The Cleveland Browns have a head coach that seems to be in love with the idea of naming the starting Q.B. in Cleveland.   Think about it, Shurmur continues to say "I want to name the Starter Sooner than later".  I can understand Shurmur doesn't want the Quarterback situation to become a distraction. What I can't understand is how he can even think about naming the Starting Q.B. before the Browns play a couple of per-season games.

What the Browns do in practice is one thing, what the team does in game time situations is another thing completely different.  If anyone should know this fact it should be Head Coach Pat Shurmur. How many times did we hear Shurmur tell the fans and the Media what a great week of practice the team had only to see them lose on Sunday?  I can recall at least 12 times last season. I know  Weeden is taller,  has a stronger arm and he could be more accurate than Colt McCoy.  What I don't know is how Weeden is going to react in-game time conditions.

Pat Shurmur Starting QBFor Shurmur to think about naming his starting quarterback  until he sees how the team plays in per-season  has to be crazy. It is almost like he thinks the Browns really become his team if he hurries to name the starter.  Some good advice would be, don't put the cart before the horse Pat Shurmur. Take a couple of weeks and make a smart choice and base it on game time decision-making and completed passes.

Don't be in a hurry to just name a starter and not really know if you are putting the guy in harm's way. The fans in Cleveland have seen this take place sixteen times before over the past thirteen years.  While we realize you have only been here for one year, we ask you to take the time necessary to make a good choice. The fans deserve it, so don't blow it..... Oh yeah Coach, one more thing. If you make the wrong choice and the Browns suck this season because of it, you will become the most hated man in Cleveland. It happened before and the guys name was Bill Belichick. I am not saying it is the right thing to do, but that's the Cleveland Fans....

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