Jason Campbell sees himself as the Browns starting quarterback, not the second string backup to Brandon Weeden. All Campbell has to do, is play it smart throughout training camp and through the preseason. If he does that, Chudzinski has little choice but to name Campbell as the teams starting quarterback.

Campbell should be able to use his 8 years experience in the NFL to beat out Brandon Weeden for the starting job in Cleveland. Campbell had his best season in 2011 as the starter for the Oakland Raiders before going down with a broken collar-bone courtesy of the Cleveland defense.  Before his injury he had a 4-2 record and the Raiders were in contention.

Campbell should be able to use the lessons learned in his 8 year NFL career to best Weeden for the starting job. He is a big man and he is faster than Weeden. Campbell could be more of a complete quarterback the Browns are looking for. Weeden looks like he is afraid out on the field. Campbell will use his speed to buy the Browns offense some extra time to make some plays.

There are very few reasons to keep Weeden as the Browns starter. He has one of the worse T.Q.R.’s in the 2012 season. He has a history of making bad decisions and he led the team to one of the worse records in the red-zone in the history of the team.

It is time for the Cleveland Browns to step up and play like a NFL team. Campbell could help them do it. The most important thing Campbell brings to the Browns, is his want to be a starting NFL quarterback. If he continues to have that want, he should beat Weeden out of the job, hands down. Weeden only brings one thing to Cleveland, a strong-arm. Other than that he has nothing to offer this team.

It shouldn’t take much for Campbell to take over the Browns offense. Weeden hit less than 25% of his passes over 25 yards last season. His accuracy sucked and he had trouble with the touch pass into the corner of the end-zone. Campbell has to be able to do better than that…..

Campbell says; “It’s not about egos and things like that.”   “I’m going to help Brandon as much as possible, but at the same time, I’m going to push him and compete.”

That’s a competition Campbell may very well win.

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