There is no doubt, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III has a mess on his hands. The loyal fans are starting to lose their faith in the new front office and ownership.

They see the team as the same old Browns and nothing pisses Haslam off more than that. Now with the mess that Devone Bess is creating for himself, Bruce Hooley from ESPN Cleveland thinks, Haslam could save face by firing Michael Lombardi.

Why fire Lombardi? Hooley says Lombardi is the man responsible for bringing Bess to Cleveland and paying him 11 million dollars. If Hooley would have paid attention to the new ownership in Cleveland, he would realize that all the people at the top of the organization have to agree on any moves to bring players into Cleveland.

At least that is what the new ownership said in one of their first PC’s after Haslam hired Banner and Lombardi. SO he is an idea, why not fire the whole front office, including Joe Banner and Jimmy Haslam III.

Who knows how long Haslam has left to run the team. We are still waiting to see if Haslam is going to face a federal indictment over the Pilot Flying J scandal.

If Haslam does get indicted, he said his father would run the team. This has to be better than having Jimmy Haslam III in charge. After all, it was Haslam’s father who built the empire Haslam III is helping to destroy.

It happens many times when an owners son takes over the family business. They think they know it all only to prove they don’t. There are two kinds of bosses sons.

The one people look at and think the a$$ hole is only working there because his father owned the company. Or the one who really knows what’s going on and people respect him because of his expertise.

I think we are quickly realizing which owners son Jimmy Haslam III is. Look at the mess the Cleveland Browns are faced with.

Should the team fire Lombardi for the Bess mess? Only time will tell. But if you go back to the beginning of the new ownership, you would realize they all are supposed to agree on what players to bring to Cleveland.

I say fire Banner and Lombardi and then have Jimmy Haslam III turn the team over to his father. This way, Browns fans could have a chance to see a winning team.

If you want to read the Hooley story, click here.

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Readers Comments (3)

  1. Micah

    Funny how everyone thought the signing of Bess was a great move at the time now you want to blame Lombardi for his meltdown ??? Every week you guys come on the radio and flip flop one minute you down then next you’re not maybe you should be fired from 850 instead #dontknowjack

  2. Buckeye1717

    I don’t think you know what the word “reporting” means.

  3. jackrabbit21

    1. Fire Banner then maybe a decent coach will take the job. Chud was never the answer, just a quick choice when the team did not get Chip Kelly. Did you see how even the Panthers did better without Chud this year? Did you see how the Cardinals did better without Horton? Did you see how the Chargers did better without Norv?

    2. If Manziel is drafted by the Browns, watch him be like Eli Manning & John Elway and refuse to play for the team. Manziel saw how the team stabbed fellow Texan Colt McCoy in the back after the Harrison hit and then bringing in Weeden. Johnny Football has no reason to trust the Browns organization. Would you? Russell Wilson who is 3 inches shorter then Colt McCoy is Super Bowl bound because he had a better organization and coaches that SUPPORTED HIM. I bet if Colt was under better coaching and ownership this Browns team would have made the playoffs. Oh well. Run, Johnny Run! Stay away from this team!!!

    3. Joe Haden will go to another team and wipe his tears away.

    Big mistake was drafting Richardson with his bad knee. Biggest mistake of all was drafting Brandon Weeden and then allowing Weeden to start another game after his first game against the Eagles.

    Be careful Cleveland. If you don’t go to the games, Haslam may take them to another city.


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