Brandon Weeden  to be evaluated by Mike Lombardi The worst possible thing just happened to Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden. Jimmy Haslam III and Joe Banner named Michael Lombardi the teams new General Manager. First on Lombardi’s plate is the evaluation of Weeden. The last Cleveland quarterback that Lombardi evaluated was Bernie Kosar. DO you remember what the results of that evaluation were? Lombardi and Bill Belichick came out and said Kosar who won in Cleveland was suffering from what they termed diminishing skills. Are you kidding me? That led to the benching of Bernie Kosar and started an up-roar against then Browns head coach Belichick. If that is what came out of Lombari’s evaluation of the great Bernie Kosar what can we expect from his evaluation of Brandon Weeden?

Weeden led the Browns to 5 wins and 10 losses during his rookie season. He threw more interceptions than touchdowns and continued to show he doesn’t have good decision making qualities to be an elite NFL Q.B.. Weeden folds under pressure and he can’t complete the easy pass play with regularity. Weeden doesn’t have the accuracy that the former Browns front office said he had.

Weeden’s lack of mobility also presents a problem in today’s NFL. The guy has 2 left feet when it comes to running. He finished the 2012 with a 26.1 T.B.R.. How can Lombardi suggest keeping a guy who played this poorly when he is the guy behind the benching of Kosar? Nothing good can possibly come out of Lombardi’s evaluation of Weeden. The Browns front office doesn’t have the same respect for Weeden that the former front office had.

Brandon Weeden’s days as the Browns starting quarterback could be over before the 2013 season gets underway. Lombardi has already made statements in National T.V. that he didn’t think Weeden fits what the Browns want to do. With that being said is it possible to dump Weeden and get something they could use in the up-coming draft to improve the teams defense? It won’t take long for Lombardi’s evaluation of Weeden to be known. He already has a predetermined notion that Weeden is not right for the Cleveland Browns. It will nonetheless be interesting to hear what he has to say now that he is the Browns General Manager.

How do you think this is going to turn out for Brandon Weeden? Please let us know what you think, leave your comments below…..

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  1. RB

    Hey LG. I have no idea what to think. Lombardi gave the Browns a C on their last draft, including the use of a 2nd round pick in the supplemental draft.

    I didn’t want Lombardi, and I think the Brown’s overall approach to the upcoming draft is scary. During the press conference, they said Haslam, Banner, Lombardi and Chud will be deciding who to draft. If 2 of them want to draft and guy and 2 of them don’t, they said they would most likely pass on the guy and move on to someone else. So looking back at last years draft, 2 of them wanted to draft Luck but didn’t care for RGIII, and the other 2 wanted to draft RGIII, but didn’t care for luck. Based on their logic, they would have passed on both and moved to the next guy on the list. We are so screwed lol.

    It’s my understanding the Chud will have more say on personnel than Lombardi, but that remains to be seen. I don’t believe this is the year to go after the QB in the draft. I think next year would make for sense.

    I’m guessing they’ll let McCoy and Weeden slug it out, along with another QB from outside the Browns family. Maybe they can convince Smith to come our way. Not sure who else they would go after. I guess D Anderson is a possibility, though I believe he is more downside than Weeden. McCoy was better suited for the West Coast. He may be at a disadvantage in the next offense if Chud holds true to his philosophy. I’m not saying McCoy couldn’t do better than Weeden, but I am of the opinion we will be sacrificing the QB position this year in order to wait for more promising talent next year. Unless one of them has a “career year” next season, it is likely neither one of them will be in Cleveland the year after next.

    Have a good evening LG.

    • LG

      I think you may have hit the nail on the head when you said we are screwed RB…..

  2. Clint

    He played like a rookie QB. Disregard the age.
    He doesn’t have good decision making at the moment.. he needs to learn to read defenses better… because he’s a rookie. He as more talent than almost any QB in the league. Believe that. Weeden just needs the football IQ to go with it… so the verdict is still out.

  3. rld77

    In regards to Weeden, ya’ll may be focused on the wrong area. Methinks Chud and Turner will be prime decision makers on how the offense functions. Here’s hoping that the Brown’s organization is now intelligent enough to let the experts do what they do best. Perhaps Lombardi has now learned he needs to value other opinions. Me, I’m a “glass is half” full kind of guy, so I’m looking forward to the kind of success we’ve all been waiting for since Big Daddy Lipscomb told Milt Plum to “send that Brown kid the other way”.

  4. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … i think it’s going to matter more what chud thinks about weeden instead of what lombardi thinks.

    i’m guessing if we stand pat at qb , weeden has the advantage as chud & turner will have more of a vertical passing game which should suit weeden.
    and if we do stand pat at qb , i would expect we will draft a qb in the 3rd round or later … possibly someone like landry jones of oklahoma.

    if chud & the brass are not happy with the current qb situation , guys like alex smith , flynn & josh freeman can be had.

  5. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … it’s now coming out haslam & banner backed-out from signing chip kelly after sensing his uncertainty about jumping to the nfl … smart smart move.

    your favorite coach ever … pat shurmur , will be kelly’s OC in philly.
    i hope they enjoy each other.

    also , after watching lombardi’s press conference , i am willing to give him another shot after not wanting him here at all. hopefully , he has learned a few things over the years & gets it right this time.

    • ABrown

      I agree, TB2. Lombardi made a good beginning at his press conference and he seems to know he has to rebuild some bridges.

      As far as learning from past mistakes, there’s nothing like being wrong about someone like Randy Moss to adjust a player personnel guy’s thinking.

  6. Jeremy

    I am, and have been, of the opinion that Weeden didn’t fit Shurmurs WCO. The WCO sucks for a guy that likes to rifle the ball all over the field, in a hurry up offence, which is what Weeden did at Ok. State. Is he the future, who knows, but I seriously doubt that he is as bad as his 24. whatever QBR. I still like McCoy as well, but in the Chud/Turner offence, I envision more 3-4 reciever sets, than read option type stuff. I could be wrong…
    Also heard the rumor of Ryan Mallet being obtained from NE to replace Weeds as the QB… I guess we will just have to wait and see.
    I love the new Coaching staff, and can’t wait to demand a 14-2 season!

  7. RICK

    LG, A poor comparison from Bernie at the end of his career and Weedens at the beginning of his career. I guess we will find out what the new management wants when it happens.

    • LG

      I think Bernie still had some quality time left in his arm when Lombardi pulled that crap.

  8. ABrown

    Weeden is NOT a natural fit for Norv Turner’s offense. And one of the worst things Shurmur did here in Cleveland was to give a lot of people a totally false impression of the West Coast Offense, which is definitely NOT all about short passes.

    The “pro-style offense” is Sid Gillman’s version of the WCO, and it spreads the field both vertically and horizontally. It’s about lots of receivers running precision routes synchronized with a QB who can read the whole field time his drop back to match the routes and throw to the guy who WILL BE open on target and at the right time.

    What Weeden ran in college was a very simple, “half-field offense”. He only threw long passes to areas of the field for fast and open receivers who tracked the ball and ran under it. Here in Cleveland, Shurmur simplified the offense for Weeden also, and because Weeden could never see the whole field and really zeroed in on his target even before the ball was snapped, gave him that kind of play to run.

    Weeden has never been accustomed to “slinging the ball all over the field” unless he wasn’t throwing to anyone and just showing how far he could throw the ball. He’s used to a very simple offense and and has mostly thrown very short passes.

    When Turner, Chud, and Lombardi look at film to evaluate Weeden, they will be looking to see things like this: his ability to see the field, the timing of his release, his ability read coverage and to spot and hit the open receivers, the accuracy and rhythm of his passes, his ability to move in the pocket and use sight lanes, his ability to run play action passes, his decision making and poise under pressure, for example.

    Essentially, Weeden is toast.

    The skills that make McCoy a good fit for Bill Walsh’s WCO are the same ones that a QB needs to run Sid Gillman’s (Turner’s) WCO/pro-passing offense.

    McCoy has a good chance.

    If you don’t know much about Sid Gilman, check him out. He played for Ohio State and the Cleveland Browns, then coached in Ohio, and moved to the NFL to be the first coach and part owner of the San Diego Chargers. He has been inducted to the Pro Football HOF and the College Football HOF — the only coach to ever be so honored — and he was still leading innovation as a consultant after he retired.

    Here’s a link about what he brought to the pro passing game:

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi ABROWN … good post.

      it will definitely be interesting to see what chud does with the qb position.

      when turner , chud & lombardi do review film of weeden maybe they will think there may be something to work with. i would rather have chud & turner instructing my qb than having shumur do it … now that weeden has gone through his rookie season perhaps he can be taught how to do things properly … i know you will disagree.

      chud may feel the same way you do … i am still thinking the browns are going to make a trade for a starting qb.


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