Brandon Weeden GolfBrandon Weeden is one heck of a great athlete, lets face it you don’t get drafted into the M.L.B. to the New York Yankees or to the Cleveland Browns if you have no athletic ability. The problem with Brandon Weeden is he has no heart, he is afraid to take a hit and when he faces any kind of pressure he folds. He couldn’t make it in major league baseball and he sure isn’t able to cut the mustard in the N.F.L. as a starting quarterback, this leaves the P.G.A. tour. Weeden is said to play one heck of a good round of golf. Perhaps he should pursue a career on the PGA tour.    Lets face it, after what we saw today it is clear Weeden is not the real McCoy when it comes to playing in the N.F.L.. I told everyone in the preseason Brandon Weeden sucked as an N.F.L. quarterback and we all saw it again today. I took all kinds of flack for saying it in the preseason and I am still taking all kinds of flack now.

If you know football, you know it isn’t often when an N.F.L. caliber quarterback misses wide open receivers who don’t have any defenders within five yards of them stopping them from making a catch that offten, Brandon Weeden made a habit out of doing that in the Ravens game today. He didn’t only miss one or two passes to wide open guys he couldn’t  even find them half the time. The Browns had a real chance to win the game today. After losing to the Baltimore Ravens over the past five years, the Browns needed to jump on the opportunity to get a win today. Because of Brandon Weeden’s lack of commitment to making plays the Cleveland Browns came away with yet another loss.

Who is this guy trying to fool? HE is afraid out on the field. When you play scared you can’t get the job done. That was the case today and it was the case in Brandon Weedens very first game in the NFL. There is no other rookie quarterback in the NFL playing as poorly as Brandon Weeden.  I don’t care what kind of excuses the Weeden lovers are going to make for this guy, it is time for a change in Cleveland. It is time to place Colt McCoy into the starting line up to see if this young team can win some football games. Weeden could still register for Q school on the PGA tour if he gets out now. This way his huge ego can be satisfied and the good people in the City of Cleveland may be able to see some winning football games. It is time for the Browns new owner to step in and demand better of his  1.1 billion dollar football team the good people of Cleveland are paying for.

Weeden lacks the heart to get the job done and we all know one thing. At least the kid from Texas has heart. Give him a freaking chance we are sick and tired of seeing losing football in Cleveland….

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  1. Anonymous

    Weeden fault no!! shumurs fault good coaches call good plays

  2. Denny Dice

    Stupidest post ever written

    The egg going to end up all over your face and its going to be awesome!

    Funny how u think a crappy Qb McCoy can salvage the season playing for a crappier coach?


    • LG

      Denny I would expect nothing less from you. You are a diehard Weeden fan and the egg right now is all over Weeden’s face. He sucked yesterday and he is simply not ready to take over the Browns starting quarterback spot. He has no heart McCoy has plenty of heart.

  3. JJ

    I agree. why not put McCoy in?? Weeden is not ready to take over the reins for the Browns. Why ruin the psyche of an NFL QB in his rookie yr. Groom him but put in McCoy,who is a proven commodity for this franchise!

  4. tongue_it

    It’s funny that you mention this. this was my post earlier today.

    Shumur I hope to hell you are out of here before this season ends!!! You are the dumbest head coach in football.

    Weeden, if your still here next year just ask how McCoy felt this year sitting on the bench because thats probably were you will end up and thats even if your still here next yr.

    You can’t scramble and you choke under pressure. Heck keep throwing interceptions you just might break the single season record on that.

    I am so glad we have Phil Dawson on our team he is awesome but you weeden you just can’t close the deal. I would bet on Dawson to close the deal if he was faced with the game winning situation unlike yourself maybe try taking up golf next thats probably more your speed, but as far as baseball and football to me your just an average “Joe”.

  5. Marty

    Thanks goodness for a new owner. Management had created this mess.They make stupid decisions that affect the fans and the players that really want to win. They overpaid for a QB that flat out doesn’t have it. Common sense will tell you, that this team is heading for self destruction. Alot of good players know what is going on. They speak their minds and they know whats coming.Before my time, during my time, and after my time—management will never admit a mistake.Weedon did a act with clay pigeons to show his accuracy and speed. We don’t have clay pigeons on the field. Fans for weedon say colt hasn’t the arm for long throwing of a ball. Your knowledge base is what management tells you, and what you seen in the past. The fact is, you seen what management called in plays. Shurmar called for a short passing game for his ego. The offensive line in 2011 struggled with a bad player who is gone,one crippled with injuries, and one that is great that was trying to help others and it cause him to play thin. Dead last in quarterback protection in 2011. You get 1.9 sec. to make a play. was that the fault of the QB. the coach,who called plays because the receivers could get a maximum of 18 yards done field. Maybe because of lack of talent and no depth in the offensive line. Colt can throw the long ball accurite. It is just the fans didn’t see it as much as they should have. Shurmur had made you believe it was colt. The media does what it does best, talk about what is going on. The fact is the fans didn’t like not winning and wanted action. The fans should be ashamed for falling in management ideas. 3rd best offensive line in 2012. With 4.5 sec. of protection. You have to ask yourself can 1.9 sec. make a difference from 4.5 sec. of protection . Can having the heart for the game make a difference. Having a heart for the game can’t be measured, nor can it placed in stats, nor can it be rated. Weedon is what he was in baseball, can fill in, but never a leader.

  6. Anonymous

    McCoy will be good somewhere! That the norm in C-town!

  7. Bill D

    Well I totally agree with you, Weeden sucks and I would love to see McCoy be given a chance. How could he do worse. For those who think arm strength is what makes good quarterbacks, check the history of the NFL and you will be proven wrong. I would much rather have a QB with heart, gives 110% and wants to win at all costs, than a QB with arm strength and no heart.

  8. Tom Wynne

    anyone who thinks Colt McCoy is going to lead the Browns to the promised land is a whack job. You think the Browns gave up on Colt too soon but won’t give Weeden his chance. Sure, Colt might be more accurate…but how many 7-8 yard completions are we talking about….

    • LG

      Weeden now has a .3 yard average advantage over McCoy in 2011 you telling me that is great?

      • Tom Wynne

        a sure TD pass dropped crossing the goal line a few weeks back is the only difference in wins between Weeden and RBGIII. I’m surprised you Colt dreamers aren’t pining for Brady Quinn. Why look back to a time that wasn’t successful?

      • ABrown

        Tom, McCoy’s rookie yards per attempt was 7.1 yards. Weeden’s is only 6.2

        McCoy’s rookie yards per completion was 11.7 yards. Weeden’s is shorter at 11.3 yards.

        McCoy completed 14 passes of 20 yards or more in his first 8 games. Weeden has completed 3 less than MCCoy during his first 8 games.

        McCoy earned a respectable passer rating and Total Quarterback rating as a rookie. But Weeden is rated last, 32nd in passer rating and 34th out of 34 in the Total QB Rating system.

        McCoy and Weeden both won only 2 of their first 8 games, but McCoy beat two of the most powerful teams in the league, one the reigning Super Bowl Champion, while Weeden beat the Bengals and Chargers, ranked something like 21st and 26th in the league.

        And finally, in beating New England in his 3rd game as a rookie, McCoy’s play was rated one of the ten best out of 512 quarterback performances in 2010.

        Only 2 rookie quarterbacks have played that well in their rookie season — Matt Ryan and Colt McCoy. This year Andrew Luck and RGIII have a chance of joinging Ryan and McCoy in that elite group.

        McCoy beat Weeden in preseason. He beat him in rookie stats. And while Weeden has trouble making plays when the game is on the line, McCoy excels in those clutch moments.

    • ABrown

      Shurmur, not the Browns, “gave up on” McCoy because he needed a scape goat for his abysmal coaching in 2011. And your post is evidence of just how many people Shurmur fooled.

      Who do you really think brought “dink and dunk” to Cleveland? Certainly not McCoy! Didn’t you see all those 2 and 3 yard passes Weeden is throwing this year, including yeasterday?

      How gullible can anyone be? But I’ve got a bridge for sale in Brooklyn that you’d love.

  9. Scott

    Another wacked out article. Yeah – Shurmer is gone but anyone with half a brain can see that this team is better than we’ve seen in at least the past 5 years. The pieces are getting there. Most games are close and teh “D” is solid. With respect to the Weeden situation, quarterback shufflers never succeed and McCoy had his chances. Come on Weeden is a rookie and at times has played as well if not better than Luck, Tannenhill and Griffith III. LG: I know you have wood for Weeden – tone it down a little.

    • LG

      The three guys you talk about all have more wins than Brandon Weeden. Anyone can see the guy don’t have the heart to be a champion, at least not yet…

    • ABrown

      Scott, Weeden is the lowest rated quarterback in the NFL on both major quarterback rating systems.
      And he is considered the one first round qb who isn’t working out. The other 3 you named are playing great, not just for rookies either, and their ratings reflect that.

      Don’t be fooled by Shurmur’s recent interview and rigged stats claiming that Weeden ranks close to these other guys.

  10. kw

    For people who are weeden fans are morons. This kid cracked under pressure in college and he is still doing the same. We need to give colt another chance because he never had a running game like this, a offensive line who is haveing a great year and also more weapons on offenisve. Weeden is a dud and will be for the rest of his football career.

  11. Bob

    Weeden = Jack of all trades. Master of NONE.

    He’s like a 7-12 year old who tries a different sport every season, which is normal for a 7-12 year old.

  12. Marty

    First of all I don’t hate Weedon.To hate is a ugly word.In personel life he might be a great guy. He is trying to find hisself. He wasn’t the ball player he thought he was. He tried football and had some success in it. When you move to the NFL, you play with the top 1% of atheletes.He doesn’t have the reactionary type of mind.He doesn’t have the heart for the game. How do you train to have heart, what do you have to do to get heart. There is nothing that you can do to obtain it. Either you have it or don’t. Your adrenilan kicks in, and you react. How can that be taught.Everyone loves a winner, nobody cares for a loser. For those that remember Archie Manning. He never took the saints anywhere, but when he played, he played with heart.Younger generation, its nice to see a sky doggie, a bomb, a long throw. When you see someone try to make something out of nothing, run and get slammed to get that extra yard. You can say that man is stupid. Throw the ball away, run out of bounds. He blames hisself instead of others thats having heart and love for the game.Cleveland doesn’t have the depth at positions.When it comes to evaluate the problems, good teams address the problem and draft or go after free agency. You don’t draft to make a point. You made a ass out me, now I’ll make a ass out of you.Is that the attitude you want out of management. Or its better to draft by need and not by the best available at the time.

  13. longhaul

    tom wynne… are u smokin something? weeden couldnt lead a horse to water. i will give you credit he does have a strong arm. but has no clue were the ball is going to end up when he does throw it

    • Tom Wynne

      and once again…when he does hit them in the hands…its 50-50 that they hold onto it. Its like watching Braylon all over again…

      • LG

        Well Tom, when you hit them in the hands you’re right it could be a crap shoot, but when you cannot hit the side of a barn you have no chance and that is what we saw Sunday. Weeden is not the accurate passer we were led to believe he was….

        • Tom Wynne

          i think a decade of inept play calling and offensive creativity has caused Browns fans to want to pull the trigger too quickly. The defense hasn’t been as good this year…the secondary(besides Haden and Ward) is porous at best. The receivers haven’t helped…the first and ten hand-off up the middle is setting up a very predictable second down pass(doesn’t help Weeden)…the offense is lame and boring. Do you think we’d be 6-3 with Peyton Manning???

          • ABrown

            Yep, Tom, with Peyton Manning we’d definitely be winning. There’s plenty of time for any QB to survey the field and throw. Peyton could pick defenses apart with that.

            He’d work with the receivers until they got in synch, and they WOULD catch the ball for him.

            But there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that Peyton Manning would play for an idiot like Pat Shurmur.

  14. ABrown

    Could Weeden be the next Chris Weinke?

    Both professional BASEBALL PLAYERS who played 6 years in the minor league. They both decided to leave baseball and go to college to play football.

    Weinke played QB at Florida State; Weeden at played QB at Oklahoma State. Both were very successful. In the National Championship game Weinke beat Michael Vick, who would be the 1st overall pick in the draft. In a BCS game, Weeden beat Andrew Luck, who would be the 1st overall pick in the draft.

    They both turned 29 in their first season (2001 and 2012). They have similar COMPLETION percentages — 54.3 and 55.1

    They both have rookie similar PASSER RATINGS in the 60′s– 62 and 67. They both threw more INTs than TDs and they DIDN’T WIN many games.

    They were Top 10 in the League in the Same Categories:

    Pass Attempts — 8th and 3rd

    Passes Intercepted — 7th and 2nd

    Pass Attempts per GAme — 36 and 37 att for 2nd and 9th place.

    and Sack % (for lowest percentage of sacks) — 4.59% (7th) and 4.09% (4th).

    Neither made the top 10 in Completions.

    After the 1st year, Weinke became a back-up and is no longer in the league.

    • Bob

      EXCELLENT Comparison!!

      • ABrown

        Thanks, Bob. The similarities are amazing.

        • ABrown

          Bob, here’s a really good measure of success in the NFL from Jimmy Johnson:

          “Success in the NFL is not who makes great plays, but who makes the FEWEST BAD PLAYS.”

          That’s a great way to explain the problem with Weeden — far too many bad plays, especially when we need a play that works.

  15. Tom Wynne

    Weeden threw for over 4000 yards 2 yrs in a row at Oklahoma State with completion pecentages of 66% and 72%(one year with a ruptured tendon on his throwing thumb)…for those who question his accuracy. Kurt Warner(age 28)…Roger Staubach(age 27) when they started their careers…for those who challenge his age…and if you look at the negative scouting reports coming out of college regarding inability to roll out of the pocket /make throws off his back foot…they wrote THE EXACT THING about a guy out of Michigan who now plays in New England…

    • LG

      2 things Tom, first this isn’t college this is the Pros. Colt McCoy was one of the best in College. Secondly Brandon Weeden is by no way a Kurt Warner….Warner had guts Weeden is afraid to take the hits, Warner seemed to hit back too….

    • ABrown

      Tom, Brady THRIVED in the NFL. Weeden is sinking in the deep water.

  16. ABrown

    Tom made me think of some other ways Weinke and Weeden are alike. They were both very successful in college, as I mentioned.

    But Weinke won the Heisman, the Davy O’Brien, the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm, and the Sammy Baugh awards.

    He also set NCAA records for most passing yards (over 4000 in a single season), passing efficiency (2nd all time) and TD passes (2nd all time).

    But he didn’t have the same success in the NFL.

  17. ABrown

    Try to catch “A Football Life” on the NFL channel tonight. It’s about Jimmy Johnson’s incredible coaching career.

    Michael Irvin talked about Johnson as an incredible leader and motivator, and remembered what he said when he came to the Cowboys:

    “I don’t need any friends. I need WINS! If you’re not going to help me win, then get out of here!”

    It’s a great story.


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