Bobby Friend Nest Cleveland Sports 360 ShowThe Cleveland Browns just picked up the teams second win in a row despite a host of mistakes by Cleveland Corner-Back Buster Skrine. The one mistake that Skrine made that was completely UN-called for was his hit on a defenseless kick return man who was calling for a fair catch. Correct me if I am wrong, I thought they taught players in high school or even Jr. high school not to hit a return man who is calling for a fair catch.  Obviously Skrine didn’t learn that lesson.

After our brief Browns game recap we will be talking MMA fighting with one of Cleveland’s own MMA fighters. Booby Friend will be our in-house guest talking about the MMA and the UFC. Friend has fought in the steal cage and he will shed some light about what it takes to be an MMA fighter. Friend also teaches MMA conditioning at Elevated Fitness in Strongsville, Ohio.

Hey, if you have the ambition to become a MMA fighter or you simply want to know how these guys get ready for a fight give Bobby Friend a call while he is on the show. The Number to dial is 216-672-4300 and you can view the show live on 

The Cleveland Sports 360 show starts at 7:00p.m. this Monday night and you sure don’t want to miss this episode. Be sure to log on to catch this weeks edition of the Cleveland Sports 360 show with your Host “LG” The Voice of Cleveland Sports.  





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Readers Comments (12)

  1. muttklingon

    SKRINE wasnot able to stop .! i saw it the hit win skrine run in kick returner

    • LG

      He is suppose to be a pro, He gets paid to play football he has to be able to avoid costly plays….

  2. RICK

    LG, yea they teach it but it still happens alot in the pros and college. Skrine has struggled when he has started at cornerback with stupid penalties (definately not the quality of Haden) but has played fairly well in the nickle and dime defences.

    • LG

      He is a make it or break it type player he got busted a lot in Dallas with stupid Penalties too…You can’t hit a guy who is calling for a fair catch. The Browns cannot give out 15 yards all the time one day it is going to burn badly….

  3. RICK

    lG, I believe that is one area that will covered in the draft. The Browns need some more help at CB. Brown doesn’t have the speed now and the young guys haven’t proved they can step in yet as we seen while Haden was out.

    • LG

      I do think you are right Rick…Brown played very well yesterday though. Surprised me…

  4. isitnextyear

    Buster is a joke. It is stupid plays like that fair catch fiasco, that cost this team games. If he does that bone headed play and picks off the next pass then all is forgotten, instead he continually is out of position and overmatched all over the field. Sheldon Brown pulled a game out of his you know what yesterday, otherwise it is him who constantly blows coverages. I just don’t get it, these jokers are way over paid to be underachievers. Luckily for us the Raiders didn’t want to win the game and handed it back to us. Haslam and Banner hopefully invested in a lot of pink slips.

  5. Wane

    maybe it’s time to give rookie Travin Wade a shot out there? better yet,
    maybe we should convert Josh Cribbs to that position. Cribbs is third on the WR chart and has already had to many concusions to be playing WR.

  6. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … it appeared skrine was on a line to go just to the returner’s left & after the returner waived for a fair catch he moved to his left directly into skrine’s path … no doubt a bad play by skrine though.

    he was awful in the dallas game … for the life of me i do not understand why defensive backs are taught to watch the receiver the whole way & then try to swat the ball away at the last second … if the pass is short , the receiver stops & there’s usually a penalty on the db for not looking back for the ball.

    i would be coaching db’s to LOOK FOR THE BALL … more plays will be made on the ball this way , either swatting the pass away or intercepting it.

    and you are right , sheldon brown had a fantastic game sunday.

    i imagine the browns will be picking somewhere around 6 -10 in the upcoming draft … i would love to see notre dame LB te’o in a browns uniform … but , cornerback should be a high priority in the upocoming draft or free agency.

    have a good one.

    • LG

      You’re right you look for the ball most of the time you avoid the penalty

  7. Leon II

    An upgrade at CB is must in free agency or the draft this year. Skrine may have a future in the nickel or dime package but I think that is his ceiling.

    • LG

      I thought we Should have taken Calibrone in the past draft….We would really have some defense then


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