The NCAA rally came down hard on Jim Tressel the Ohio State Universities former head football Coach.   The NCAA made sure Tressel understood the true meaning for Tressel is Not Coaching Athletes Anymore at least on the college level.  How can the NCAA ban Tressel for five years? They should have at least considered the year he just missed having to step down from O.S.U..   There are hardened criminals that haven’t received penalties as harsh as this.  The NCAA is really overstepping its boundaries by making an example out of Tressel.

Tressel made his living from coaching at the college level, now the NCAA is denying Tressel the chance to get back into football with this five-year “show-cause” penalty. What school is going to touch Jim Tressel now?  None, why would a college want to put itself into the position of taking on the NCAA to hire Tressel? While others have gotten away with much worse over the years it appears the NCAA really has it out for Jim Tressel.  The NCAA over reacting on this one.

Jim Tressel was a great coach who got caught in the middle of a serous scandal at OSU. That’s it. There are people in congress doing worse things maybe the NCAA should police that institution.  The punishment really doesn’t fit the crime in Jim Tressel’s case. The NCAA is over-stepping itself on this one. Just think what they are going to do once all the Penn State facts come to light. Five years is much to long in Tressel’s case much too long.
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