Art Modell  Not going to hall of fameFor each and every one of you Browns fans who still hate the former owner Art Modell who took the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore, you got your wish today. Art Modell will not be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, even though his accomplishments for the game of professional football warranted it.  Cleve-lander Tony Grossi the former plain dealer news paper man who has a personal vendetta against Art Modell went to New Orleans to speak against Modell Gaining entry into the hall of fame. As long as Grossi is a live you can count on him to do what ever possible to block Modell’s induction.

According to a popular Cleveland Radio talk show host Grossi’s hatred of Art Modell stems from an article Grossi ran about the Cleveland Browns that was not true. All Grossi ahd to do at the time was to pick up the phone and verify the facts before running the article but he failed to do so. When Modell and the Browns called the Plain Dealer out over the article, the news paper reprimanded Grossi and removed him from Browns coverage. All this according to a popular Cleveland Radio host. We at CS360 didn’t verify this story but we think this radio host knows the facts.

Grossi also had another run in withe the last owner of the Cleveland Browns that also led to his removal from the Browns beat. This time Grossi left the news paper too. So you can bank on the fact that as long as Grossi is allowed to speak at these Hall OF Fame votes, he won’t be indorsing Art Modell……


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  1. Firestorm

    You sound a little biased with the wording of this story fellow.

    • Firestorm

      If I am not mistaken Grossi had only one vote out of forty six. That would mean that a lot more voters disagreed with your take on Modell deserving to be in the hall. You write like you might be from Baltimore and not as an unbiased reporter.

      • LG

        Grossi is on a mission to keep Modell out of the Hall Of fame for reason’s that are stated in the article . He will tell those other 45 people anything to sway their votes against him.

    • LG

      Not Biased at all just saying he belongs on the hall for what he did for the game of football….

  2. indigo99

    Thank God for Tony Grossi. Art modell ripped the Browns out of Cleveland and the hearts out of Browns fans. What the Ravens are today should be the Browns. We were left with an incompetant new organization under the Lerners. Al Lerner by the way was from Baltimore and helped lure Modell to Baltimore. What was that about? Cleveland fans got screwed twice.
    Maybe when the Browns win the Superbowl Modell should be allowed in the HOF.

  3. RB

    Better get your calendar out and mark it because I happen to agree with LG. Art Modell was a pioneer in NFL marketing and was instrumental bringing Monday Night Football to all football fans. If this were the Cleveland Hall of Fame, failure to get in would be expected, but the Browns leaving Cleveland has no bearing on his contribution to the National Football League.

    Lerners were not inept owners. If you look back at the all the “football” people they hired, 99% percent of the hires were viewed as excellent hires by owners, gm’s and coaches throughout the league.

    The reason the Browns moved to Baltimore instead of being sold to someone in Cleveland is because the Browns weren’t worth the investment to due to the lease he signed with the City of Cleveland. Had the City of Cleveland acted in good faith in providing the Browns with a new stadium and new lease comparable to those provided to the Indians and Cavs, the Browns could have stayed in Cleveland, either with Modell as owner or under new ownership. Blame Modell for signing the lease with the City of Cleveland if you wish, but blame the City of Cleveland for not doing what was needed to keep the Browns from moving.

    • LG

      How about that RB?????

      • John

        The day before Ohio voters approved a new stadium, art announced his move – he refused to wait until the taxpayers (and fans) voted to support his desire fro a new stadium. Did he need to do it ONE DAY before the vote was made? No – he did it for political reasons, figuring it would piss off enough people that they would vote it down, and he could stand up and say “See? I had no choice.”

        Art made a bunch of mistakes, including his unwillingness to take a new stadium in Gateway, and refusing to share suite revenue with the Indians. In the end…he could have waited 24 hours, but perhaps the $50 million payoff from the State of Maryland was just too much. He had every right to do it – he owned the team then. But he treated the fans like crap. And this is the price he is paying.

        “The Browns weren;t worth the investment because of the lease he (Modell) signed with the city.” And that’s the fans fault?

    • Bob

      Good post RB!!!!

    • blackflag

      RB – corporate capitalism…that’s what its called when government pays to build something for someone who can do it themselves. just look at nationwide arena in columbus. even after voters rejected it, the city still gave the nhl investors prime real estate for pennies on the dollar and exempted them from property taxes for decades.

      then the mayor jumped ship and became…a lobbyist for nationwide. go figure.

      in cleveland, should the tax payers really have funded a stadium when the city council is decrepit and inept? the school system has been in bankruptcy for decades? etc etc

      just look at the sweetheart deal taxpayers did get:

      they built a stadium
      they can use the stadium 4 times of year but have to get approval from the nfl before they can use it

      tell me, whose money built it? who owns it?

      this is as bad as alabama building an estimated $9 mil gym to be used only by the athletes and paid for by whom…and then we cry about why the cost of education keeps going.

      i’m a browns fan, love sports, etc etc but tax payers should not be footing the cost for millionaire owners and players. stepping off the soap box now

  4. Bob

    Time to BLOCK Grossi. Grossi is a tool. He is an irresponsible national enquirer sports reporter who stirs trouble at times. This guy can not take criticism, but loves to give is and he’s mean about it. For example, if someone goes on twitter and writes something against him he blocks them soviet style. No joke this is true. Note that LG does not block his critics. He debates toe to toe and even admits when he’s wrong.

    Hey Grossi – Who is in the Super Bowl today????? lol . Even Jim Brown said this weekend for the Brown fans (also means you Grossi) to get over “The Move” Grossi needs to grow up and stop focusing on Art Modell and focus on trying to not be biased. He needs to focus on learning to write articles that people will respect. Not National Enquirer stirring the pot nonsense stories. I agree with Brown. Heck it’s almost 20 years ago and there is still nothing any Brown player our small time reporter can do about it. Remember Modell OWNED the team, not the fans. I know that’s hard for some fans, but Browns fans should actually be thankful that they did get a team back.

    • Bob

      Forgot to proof. My bad. I wrote ” still nothing any Brown player our small time reporter can do about it.”

      Meant ” still nothing any Brown’s fan or small time reporter can do about it.

  5. Bob

    So here is an example of typical Grossi and his type of reporting:

    In my opinion, Grossi is part of the problem of setting the tone for Cleveland fans wanting a new QB all the time He is also a trouble making reporter who creates the stories instead of reports on them. In an article last year (see he wrote, “I like Colt McCoy. I’ve made no secrets about that. I think he’s a wonderful young man, and a good football player. And if you are asking me to say was it fair last year? He had a tough go and he didn’t get as much help as I thought he was going to get. But heck, that’s football.” “Thanks for the effort.” “Next.” (BTW – I have seen his writing and I don’t think he likes McCoy.)

    SO, if you go see the article, his first line out he writes, “So long, Colt: “That’s football.” ” He goes on acknowledging how Colt had a bad supporting cast (eg. dropping passes, no running game, etc… ) but basically kicks McCoy to the curb.

    Now how is an athlete suppose to like Cleveland when Cleveland reporters like Grossi kicks them to the curb when circumstances are not their fault? Reporters like him poison fans’ minds against good players, coaches, etc… . Maybe this may be among many reasons some athletes don’t want to play in Cleveland. Not a major reason, but this type of reporting is irresponsible.

    Now here’s the kicker. This guy Grossi writes a couple of days ago, “Weeden only had one year as a rookie. Nobody can make a sound judgment on a player after one year – and his wasn’t even all that bad. I’m always going to call them the way I see them.” (

    So let me get this straight. As I stated above, Grossi acknowledges how Colt had a bad supporting cast (eg. dropping passes, no running game, etc… ), but basically kicks McCoy to the curb. But then he supports Weeden, who had a supporting cast, an actual full season and a proper training camp as a starter? He supports Weeden, who needs help from his wife with the playbook, has wide open receivers, has poor accuracy, stands there like a statue, has almost 9 seconds of protection to throw the ball and has constant media blunders? Did Grossi even watch RG3, Luck or Russell Wilson this year? All rookies leading their team to the playoffs? Did he not see that the season was thrown out the window so Weeden can learn? This is the NFL not training school.

    And I agree that Modell belongs in the Hall also.

  6. John

    “We at CS360 didn’t verify this story but we think this radio host knows the facts.”

    So let me get this straight…

    you’re criticizing Tony for not verifying a story, and then acknowledge you did the exact same thing when writing this article, and somehow it’s OK for you to do it, but no one else should.

    At least you admit your hypocrisy.

    • LG

      John, I didn’t publish an article about the Browns that was totally un true the way Grossi did to get himself in trouble….

  7. tigersbrowns2

    as much as modell is villified by browns fans , he WILL end-up in the HOF. he was a big pioneer on tv promotion & monday night football.

    didn’t it take parcells 4 times to get in ??

    • Bob

      Yes TB2. He will and he should. People like Grossi & other Plain Dealer reporters who want to keep “The move” or “Why we hate Modell” stories up do it because they want to create controversy or because they can’t let go. They act like someone who just got dumped by their girlfriend or boyfriend who can’t move on to a successful relationship because of their “Unhealthy” obsession with the person they were dumped by.


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