Weeden Banner profileBrandon Weeden is the furthest thing away from the type of quarterback that Joe Banner likes. In his 19 year career with the Eagles Banner had some quarterbacks that could move to extend plays with their feet. Weeden is not a mobile quarterback. He doesn't run well at all. Through the 19 year history in Philadelphia Joe Banner always had a guy that could scramble for the most part. Take a look at some of the names he had as the Eagles starting quarterbacks. Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, Randall Cunningham and a few others.  You'll notice all these guys could move and they had hundreds of rushing yards for the Eagles as well as a ton of passing yards.

Banner did have one or two guys who couldn't run like some on this list, if you look at the history, they didn't last long. Most of the guys Joe Banner had at the Q.B. spot could run like a running back. The Browns drafted Weeden who has done a fine job showing he could throw the ball. The Problem for Weeden is he just might not fit the profile Joe Banner likes to see from one of his quarterbacks. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall to hear some of the conversations that take place between Banner and new team owner Jimmy Haslam.

When the Browns played the Eagles this season for their opening game of the regular season, Haslam made a comment that the Browns needed a quarterback after the game. Of course this was Weeden's first game in the NFL and he set a record for sucking on opening day. He has been much improved since and continues to make moves towards getting better. The Browns front office didn't know the team would be sold when they picked Weeden in the draft and knowing the profile of the quarterbacks that Joe Banner likes wasn't a consideration at that point.

There has been talk about Haslam's like for Colt McCoy and I just wonder if Banner had something to do with that. McCoy was the leading rusher all four years he played in Texas and Banner likes a guy that can run with the football. This has nothing to do with Weeden being better than McCoy or McCoy being better than Weeden folks. So before you start bashing me as a Weeden hater, go look at the history of the Eagles Q.B.'s under the Banner watch. You will see first hand that Brandon Weeden doesn't really fit the Banner profile of a quarterback.....

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