When the Cleveland Browns hired Michael Lombardi as the teams new G.M. this year, many Browns fans were in shock. Now with the NFL draft just a day away, some are wondering what kind of tricks Lombardi will have up his sleeve this year.

Lombardi could hold the record for making one of the all time worse selections in NFL draft history. He is the guy who picked, JaMarcus Russell, as the QB, for the Oakland Raiders, using the  No. 1 pick overall in 2007. Lombardi has never lived that moment in history down. Russell isn’t even playing football these days and is still hunting for a team to play for.

There are all kinds of rumors circulating this year about who Cleveland will take with their 6th pick. There are even rumors saying the Browns would be willing to trade down if they could get more picks. The one thing people are not saying much about is the fact that Joe Banner hides Lombardi in the Browns offices and doesn’t let him talk to the Cleveland media.

People are wondering what the Browns are going to do come Thursday night and they wonder how much pull the team is letting Lombardi have in the 2013 NFL draft. They are hoping he doesn’t pull another move like the one he did when he drafted JaMarcus Russell in the 2007 NFL draft.


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Readers Comments (7)

  1. Joel McClurg

    If memory serves me correctly, there was a long line of GMs standing in line to take JaMarkus Russell; Mike just happened to be at the front of the line that year. Since we are one day away from our first pick, why don’t we just wait until Thursday evening and find out?

    • S Heath

      People need to stop with blaming Lombardi for anything in Oakland if you have half an NFL thought in your head you should know the secretaries can’t mail a letter without Al Davis’s approval I commend Lombardi for taking it on the chin for Davis’s decision

  2. Manson

    Where’s Mike Junkin?

    • LG

      He probably hanging out in a meat market somewhere. That’s what a Mad Dog in a meat market does after football……LOL

  3. Big Duke

    Does JaMarcus Russell have a younger brother? If yes, someone should forward his bio to Lombardi asap so he can draft him this year.

    • LG

      LOL, that is hilarious Big Duke…..

  4. Russell

    Like everything else “Cleveland” likes to stir up the past and surface things that are negative or in the past? Let it go Cleveland and forget about Brian Sipe, the Cardiac Kids, Cosar, LeBron, and concentrate on the future for your team, and also be factual.

    The other reader is correct, Mike Lombardi did nothing without Al Davis saying it was ok? Al Davis picked LaMarus not Mike Lombardi, get serious and know football.


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