Kip WatsonBrandon Weeden comes from a failed Major League Baseball career into the N.F.L.. It takes a proper brain code to compete in the National Football League and become the leader of men that a N.F.L. quarterback needs to be. This Monday night at 7:00pm hear it first hand from Anne ‘Kip’ Rodgers Watson. Who is Kip Watson  you wonder? Kip is someone who works with professional sports teams to do in depth analysis on players for different sports teams around the United States including those teams of the N.F.L.. Kip can perform a series of tests that measure one’s abilities to compete on the highest level in professional sports. Kip Watson has the credentials to take a in depth look at players abilities and tell you if that player can succeed on the highest level with a certain amount of accuracy.

Weeden who comes from a failed professional sporting career into the NFL could have suffered some damage to his mental capacity. Just think what it does to one’s ego when you fail at the highest level of competition. Nobody likes being told they are not good enough to succeed at something.  This Monday night on the Cleveland Sports 360 Show we will be joined Live on the set live by Kip Watson who is the owner and founder of Neurosport. Kip has taken an in depth look at professional athletes for years. She has a way of telling by their performances on the field if they are going to be great or just average. Although Kip hasn’t sat down with Brandon Weeden we plan on getting her opinion on the Browns starting quarterback Brandon Weeden. Also we will be asking her what it does to someones mental capacity when you are let go from the highest level of sports because you just couldn’t cut it.

If you would like to know more about the credentials Anne “Kip” Rodgers Watson Brings to the table for this addition of the Cleveland Sports 360 Show, have a look at this page at Psychology Today where you can have a look at some of Kips qualifications. Because Kip Watson is a licensed practitioner in this field we ask you not to take any of her advice as a medical treatment this show is just to inform our viewers of  our opinions as to how people will perform on the highest level of competition and should not be used as medical advice. You can click the link above and get all of Kip Watson’s personnel contact information should you want to get your own assessment.

So be sure to log onto the Cleveland Sports 360 Show Monday night at 7:00pm to see what a professional qualified practitioner thoughts are when it comes to the future of the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback Brandon Weeden Only on .  Maybe you have some questions you would like to ask Kip, the number to dial is 216-672-4300 feel free to call in and ask away.

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Readers Comments (10)

  1. RB

    Does she have any tests to determine if people who think they’re writers will continue to perform at a less than acceptable level. My guess is not since she’s no more qualified to evaluate you than she is Weeden.

    I viewed her “qualifications” on Psychology Today. It’s basically written by her as an attempt to solicit business. I didn’t see anything anywhere that she works or has worked with the NFL.

    Her certification is Type Resources/MBTI, which is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Bottom line, she is a Certified Personal Trainer American Council on Exercise. That doesn’t make her more qualified than anyone else in evaluating Brandon Weeden’s mental state or whether or not he will succeed in the NFL.

    To the sponsors of Cleveland Sports 360, can’t you get someone who talk about something other than Shurmur or Weeden?

    • LG

      You should have watched last weeks show RB, we talked about granting wishes for kids and we talked about the Cleveland Cavaliers too….As far as Kip Goes she has lots of experience with the NFL be sure to call her tomorrow in the show and ask her personally 216-672-4300 from 7-8 pm Anne “Kip” Watson, Owner, NeuroSport

      MA, LPC, CPT, Owner & Founder, NeuroSport; Sports Psych Consultant and Therapist at Frisco Counseling and Wellness

  2. mike mayer

    Miss Watson is a LPC but thats about it..Although Weeden might benefit from some sports psychology counseling, He didn`t seem to need it at Oklahoma State although i agree this is an entirely different level. So if he needs help in this area he should see a psychologist (PhD)Maybe she could help him..but asking her “expert opinion” is really not much of a indication that she knows anything except how to give a personality test and counseling.

  3. TMoss

    I can’t believe I read this garbage. You got real mental issues with Weeden.

    • LG

      Hey TMoss, I got real mental issues with losing. Weeden doesn’t do any better than McCoy…..Period

  4. Len

    I think it’s time to leave Pat Shurmur and Brandon Weeden alone for the time being. How come you haven’t bad-mouthed Dick Jauron yet? I think he is the reason for the Browns’ demise this year. I don’t think Jauron is serious about all the defensive penalties that obviously cost most of the games that the Browns should have won. The Browns lost by penalties giving the opposing team advantage to score more than the Browns and cause them to lose.
    Fire Dick Jauron first, not Pat Shurmur.

    • ABrown

      Hey, Len, you don’t want to read about Shurmur or Weeden? Find that post from a few months ago about uniforms and read that, or bedwetters or burning Big Ben in effigy. Those are the kind of topics you would like, I guess.

      As far as attacking the Defense this week, someone would have to be seriously deluded to not understand that the Defense won that game for the Browns. Eight turnovers and short fields like from the 10? Incredible performance, especially when the offense could hardly convert on 3rd down the whole day.

      I guess you would rather not talk about Weeden because there isn’t that much good to say, but he’s the QB and there’s a spotlight that goes with the position.

      • ABrown

        My comment is about the Pittsburgh game.

  5. muttklingon

    u no weeden didn’t loose the game to the cowboys?. the browns as a team lost the the cowboys ?

    • LG

      Weeden failed to move the Cleveland Browns into field goal range for the entire 3rd quarter. If the team could have at least got a filed goal in the 3rd they might have won the game….


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