One of the all time great receivers in the history of the Cleveland Browns said in a radio interview, how disappointed he was in Weeden’s performance during the 2012 season.  Brian Brennan who played for the Browns from 1984 thru 1991, said he wasn’t sure if Weeden is the guy for the Browns.

After Brennan, voiced his concerns about last season’s performance, he said, he hopes Weeden can perform better under Norv Turmer’s watchful eye. Even after saying that, Brennan was still not going to give Weeden his full seal of approval, at least not yet.

Brennan spent 8 years with the Cleveland Browns. He was there in the team’s glory years. He caught 315 passes for 4,148 yards in the 117 games he played in. Brennan scored 19 touchdowns with Cleveland. Brennan also said he wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns took a quarterback in this years draft, but he feels Dee Milliner out of Alabama would be the better use of the draft pick at 6. He went on to say, having Milliner and Haydon both in the Browns defensive secondary would be a big help to the teams defense.


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  1. BrookeV

    It’s O.K to come out the closest and admit you have a crush on Weedon. Do you sit and watch the Browns games with your hand down your pants? Or do you get jealous when his teammates pat his tushy? You remind me of that school girl that can’t stand that one guy and calls him every name in the book. Then when their alone they can’t keep their hands off each other.

    • LG

      You remind me of someone who should seek professional help!

    • greg

      Spot on BrookeV!! Spot On!!

    • Tom Wynne

      it does seem that LG has a hard-on of dislike for Weeden…we all get that. I DID like Brian Brennan as a player…but 315 catches in 117 games(less than 3 a game) and 19 touchdowns in 7 season hardly makes him an authoritative resource worth following…

      • LG

        Tom, Brennan was the best third down receiver the Browns ever had. The guy was always clutch for the team.

  2. marty

    Brian was one of the sure-handed receivers. He was a go to guy. I remember when the Browns played Miami in the playoffs. His knee was down and then Miami tackled him knocking the ball loose causing a fumble. It was one of the worst called plays that went against the Browns. It doesn’t surprise me what Brian thinks about Weedon. Most fans with at least half of a brain see the same thing.

  3. RB

    I like Brian Brennan as well as the next Brown’s fan, but a go to go guy? He averaged less than 3 catches per game and 3 TD’s per season.

    One of the all time greats depends on how you define all time greats. He was in the top 5 in total catches, but he would be lucky to be in the top 10 of all Browns’ receivers.

    As far as not being suprised if the Browns draft a QB. The Browns have hinted they will more than likely draft a QB.

    Here’s a news flash. I’m guessing at least half the teams in the NFL draft a QB in this draft or pick up a QB who who didn’t get selected in the draft.

    • LG

      RB, he was always a guy that could be counted on when they needed to make a first down.

  4. cHiLL


    Weeden has the “deer in the headlights” look on every play. As the year went on he looked more and more trepidatious in the pocket. You cannot play QB in the NFL scared. Bad things will happen.

    • LG

      Chill, you are exactly right. I wonder how they can change that? You are either afraid or not afraid.

  5. dan dyer

    I’m not sure if any Browns fan is completely sold on Weeden. Let’s all just hope that Norv and Chud can get him in the right direction. If so, I really think the Browns can be a surprise power in the AFC this year.

  6. longhaul

    lg in regards to brookev s comment sounds like his daddy stroked off in a flower pot and raised a bloomin idiot

    • LG

      You could be exactly right.

  7. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … love brian brennan … but, first it was mcneil & now brennan talking about weeden.

    i would be more interested in what kosar , testaverde , sipe or couch would have to say about weeden.

    • LG

      Ya know TB2, Brennan was a hell of a football player. The case in point was, he didn’t have much faith in Weeden. My article says he is interested in seeing what Weeden can do under the eye of Turner. Even with Brennan saying that he didn’t seem sold on Weeden.

    • dan dyer

      He won’t write about what Kosar had to say about Weeden. I asked him why he didn’t and his response was that Kosar has been a train wreck the last few years and he is just a “yes” man for the Browns. Interesting point of view considering Kosar said that he believes Weeden has what it takes to succeed and that he believes that he will thrive in Norv’s system. Considering that he played in Norv’s system in Dallas and actually played QB in the NFL, I feel that he has more credibility to make an accurate assessment of Weeden’s abilities than a former WR and a KR/PR. But alas, we all know that LG will not report on anyone that has anything good to say about Weeden. I guess we will just have to wait and see him play well, then we can all bask in the glory of LG praising Weeden.

      • LG

        Kosar is a yes man for the Browns. He wants to keep his job. Look what Banner did this season by giving the radio to the two stations who had nothing but bad things to say about the team. This way they don’t dare give their real opinions about the Browns or they lose the contract.


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