The Cleveland Browns have their head coach interviews lined up. Last season about this time we heard Haslam III and Banner talk about getting it right and not making any quick decisions.

Then they lost the chance to get the guy they wanted and they rushed to hire Chudzinski. They couldn’t wait to come out with smiling faces,to tell the fans how they hired the right guy for the job.

One season into it and the powers to be, quickly realized they made a huge expensive mistake. They fired Chudzinski after posting a 4-12 record with the team and now they are set to meet with Josh McDaniels on Saturday.

McDaniels can interview for the job, but the Browns can’t make an offer until the New England Patriots are done with the play offs.

The only reason the team is allowed to talk to McDaniels this week is because the Patriots have a bye week. The Browns may have had a deal in place to hire McDaniels are the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns before the season ended.

The team could be going through the motions of the interview process to make it look like they are considering others. No team that is in the play offs will lose a coach until that team is eliminated.

It is against the rules for the Cleveland Browns to make an offer to any coach who is still in the play offs.

You have to wonder why the Browns think McDaniels is the guy. Why should the team take a chance on a guy who was a failure in Denver?

McDaniels makes an interesting story. He was born in  Barberton, Ohio. He attended John Carroll University and he studied under one of the all-time great coaches in the NFL for years.

But is he ready to become an elite NFL coach himself? Can he take the Cleveland Browns and turn them into contenders? Are Haslam & Banner going to make the same mistake they made when they hired Chud if they hire McDaniels to run the Browns?

Is this another case of hiring a life-long fan to do the job? Only time will tell. We are going to have to wait to see how this story plays out. At least until one of the teams who assistants the Browns are talking to, gets eliminated from the play offs.


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Readers Comments (4)

  1. JIM V

    Who would you rather have operate on you, An experienced surgeon or a resident just really learning how??? We just can’t get a good veteran coach to com here! He will differently have to be older than the players!

  2. Stiv Marley

    Same story different year. Next year this time Banner will be fired and so it goes again same old browns. Think about how many coaches,gms,presidents, etc…. the Browns are still paying. LG, do some research and find out who and how much the Browns are still paying. As for me,there’s an old song by Jane’s Addiction “Nothings Shocking”,
    seems to some it up. Until Mr. Haslams group decides to payback my PSL monies, I will continue to boycott this fairy tale!

  3. Anonymous.

    You asked more questions than you answered.

    • LG

      I’m looking for others to give the answer here….


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