To think Brandon Weeden has the mental capacity to be an NFL quarterback is a joke. All week-long we had to hear what a great time he had at practice. What was he practicing? It couldn’t have been football.

The guy is doing a terrible impersonation of an NFL quarterback. The team must send the short bus to pick his sorry ass up to bring him to practice. There is no way we can expect him to get himself there.

He is incompetent. He started off the game missing the first few passes he attempted. If you missed it the first time, you only had to watch the next play and it was a carbon copy of just how bad of a quarterback this guy really is.

After the first quarter, Weeden was 2 for 11 for 23 yards. He also tried his famous underhand throw under pressure again in the game. It wasn’t bad enough the fans lived through it last week, he did it again today.

Weeden is not the guy. A blind man can see it and the fans are left to ponder why the team’s coaching staff can’t see it. When the game was over Weeden was 17 of 42 for 149 yards and a 3.5 yard per average completion rate.

Are you kidding me? This guy doesn’t belong on a football field. He is the worst of the worst. How many more games are the fans going to have to live through with Brandon Weeden as the Browns starting quarterback?

The team should build revenue by selling the Weeden game films to the poison control centers. This way if anyone gets poisoned they can watch the Weeden game films to induce vomiting. That is Cleveland Browns football with Brandon Weeden playing QB.

You can say all you want to about the lack of offensive line protection. There were times during the game when Weeden had more than 6 seconds to throw the football. How come there are never any open receivers when Weeden is quarterbacking the Cleveland Browns?

Hoyer didn’t have that problem. These are the same guy he was able to win 2 in a row with. Brandon Weeden has started 4 games for the Browns and he has lost them all.

Brandon Weeden lacks the mental capacity to play football,if the team leaves him in the games, he is going to get injured. This was a beatable Green Bay Packers team. They had multiple injuries coming into the game and Weeden made them look like Super Bowl contenders.

This has gone on long enough. The Browns are failing their fans with this Weeden experiment and it is past the point of being humorous. Weeden has to go. Period…….


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  1. louisianamike

    Exactly…..we could have easily beat the packers. defense put us in a few good situation and had good field position what did we get 2 field goals. i would take anyone over weeden. i was behind him and even stuck up for opie but not anymore. i hope the browns can salvage the season 2 more weeks until trade deadline. get us an average qb and we could win.we got tons of picks why not spend some to build this season.. give JC a chance….he has no chemistry with the team and you can tell

    • LG


  2. marty

    LG, I can’t understand why they keep weedon. I;m 62 yrs old, Waiting for Sunday to come to watch our Browns. I can’t remember ever a QB on any team pay this bad. My grandson plays football for a small high school. They play offense and defense because they only have 15 players. They are more entertaining.I said before that weedon is cancer to this team. Can the fans see it’s spreading. How can this team accept to falter with weedon as QB. Did the browns even made an offer for Alex Smith.What did they see in weedon to draft him. I didn’t like the pick from when he was first drafted.One last question. The fans want you to write positive facts. LG, you my friend face an impossible challenge.

    • LG

      That is funny, what do we have positive to write about?

      • dwolfva

        Weeden is POSITIVELY not the guy.

  3. Rick Pannell

    I swear it was me talking! I agree with you fully! There has to be another kid out there just waiting his chance to show he is capable of being an NFL quarterback. Hoyer is a great example! I love his play and his ability to be a top rated quarterback ~ Browns best cut ties with Weeden now because like you said this is ridiculous and is not fair to the loyal fan base!!! Release this jerk NOW!!!!! Like his name says WE Done with him! His sorry ass must go!

    • LG

      The Browns don’t seem to care what the Fans think, it is going to be interesting to see what Chud has to say today.

  4. Thomas

    L.G. Like I said after the Detroit debacle, you’ve been right all along. He stares down his receivers and doesn’t look off the defensive backs. He holds on to the ball too long in the pocket. Hoyer didn’t have this problem with the same set of receivers. Enough is enough.

    • LG


  5. Dwight

    We had a good chance to get Alex Smith but did not—also had Thaddeus Lewis and got rid of him–he is doing great with the Bills. Again the Browns management is making very poor decisions.

    • LG

      I don’t know who is evaluating the talent for this team but to think weeden was better than Lewis shows you the people in charge are clue-less.

      • jackrabbit21

        Or to think Weeden was better then Colt McCoy. McCoy NEVER got a FULL preseason as the starter. McCoy NEVER got the talent that Weeden has around him. McCoy thought quick on his feet and moved with his feet.

        Watch. They put Campbell in. He gets hurt.

        Now I see in blogs and on twitter people asking for McCoy. I believe that if they had kept McCoy, Cleveland would be in 1st place in their division for the simple fact that McCoy can make quick decisions and accurate passes on the field. What could of been. This Weeden experiment blew up the minute the flag swallowed Weeden and the Eagles had their way with him last year. Too bad. It’s so sad.

        • LG

          You are right.

          • jackrabbit21

            I feel McCoy was ultimately passed over due to his father calling out Shurmur & Holmgren. Egos were bruised due to Colt’s father calling them out after they put his son in danger. Interesting that after Colt’s concussion the league was forced to do more about head injuries and fines and Colt got the shaft in return. He got the shaft not just from the coach and the lame front office, but got it from some of those “So-Called sports reporters/Weeden lovers at the Plain Dealer and that guy Grossi. Some may say Colt will always be a back up. I disagree. I feel he is probably learning a lot from Harbaugh and will quite possibly get a ring and a starting job again. I bet him and Dawson can’t wait for the playoffs.

          • LG

            That certainly didn’t help matters.

  6. FoeverABrownsfan

    Well hopefully, we only have to see Weeden on this team till the end of this year.

    Here’s a good one for you. How about handing out free popcorn and peanuts at the rest of our Browns games and continue to watch this circus.

    With all that money he is making, he still couldn’t buy a TD.

    • LG

      It’s a crime to make fans pay for the tickets, they should be half price to say the least.

  7. FoeverABrownsfan

    and let me guess by his outfit he is wearing in your picture. It probably was taken the day he tried out for The Harlem Globetrotters try outs lol.

    • LG

      Who knows where it came from.

  8. DC84

    You know I defended Weeden after last year because there were times he did look good. After all it was his rookie season and deserved a 2nd chance, now after seeing Hoyer run this SAME offense so well, I am convinced now Weeden needs to go. Put Campbell in, sign a Free Agent, hell I would take Derek Anderson at this point over Weeden. Any supporter of Weeden needs to actually watch the game and see it is not everyone else’s fault, it is Weeden’s. Your right, his second pass of todays games, he was given all day to throw, stepped up, saw a clear lane to throw, and overthrew his WR not by a yard or two, but by 5+ yards long, and 3+ yards high. Bench him now!

    • LG

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

  9. David

    Spot on article LG. It’s either laughable, or it might make one cry with frustration. His QB rating was even below 50. This game really illustrated the difference between Weeden and Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers did not exactly play his best game yesterday, but he did prove to be a clutch QB and step up when need be. And to not beat the Packers when they had more injuries than we did? Well, good luck giving the Chiefs their first loss next week. If that will even work…

    • LG

      But lets not forget what a great week of practice Weeden had….

      • David

        Ha, ha, ha. LOL. Great one LG. Somebody tell them that great week of practice and actual game day are two separate things. Not to mention that Green Bay was almost killing themselves with penalties and still Weeden and the Browns could not take full advantage of this.

        • LG

          Weeden couldn’t take advantage of a free lunch….

  10. topf

    Ok, as much as it pains me to say it… you are right… Weeden is REALLY BAD.

    • LG

      Sorry it hurts so bad, but you are in good company, this hurts all of us Browns fans….

  11. Felix DeAngelis

  12. Jim V

    LG you need to Print Campbell’s contract Again, so that will answer everyone’s questions as to why Campbell is not in at quarterback. If I’m not mistaken, we went through this with Colt McCoy. everyone was screaming to put colt in at QB! then some way his contract got out into the media about performance clause and playing time. It’s a money thing, as long as us, the fans keep selling out the games. We will not see much of a change. I don’t know about anyone else, but I watched our players very carefully yesterday and what I saw didn’t look like the Cleveland Browns that have been playing and getting better until Hoyer got hurt! . It’s like what coach Sam said last night on the show after the news on channel 5. There is no hope, and I can see it really affecting the Team morale! It’s like running a race with no finish line! , that’s what coach Sam said. He also said he would have yanked him at the end of the first quarter. I’m still amazed at the number of people that wrote posts supporting Weedon The past few weeks! I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with me that I could see it. You could see it and my wife who understands only the basics of the game of football could see it, and that was in the first two games! so now I’ll ask the question. Is there anyone out there that follows the Brown’s that still thinks Weedon belongs in the NFL? Does anyone ever wonder why the big-name coaches and free agents would not come to play in Cleveland for the Brown’s???

  13. Felix DeAngelis

    That is what we will call yesterday’s display by Weeden. Not only does this guy not take the coaches advice he doesn’t even take his own!
    Weeden may be the lowest IQ QB in football history. At least the butt fumble was incidental.

  14. Michael Friedman

    KEEP WEEDEN AND KEEP LOSING! Unless we are willing to trade someone like Josh Gordon to get maybe a 2nd string gem (like an Alex Smith when he was sidelined for Kapernick), we have NO quarterback! Does anyone REALLY think Campbell will do any better? Come on! At this point, my opinion we basically throw in the towel on this season as it seemed we did anyway when we traded Richardson. Keep Weeden and let him keep losing to up our standings in next year’s draft. Keep our eye on Hoyer as our 2014 QB and get him more targets in the draft along with strengthening our OF line. WE ARE NOT GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR! So let’s make the most if it!

    • AL

      I would rather see them start some fan from the tailgate party than to se Weeden even on the sidelines every again with that look on his face like he’s trying to figure out what wrong , all they need to to in put a mirror in front of him for that answer !!!

      • Michael Friedman

        Hey… that’s not a bad idea!!! Let’s do like “Rocky”. Find a local no-name Browns fan. Put the word out that the Browns will have try-outs and then run with it. Of course that would never work, but at this point I really couldn’t care less who the QB is this year. We’re done.

  15. BOBBY D

    Yes I had to turn the game off, it was that bad.

    Who is there to pretend to be a QB? We can’t give up anything to get one for this year unless we can get a franchise QB. Cambell is too much a girl to play and Weededn well I just don’t know what is wrong with the guy. He doesn’t do many things well.

    Well the Cavs start in about 10 days.

  16. David L

    I don’t know who wrote this crap, but whoever did it is an idiot. first, i agree that the Browns really, desperatly need a qualified QB, but thats not my complaint. The moron who wrote this mentioned that Weeden must ride a short bus to practice. This would insinuate that those who do ride a “short bus” lack the mental capacity to be with the “normal” kids. The comments were about the most inappropriate i have ever seen allowed. You are crass and ignorant and should not be breathing the same air as the rest of us.

    • LG

      First of all David the article asked the question DO the Browns chauffeur him to practice, it doesn’t say he really rides the short bus. So don’t get your panties all in a bunch for God’s sake. There are probably some people who really do ride the short bus that can do better than most……

      • tigersbrowns2

        hi LG … i know where DAVID L is coming from. i’ve told you this before , it’s one thing to dislike a player , but to attack him on many personal levels is uncouthe. he is a human being for chrissakes.

        having said that , and you knowing i have been one of his staunchest supporters , i cannot bear to watch any more of weeden’s ineptness … i said this after the week 2 game against the ravens. i thought maybe , just maybe he might even get lucky , catch a few breaks & have some good games … this obviously isn’t going to happen.

        a change is coming this week … it has to.

        • LG

          TB2 I was just informed from someone close to the situation that Weeden will not start In KC

          • tigersbrowns2

            i hope that “someone” knows what they’re talking about … gotta get weeden outta there now.

          • LG

            My source said they are not going to play him in KC, now we have to wait and see.

    • jayl

      I agree with David L As a father of a child who rides the “Short Bus”, I find the headline of this article extremely insulting.

      • LG

        There are lots of different kinds of short buses. Sorry you feel insulted. Maybe you should drive your child to school?

        • jayl

          Are you kidding me? I guess its easy to be an ass when you dont have to show your true identity.

          • LG

            What are you some kind of guy looking to come around here and start some kind of trouble? It isn’t that hard to know my Identity. What the diff anyway?

  17. marty

    Weedon needs a 2nd chance,a third, a fourth, a fifth———–

  18. Big Duke


    To clarify, which one in the pic is Weeden? I’m assuming Weeden is the one sitting on the lap of that rather large pug.

    • LG


  19. AL

    I think 5 years down the road Weeden will give this team the product they’ve been waiting for, just have to build around him ,he just needs a real line that will give him more than 10 seconds in case he needs to make a call on his phone or something back der , you no how celebrities roll !

    • Big Duke

      That’s a great idea to suggest……that is if you are a Steelers, Ravens or Bengals fan, but giving Weeden 5 more years as a Browns QB will just help to solidify his NFL records in Interceptions and Lowest QB Rating. My recommendation is to give JaMarcus Russell a lucrative, guaranteed 10 year contract with the stipulation he can keep his weight under 450 lbs. as well as having creative, “fresh” reasons for not showing up for games instead of some lame excuse.

    • Old Coach

      A sports call-in show caller said that Weeden is so slow that it takes him an hour and a half to watch 60 Minutes.

      • Rick Pannell

        some people must be on crack ~ Weedan sucks! Look at all the quarterbacks ie.. Luck for the Colts, they have talent and it does not take 3 to 5 years down the road to build around him. Weedan is the worst first round pic of all times!! Hoyer rocks!! He was a diamond in the rough .. sad he was injured. I think he will still be a winner when given his chance!!

  20. GET A LIFE


  21. Jim V

    David L & Jay, You poor offended men! I’m 68yrs old and at times I have to ride a “Short Bus” I’m Disabled! I’ve even seen people that don’t have disabilities ride the short bus. I took no offense from what LG wrote! What I took from that statement was that children or seniors could do a better job then Weedon! LG has a great site here for us disgusted fans. It’s all about sports! At this particular time football. I highly doubt that your children come on this website! However, we have some scholars that critique LG on his grammar and spelling! “Why are you people here?” LG, in my humble opinion, Other than what I mentioned I enjoyed reading what other fans have to say, because we agree to disagree and take out our frustrations with guys like Weedon and the coaching staff! . Keep up the good work LG!

    • LG

      Thanks Jim V. I guess we must remember we are now living in the New America, the land were you can’t say anything without pissing some people off. People have lost their sense of humor in this country.

      • Big Duke


        I enjoy reading your articles because you call it like it is. It’s freshening to know there are still a few sports writers around with backbones. Unfortunately though, it seems each year the % of men’s testosterone in the U.S. is in a full throttle nosedive and as a result we are entering into an era known as the Pussification of the United States, where many peoples “feelings” are easily hurt & offended; that they walk around wearing a badge of honor feeling they are a victim of something or worse feel they should not be held accountable of their actions. For instance, this morning, all the news coverage was about a HS football team that wins a game 91-0 even though by early 3rd qtr. they were playing their 3rd stringers and kept the game clock running, but afterwards, is accused of “bullying” by onr of the opposing team’s parents. Maybe the parents of the losing team wanted a trophy at the end of the game like so many kids expect nowadays. I’m happy the winning coach didn’t apologize for winning. Is this really the U.S. or do we actually live in Europe? Anyone remember years ago coach Sam Wyche of the Bengals ordering his kicker to kick field goals in several games with seconds remaining even though the Bengals clearly had the game won? Oh boy, nowadays he would be on national tv having to apoligize to America for this tragic, horrible, very hurtful and mean action, while counselors and therapists around the U.S. are trying to explain what occured to millions of crying kids so they don’t have nightmares. Come to think of it, let’s all cut Weeden some slack and begin giving him a game ball for every typical 4 INT, 2 Fumble, 5 Sack, Loss game he has to make him feel like a hero & winner.

        LG, keep writing the way you do and don’t change a thing!

        • LG

          You can bank on it and yes I saw that on the news too. Winning by a large margin is called bullying now…..LMAO thank God we don’t have to have world war two now with all this Pussification taking place we would all be speaking German of Japanese.. I have a hard enough time writing in English, just ask some of my credicts….

    • jayl

      I agree you can make the argument both ways on the intent of LG’s headline.What I didnt like was his response and refusal to post additional comments from me. It has nothing to do with testosterone. As a writer i just feel he should be a little more professional. It seems to be a common theme with journalists in this town that think they know it all and if a reader may disagree then the reader is treated like an idiot.

      • LG

        Hey Jay, out of due respect to you and your situation I decided to end the argument yesterday, that’s all it was. I didn’t want to ruin your day anymore that it already was. It wasn’t worth it to me and I did it out of respect for you sir…….

        • jayl

          Good deal. Time to move on. Both points made.You still have a nice web site and I will continue to visit. Just keep in mind those who ride “The Short Bus” are truly gifts from up above. And for those of us that have been given these gifts are blessed.

          • LG

            You are preaching to the choir Sir. I know exactly first hand what you mean and never meant any disrespect to anyone other than Weeden…. Check this out….You might like it…..


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