Romeo Crennel interested in Robert Griffin the thirdThe only coach to go 10-6 with the Cleveland Browns and miss the play-offs since returning to the NFL in 1999 is totally impressed with Robert Griffin III. Romeo Crennel spent the fifteen minutes talking with RGIII. It seems as though Crennel came out of the meeting with RGIII on his to do list. Crennel said not only is RGIII well versed in football is is well versed in life too. RGIII is an army brat just like Crennel, which is why Griffin has done so well in life and in sports according to Crennel it has a lot to do with army discipline.

The Kansas City Chiefs have ten teams in front of them in the up-coming draft.  Crennel went on to say not everyone puts the same value on players and many times teams throw up smoke singles and he went on to say he remembered that being the case when he was in Cleveland and the Browns took Brady Quinn as the 22 pick. Hey Romeo, RGIII isn’t like Brady Quinn. Brady never had all the skills RGIII has, not in College and not in the NFL. RGIII isn’t going to last much past the first couple of pick in the first round.

With that being said, do the Cleveland Browns really have a shot at getting RGIII? How much is Tom Heckert and Mike Holmgren willing to give up? There is plenty of interest from the Cleveland Browns when it comes to Green Bay’s Matt Flynn too. Can the Browns make a move to grab Flynn? I don’t think money would be a problem, Randy Learner the owner of the Cleveland Browns has deep pockets.

What the Cleveland Browns are willing to give up in order to draft RGIII is yet to be seen. Cleveland has a shortage to say the least of play makers. Not only do the Browns need a quarterback that can compete at a high level, the team needs depth when it comes to play makers. The Browns  may need a running back. Sure they can re-sign Hillis, lets face it the way Hillis runs he is not the long term solution. Then there is Montario Hardesty who has yet to play a 16 game season. Hardesty’s durability and play making abilities have yet to been seen.

We all know Tom Heckert believes in building the team through the draft, the question now becomes is Heckert willing to give up picks that would put Cleveland in Position to draft Robert Griffin III? I wouldn’t be surprised if the Indianapolis Colts used their first pick in the draft to take RGIII. Robert Griffin III is far more athletic than Andrew Luck.

Then again, it will be interested to see if the Kansas City Chiefs can get into position to grab RGIII. It is going to get really interesting come draft day, that’s for sure.

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