A source very close to the Cleveland Browns, informs me the team used the NFL concussion protocol, to cover up Johnny Manziel's drunken arrival to practice last Wednesday morning.

Manziel reportedly arrived at the Browns training facility in Berea, Ohio drunk. To make matters worse the young quarterback, drove himself there while he was under the influence.

The Browns as an organization, decided to place Manziel into the concussion protocol, and not have the NFL find out about it according to my source. Why would the Browns do that you wonder?

Because it is Jimmy Haslam's intent to keep Manziel in Cleveland, according to my source, Haslam wants to prove everyone wrong about Manziel. Haslam figured he could place the blame on former head coach Mike Pettine, and the teams former G.M. Ray Farmer if the league finds out about it.

Haslam is a pro at placing blame. He threw at least 9 top-level employees under the bus, when the FBI raided his Pilot Flying J headquarters a couple of years ago.

The Browns were concerned if the league found out Manziel was driving drunk, and showed up to practice drunk, the NFL would have suspended him, and forced him into a treatment program.

The source informs me, that wouldn't have fit into Haslam's plans for the player he wasted the 22nd pick of the draft on. Haslam isn't a guy who takes kindly to being wrong about anything.

If the NFL were to find out about this, it would be worse than Text-Gate was. The Browns used one of the NFL's policies to cover something up. How well do you think Goodell would like that?

It's clear to see Jimmy Haslam III is in over his head. He should really consider selling the Cleveland Browns to someone who knows football..... Keep your eyes wide open people, if the NFL finds out about this, my source says the Browns will try to play stupid.

They intend to say they didn't know about Manziel showing up drunk to practice, and they will try to push the blame off on Farmer and Pettine. My source also confirmed that Manziel was in Vegas over the weekend too.

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