Jimmy Haslam the owner of the Cleveland Browns, should have seen this one coming. Dissension is already setting in among some of Johnny Manziel’s teammates. Ben Tate has made it known, he thinks Johnny Football is getting far too much attention.

Tate is right without a doubt. Manziel has done nothing in the NFL thus far. He is a rookie, and the media has completely over-shadowed the rest of the players on the team with Manziel stories. Tate can’t be the only player currently on the Browns roster that feels this way.

Other probably have the same sentiment, but have made it known to the public. Tate is a guy who knows about media coverage. He saw first hand what happens when the media takes over in a situation. It happened in Houston to his former teammate, and the results weren’t good.

The Cleveland Browns did what they could to try to put a damper, on the Manziel media frenzy. They just couldn’t. This kid is a magnet for the media. His every move is being scrutinized. It’s going to get worse the closer the team comes to the start of the NFL season.

The Media will go along with the fans, in thinking Manziel should start. The quarterback situation in Cleveland will spin out of control and if Hoyer has one bad game, the fans will intensify their desires to see Manziel thrown into the fire.

The Browns didn’t seem to have any thoughts of starting this kid this season after the draft, but with all the attention he is getting it is difficult to say what will actually take place. Tate is right. There is far too much focus on Johnny Football.

It’s got to stop…..

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Readers Comments (4)

  1. david

    I think its not dissension as much as it’s Tate calling out the media. Manziel has been pretty humble during OTAs. He seems to be handling himself like a rookie should.

  2. JIM V

    I just wonder! Hoyer came off the bench and played like a real NFL QB until he got hurt! We the (FANS) loved him! But his injury was like a dagger in the heart! We were back to Weedon.Which took the wind back out of our sails. So just for the Hell of it, let’s say Hoyer starts, playes great! What will the Media do with Johnny Football??? I truly hope this pans out this way! However! if Hoyer has a bad game. The cry will go fourth from the sheep! Sorry, I meant the fans and possibly the Media to bring in Manziel! Anyone want to bet me on this scenario?

    • LG

      I think you are totally correct Jim V

  3. Dan

    LG = HERO


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