Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens had their chance to  go down the field with almost 2 minutes left and 2 timeouts. New England had the lead 23-20. Flacco would hit a couple of his receivers to start the drive and they were able to get out of bounds to stop the clock. Then when it looked as though the Ravens were going to be stopped,Flacco found his man down field to move Baltimore into field goal range. Flacco would take a shot into the end-zone and his receiver dropped what would have been a game winning catch.

On fourth down Baltimore would send their field goal kicker out on the field to tie the game at 23 and send the game into overtime. The only problem was Billy Condiff hooked the kick wide left and missed the Field goal. Just like that the Baltimore Ravens chance of going to the super Bowl vanished. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will make their way to the Super Bowl.

Brady was a little off all day and Baltimore just couldn’t take advantage of it. Even an off Brady is hard to stop. Lee Evens dropping a Touchdown didn’t help the Ravens either.

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  1. Scott Paris

    The New England home cooking with the Refs was too much for the Ravens to overcome. Two Baltimore interceptions were called back, a non-roughing the punter penalty on the Ravens punter in the first period, and the non- helmet-to helemt call on Baltimore tight end Pipa helped the Pariots win. In addition, the non-Evans touchdown in the end zone waw also a traversty. The Pats sere pena;ized a total of 5 yards- face it, the NFL LOVEs the Patriots and Tom Brady. Think of the advertising dollars that the NFL can now sell for the Super Bowl!

  2. lamarco

    man joe had it we were suposed to win but no replays no nothing its ok joe let the media keep saying what they’re saying they are not on the field with you and the team and or coaching staff better luck next year


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