Jimmy Haslam III, just hired a guy out of Major League Baseball. The Cleveland Browns just hired Paul DePodesta. He is a baseball executive with 20 years of major league experience.

DePodesta will be the teams "New" chief strategy officer. That's right folks, the Cleveland Browns hired a baseball guy to come in and become the teams new strategy officer.

He has no NFL experience, and he has never worked a day in his life, for an NFL football team. Haslam hired him anyway. Why, it has to do with numbers that's why. Haslam is a guy who loves numbers.

He loves them so much, he might even break the law at times to make his numbers look better. That's exactly what he was accused of doing with his Pilot Flying J truck stop company.

He thought the average trucker was too stupid to realize, he or she were being scammed out of their fuel rebates. At least that's the way the documents described what was taking place within Pilot Flying J.

No I'm left wondering why this guy would buy the Cleveland Browns. It's more than obvious he knows nothing about running or building an NFL team. But you can bet your last dollar Haslam III, knew how to read a spread sheet.

He probably looked at the financials from the Lerner family, and saw the Cleveland Browns were a money-making opportunity.  After all, Randy Lerner could put a crappy product on the field year after year, and the Browns would still sell out the stadium.

There is no one currently in the Browns front office that has the experience to build a football team folks. You can bet the front office is full of people who can boost Haslam's bottom line.

Otherwise they wouldn't be there. Haslam is in this for the money. He didn't learn anything about building a football team while he was a minority owner with the Steelers.

You would have thought the guy would have picked up something while he spent time with the Steelers, but he didn't.

Now he is starting over for the 3rd time in Cleveland, he raised the price of the tickets last season, and he put a lesser product on the field and he was able to get away with it much in the same way he has escaped going to jail in the Pilot Flying J rebate scam.

He just might think the average Cleveland Browns fan is too dumb to see the difference. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, Haslam and his family is still making tons of money off the team, and the fans........

When is this going to turn around?

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