It doesn’t get any better than this for head coaches of the Cleveland Browns. We now have a guy in Cleveland that has never lost a game as the team’s head coach. This season the Browns start with a clean slate. Rob Chudzinski and his coaching staff come into the 2013 NFL season without knowing what it is like to lose a football game in Cleveland.

As the head coach that is, Chud knows the feeling of losing as the team’s offensive coordinator.

Over the past 4 years the Cleveland Browns have lost 37 games. Chud has an advantage over the last head coach the Cleveland Browns hired. He has the entire off-season to get his new offense ready to go.

When the Browns last hired a head coach you may remember the NFL was under a lock out. The teams couldn’t communicate with their players and they couldn’t give them a play book until the lock out ended.

This season there is plenty to be optimistic about for Browns fans. The team is starting over with a new coaching staff and this coaching staff has yet to lose a game. Won’t it be nice if it stays that way throughout the 2013 season?

Even if the team wins 9 games, the Browns would have their first winning season in the last 5 years. Yes it has been that long since the Browns won more games than they have lost in a season. Lets hope Chudzinski and his staff can give us a winning season in 2013.

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