in Turner’s offense in Dallas. Also, former NFL QB Chris Weinke, who runs an Academy in Florida where Weeden has been training this off season also had great things to say about him. Considering he has worked with Cam Newton the past 2 years I would think that he knows the kind of talent that Chud is looking for.

        • LG

          Have you actually paid attention to Kosar lately Dan? The guy melted his brain and he will says the positives because he can’t afford to not do the TV stuff for the Browns. In other words he is also aq Browns yes man.

          • dan dyer

            Glad to see you bad-mouthing a true Browns great! If that is true, then according to you, it is as plain as day that McCoy is the better QB, then wouldn’t he be backing him? You seem to think that Chud, Lombardi, and Haslem love wouldn’t backing him put Kosar in the situation of being a “yes” man.

          • LG

            Dan, this isn’t the Bernie of Old. Have you followed him lately? He does have some issues.

  2. dan dyer

    So I read 3 different articles today on the Cleveland Browns preparing to release QB Colt McCoy in the next few weeks. Andrew Fisher of RANT SPORTS, Terry Pluto of THE PLAIN DEALER, and John Boarman of TIREBALL SPORTS MEDIA all reported that McCoy is not considered a viable option as a starting QB for the Browns. Just wanted to see what everyone’s thoughts were on this. WEEDEN in 2013, get ready for a GREAT year of Browns Football!

    • LG

      I think you should really consider your sources.

      • Anonymous

        That,s hilarious coming from you, Glicken…the man with no sources.

        • LG

          You’re pretty funny. I have more sources than you may think. Watch the show and you will see it isn’t my words it is his…..

        • ABrown

          It’s really impressive when someone hides behind “anonymous” to attack someone else.

          Do you have the courage to own your comment by identifying yourself and then backing it up with an example or two? I doubt it.

          I can’t think of a story by LG that didn’t have a source that he cited.

          • LG

            Exactly ABrown…..Thank you

          • Bob

            It’s probably Denny Dice. ha! ha!

          • LG

            Now Denny Dice is saying that I like to switch words around Bob. Can you imagine a moron who can clearly hear Gerald McNeil speak for himself on the show last night say I am switching his words around when it comes to taking Weeden 3-4 years to get ready to compete in the NFL?

      • dan dyer

        A source is a source. And when there are 3 different sources reporting the same thing it stands to be a little more truthful. You have posted articles in the past that have not come true as well. Your source Jim Donovan was also the one that broke the story about Chip Kelly being our new coach, just had to sign the contract, which as we know now was never in the happenings.

    • ABrown

      Dan, Terry Pluto is trying to make a big splash on the internet with an unconfirmed comment he came up with a month ago. It has never been confirmed, but went viral.

      Now Pluto is trading on the same earlier comment and a few irresponsible people are more than happy to repeat the story in those places you mentioned.

      Pluto is Pluto’s source, and he is desperate for attention. That’s the beginning and end of the story.

      • Bob

        Agreed. Pluto is a joke. Pluto creates stories with his biased opinion based on no facts or sources. Maybe his sources come to him in his dreams. FYI- IMO Grossi even a bigger joke. His behavior with Modell is childish. He acts like a gilted lover 15 years after they broke up. Guy can’t move forward.

        • Bob

          meant jilted not gilted

      • dan dyer

        We all know that most of you on here do not think much of Pluto, but he wasn’t the only source reporting this info. I liked McCoy, he is a stand-up guy and seems like a great teammate. For all you Colt supporters you would think that you would like for him to be released/traded. Maybe he can go somewhere else and be given a chance to start because it doesn’t look like it’ll be in Cleveland.

  3. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … pretty cool that you got to converse the “ice cube”.

    as a weeden supporter i know he doesn’t have 3-4 years to show he’s starting qb material in the nfl. he HAS to get it done this year if he ends-up as the starter. this is his make-or-break year in the nfl.

    have a good one …

    • LG

      Did you watch the show TB2? If show then you would already know that the Cube did say 3-4 years…..Not LG

      • tigersbrowns2

        i did see it & enjoyed it … i know he said it.

        i am saying weeden does not have 3-4 years … the time is now.

        • LG

          I hope the time is now. Not sure how much more losing I can take……LOL Glad you enjoyed the show…..

  4. tigersbrowns2

    hi ABROWN … LG was kind enough to publish my article :
    “the big debate : mccoy or weeden”.

    i don’t know if you got to read it or not … i did that article to get other fine posters from this forum interested in publishing their own article.

    i’m looking forward to yours …

    • LG

      Still waiting on your Tigers spring training Article at usa sports 360 TB2

  5. Big Duke

    3 or 4 years from now?!?!? Now I don’t doubt Ice Cube’s assessment as it might be pretty accurate and also painfully obvious because if true, that will make Weeden’s age around 33 or 34, just in time for him to retire.

  6. jrustyo

    As LG and many of you know from my comments I am a Weeden supporter but not a blind Weeden supporter. My respect for Weeden’s physical abilities comes from watching just about every game he played in college (there is an OSU connection in my past)and appreciating what he accoomplished as a Cowboy.

    Whether he will adjust to the complications of running an NFL offense or reading defenses is anyone’s guess and last year he showed moments of promise and others that were outright embarrassing. Hey, he’s a rookie…so we have to deal with it.

    I do believe this is a make or break year for Weeden. Show improvement..and he’s got a shot to develop into a good and winning QB. Regress and he’ll be gone in 2014. But don’t tell me he needs to be a scrambler like RGIII. Do you really think Washington is going to allow him to run around like that again next year after the injury he sustained this year? RGIII..just like most of the great QB’s in the league today will need to be a successfull pocket passer first or at least one who can sidestep a rush to buy a little time.

    Either way I don’t put much stock in what Gerald McNeil thinks or says about Weeden and I doubt any of the coaches or new management of the Browns care either. He will be given a chance to succeed or fail on the field and really, does an old and respected player’s opinion really matter? It make for good press but that’s about it.

    • tigersbrowns2

      excellent post JRUSTYO !!

  7. RICK

    jrustyo, I agree, I believe this has to be a break out year if Weeden is the QB. This is his chance so we will see.


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