Is the Cleveland Browns new owner, a liar and a cheat? according to documents, the Browns new owner, Jimmy Haslam III’s company, has been engaged in fraudulent activity for years. this is nothing new, and is is now small rebate program either.

The Cleveland Plain dealer has just published a story about what Haslam knew and how long he knew it. The report states, that Haslam’s Pilot Flying J business, ran a fraud scheme to keep money owed to customers as gas rebates, according to documents filed in federal court Thursday.

the court documents further say Haslam knew about the fraud committed by top sales officials at his family business, Pilot Flying J, in which employees targeted unsophisticated trucking companies through a rebate program.

The Federal documents unsealed today also say he was present for discussions about the rebate fraud activities. The papers that were filed in U.S. District Court in Knoxville, Tenn., says Pilot Flying J sales employees withheld fuel price rebates and discounts in an attempt to boost the profitability of the company and increase their sales commissions.

Furthermore, The affidavit makes clear what Haslam knew. according to an informant, Haslam II and the companies president both knew what was taking place. What does this mean for the Cleveland Browns? Well the NFL take any action to force Jimmy Haslam III, to sell the team? You can read the full text of the Cleveland Plain Dealer article by clicking here.



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  1. jim

    “Rebates Really”…..thats what it looks like lg…didnt we all try to tell you this the other day that the rebates would warrant a raid? You just didnt want to believe us tho. You are the one that said the irs and fbi should call before a raid…..lmfao

    • LG

      Jim, this is a lot more than a few rebates that didn’t get paid. Did you click the link in the article to read the court documents? Haslam and his company has been running a fraud for a long time….

  2. jim

    i forget your never wrong…..or admit it anyways

    • LG

      Jim, this isn’t a little case of a few unpaid rebates. DID you read the court Documents?

    • LG

      check this out Jim….. The document, written by an FBI agent who specializes in public corruption and white-collar crime, said the investigation began May 4, 2011, when a source told the FBI that Pilot employees had been targeting some companies who were “too unsophisticated to catch that their agreed-upon deal with Pilot was being changed to benefit Pilot without the knowledge of those customers.”

    • LG

      How about this JIM…… The affidavit alleges the scheme took place for at least five to seven years. One company, W.N. Morehouse Truckline of Omaha, Neb., lost nearly $150,000 in the scheme, the affidavit says. The point I was trying to make is it just wasn’t a little case like HASLAM was leading us to believe. The way he made it sound was like a few rebates didn’t get paid…..Sure I said what I said about Rebates, but I was thinking about what Haslam said and thinking it was a few rebates, not years of ripping people off.

      • jim

        All them responses… just proved my point! You always have some twist to make you right. I believe Leon tried to do the math for you and you still didn’t want to believe him and now “this isn’t a little case of a few unpaid rebates”….get over it you was WRONG

        • LG

          Jim, if it makes you happy to say I am wrong then go right ahead and do so. I am not the one here under criminal investigation. Haslam is. As this gets closer to a grand jury you will see all shorts of facts come out and they could even include a Racketeering charge ro two who knows? As time go by we will all see this together. I think Haslam could be guilty of a few more things other than not paying rebates. So you keep telling me how wrong I am my find. As the thing gets through the grand jury we will find out more. Haslam is no saint.

  3. Bob

    Of course, he KNEW. I bet the NFL steps in and takes over the team until Haslam is either cleared or found guilty. If found guilty, he must be forced to sell since Lerner & the NFL probably did not know about all this prior to the sale. The NFL needs to act NOW! Sort of like what the MLB did recently with the Dodgers.

    Trust me. This is best for Cleveland that he is forced to sell. I have written posts in the last couple of days that this guy would probably move the team for more $$$ despite what he says. I also wrote recently that the movie, Major League kept coming to mind with the latest BS and team/coaches changes for the team. Remember the plot of that movie? Create a bad team so there would be no fan support thus have to move the team to get more $$$$. He’s appears to be a liar & a fraud.

    Where are you NFL? Cleveland needs you. Is Lombardi still being hidden in the closet because if he is, he probably does not want to come out now. LMAO. I bet Watson, Dawson, McCoy, Massaquoi are relieved right now. I bet Weeden wishes he was McCoy right now.

    • LG

      He did come out of the closet today Bob and Banner let him make a statement. Do you think the NFL will make them get rid of Weeden?????? LMFAO

      • Bob

        LOL – Weeden who? Weeden wishes he was in San Francisco right now having a nice dinner at the wharf overlooking San Francisco Bay with Mr & Mrs McCoy and Mr & Mrs Dawson.

        Haslam said last week in regards to Weeden, ” He had a good first year, and I think he’ll have a better second year.” Weeden had a good first year? Really. Weeden’s QBR was like next to last and the Browns finished last in their division. Was Haslam lying then also?

        • LG

          Haslam said that really? Does this freaking guy know anything about football? Or was buying the team a way to hide all the money he and his people were stealing? Weeden had a good year. Too Funny Bob…..Thanks for the laugh….

        • ABrown

          Bob, that statement about Weeden, all by itself, makes it look like Haslam plans to create an even bigger loser here in Cleveland. There have been a lot of very puzzling decisions from the owner and management in the last few months.

          I hope the NFL doesn’t drag its feet in reacting to this situation. They broke with tradition and let Haslam mostly finance the purchase price — a lot like a buyer would do who planned to “flip this house” quickly.

          For all the Browns fan loyalty, this team has a long-standing culture of losing and how long would it take for that willingness to wait to run out? What better target for a move like you describe, Bob, than Cleveland?

          There is already a blueprint for moving the team to a new city. The biggest mistake Model made was hiring a coaching staff that had the Browns on the verge of making the playoff when he brought in the moving vans.

          Look at the coaching hires, with the exception of Horton. There’s a whole lot of losing behind the offensive coaches. Chud had one of the most talented young QBs in the NFL and couldn’t put together a winning season. Turner was a great offensive coordinator for 3 years in Dallas 20 years ago — not a lot of winning since.

          Look at the free agent pick ups — hardly a bonafide starter among them and a whole lot of 3rd string back ups.

          I wonder what our draft is going to look like.

          • Bob

            You are right about Horton. Horton should have been the head coach. After all, he did interview for the job.

          • LG

            He must not have told them what a big fan he was growing up.

          • Bob


  4. BW

    fxxk sports, fxxk sports, fxxk sports… it’s just one constant string of disappointments, scandal and greed

  5. ForeverABrownsFan

    Well i guess when your rich or have a billion dollars to buy a team, you at some point, to get to the top, some people scam, cheat,or don’t repay rebates.

    As the FBI asks Hasslam, “Did you steal and eat the cookies from the cookie jar?” He replies, “Not me,” while having chocolate on his face.

    Nothing in this world suprises me, especially when it comes to the very rich.

    I’m sure just after selling all his shares of the steelers, should be enough to repay whatever wrong doings, he has done. Now that, doesn’t mean he will be off the hook completely, if found guilty. More will be unveiled in time.

    Can’t wait to see Haslam’s deals be on a future, “Greed and scams” episode.

    • jd

      RICH people in usa never get in real trouble , always seem to just be just inside the law and promise not to do it again , but if you walked out with a un payed candy bar , you,ll do time in sing -sing

  6. ML

    Told he was a snake!!

  7. ML

    It’s become clear that what I said as a former employee seems to be the truth! I pretty much said that he says one thing and then does the total opposite. The FTC should also take a look at this in regard to the purchase/takeover/merger with Flying J due to these alleged charges stemming back even pior to the merger. There is so much more than just rebates to Haslems scemes. The independent truckers pay the price posted on the street while the very large sophisicated companies get HUGE discounts for fueling exclusivly with Pilot. They also can control where company trucks are allowed to fuel which could also be very important to Pilots profit margin…it’s really Racketering at it’s best.

    • ForeverABrownsFan

      and you were fired for what again?

  8. jd

    By the time he pays legal fees, law suits and goverement back he won’t have enough money to pay for a NFL team . Making licences plates just doesen’t pay that kind of money .


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