When the Cleveland Browns, brought Paul Kruger to the team from the Baltimore Ravens, they gave him a contract worth a lot of money. The team also guaranteed $20 million guaranteed.

Now with the NFL draft only weeks away, some are wondering if the Browns will go after Jadaveon Clowney or Khalil Mack . The team is stuck with Kruger, does this mean they won’t draft one of these two big-play makers?

The Browns still have a little over 30 million in cap space. They will pay Kruger $7 million base salaries for 2014 and 2015 . This money is fully guaranteed to Kruger, so even if the Browns wanted to replace him, they are stuck paying him the money.

Does this mean Clowney or Mack are out of the Browns draft day picture? No, it doesn’t. If the team wanted to take one of these players, they could do it. The Browns have the money to spend and if they choose to do it they could.

The question would become what to do with Kruger. Did he live up to his potential last season?

Paul Kruger did what most guys do who come from Super Bowl winning teams. His production was down. He had 4-1/2 sacks which was only half of his total from 2012. He made 26 tackles which was only 4 less than he had in Baltimore and he had 21 assists which was almost double of what he did with the Ravens a year earlier.

Does that make Kruger worth the 40 million dollars the Browns paid him? No, Kruger was brought in the get to the quarterback. The Browns defense as a whole, didn’t live up to their potential last season.

The team lost some heart breakers last season, and you didn’t hear Kruger’s name being called late in the game making game changing plays. Was he worth the money? It sure doesn’t look like it from where I’m sitting.

Lets not forget, Kruger wasn’t an every play line-backer in Baltimore. He was a specialist and the Browns tried to change that role and the experiment didn’t seem to work.

If the Cleveland Browns want to build a better mouse trap with their defense, they have to seriously consider a big play-maker in the up coming draft. Clowney of Mack would make a difference on the Browns defense.

The Cleveland Browns can’t let the money owed to Kruger, stop them from looking at either guy in the draft. You take the best player with the pick you have. If Mack or Clowney are there, the Browns have to seriously consider taking one of them.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. John

    I’ll bite, Utah Krueger didn’t live up to what we expected from him when we overpaid for his services. But let’s see if Pettine’s scheme works better for him. If not then they’ll have a decision to be made on him next year. As far as Mack is concerned, he’s my choice with the #4 pick. He’ll be a playmaker, and looks as though he can play inside along side of Dansby and learn from him. Those that disagree will tout the account of dollars we have toured up in the front seven, but that’s what’s most important on the defensive side of the ball … IMHO.

  2. Chris

    Clowney is a bust just like this article.


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