It doesn’t get any better than this for head coaches of the Cleveland Browns. We now have a guy in Cleveland that has never lost a game as the team’s head coach. This season the Browns start with a clean slate. Rob Chudzinski and his coaching staff come into the 2013 NFL season without knowing what it is like to lose a football game in Cleveland.

As the head coach that is, Chud knows the feeling of losing as the team’s offensive coordinator.

Over the past 4 years the Cleveland Browns have lost 37 games. Chud has an advantage over the last head coach the Cleveland Browns hired. He has the entire off-season to get his new offense ready to go.

When the Browns last hired a head coach you may remember the NFL was under a lock out. The teams couldn’t communicate with their players and they couldn’t give them a play book until the lock out ended.

This season there is plenty to be optimistic about for Browns fans. The team is starting over with a new coaching staff and this coaching staff has yet to lose a game. Won’t it be nice if it stays that way throughout the 2013 season?

Even if the team wins 9 games, the Browns would have their first winning season in the last 5 years. Yes it has been that long since the Browns won more games than they have lost in a season. Lets hope Chudzinski and his staff can give us a winning season in 2013.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. RICK

    LG, I believe Shurmur hadn’t lost a game either. LMAO

    • LG

      If you look at the title it says Chud is the only coach the Browns have that has not lost a game. All the past ones have lost….Including Shurmur…..

  2. ripper1fl

    you are comparing a coach that was a good TE to a coach that was a
    goo C….. different mind set as to how the offense should run….
    CHUD is the attack guy while shurmur was the
    i cant manage the clock guy…..
    a good coach………ALL good offensive coaches know how to create mismatches with the defense….
    they also know how to play to their QB’S strenght and not let him get killed in his first year as a rookie..although it would have helped if cleve had a WR who could hang on to the football and not drop it…
    GO BROWNS! win the division….its yours take it !


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