The Cleveland Browns hosted former all pro corner-back Brent Grimes walk out of Cleveland? Grimes is coming back from a serious injury to his leg. Chances are he is a little rusty and the Browns can’t afford to take a chance on a corner that may not be back to 100%. Grimes had other teams showing interest in him and the Falcons could also be waiting to see if they can resign him.

By not making Grimes an offer he couldn’t refuse it shows the team may have some reservations about him. There are a lot of corner-backs in this years NFL draft the Browns may be considering. The list of corners coming out of college this year is more impressive than some think. Cleveland has to fix the problems in their defensive secondary that is a given. Watching the team let Grimes get out of Cleveland without a deal shows me the team is using some discipline in free agency.

It is good to see they aren’t just jumping to get a warm body, especially one that may need time to readjust to playing after suffering a achilles tendon injury. It will be interesting to see what the Browns do come April 26th.

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. Bob

    Yes. Don’t want anyone recovering from an injury that is not a Brown already. Healthy picks to start the season.

  2. RB

    My sentiments exactly. No point in signing someone just to say you signed someone.

  3. Dondrell

    I just hope they add at least one corner in free agency. We need more than one corner.

    • LG

      Yes we do, but there are some good ones in the draft. With loading up the front of the D-Line they could possibly pull off a trade….

  4. jim

    Here’s the thing, there is plenty of cap space this year for the Browns and also a glut of good CBs flooded the market thus keeping salarys unusually “reasonable”. So why the heck not sign at least one good FA CB? Because it would make too much sense! Same old Browns. Change of ownership and coaches yet rampant stupidity still reigns supreme! There’s a vast difference between exercising discipline in free agency, and being a complete dumbass about it! And the Browns are clearly much closer to the latter than the former. There is no better way to evaluate a player than seeing his performance over several years in actual pro level competition which is the real benefit in picking up an FA! So that would have been the smart move, picking up a CB in FA, as soon as the market opened! Now the bottom of the barrel is left and, who knows, maybe Milliner isn’t available at # 6. The smart move after filling up the CB spot in FA would have been to also add a Safety. THEN when the draft opens, there are a multitude of options…including trading down and grabbing a 2nd or 3rd rounder. THEN pick up a receiver. There are at least two who are decent in round #1 and both are projected to be taken in the mid to late 1st round, thus available after trading down. Either way, there is absolutely no reason to have let the CB situation get this to point in FA without resolving it!!! Same old Clowns!

    • LG

      So Jim, where do you think this rampant stupidity comes from? Is it built into the building in Berea or what? Like you said new owners new coaches, I just don’t get it….

    • KB

      Jim….. If the staff of the Browns had him come to town, they were serious about the possibility of hiring him. It is truly obvious that there was a situation with Grimes having come back from surgery and/or not playing for over a year. He is not a proven commodity at this point, and very easily could either re-injury the tendon or not be able to perform at his prior levels. I think the old Browns would have thrown the dice and hired Grimes to fill the void with a name. These new guys make great decisions.

    • RICK

      jim, I also believe that it would be wise to pick up a F.A. cornerback and we could use another one in the draft if need be.

    • tigersbrowns2

      hi JIM … before you go off on “stupidity reigning supreme” with the new brass , i’d let things run their course first.

      let’s judge them after free-agency & the draft is over. then & only then can we make some good observations.

      • LG

        I think we really need to wait until we are half way through the season before we should start judging them TB2, Unless they are stupid enough to hand the starting job to Weeden with out a competition…

  5. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG … it was right to let him walk.

    i like what the browns have done so far in free-agency , they are not spending just to spend … the best franchises in the nfl live/build by the draft & use free-agancy a supplementary tool to fill-in holes.

    as far as free-agent CB’s … there is good to marginal talent available … i’m with you in that there is good CB talent available in the draft.

    i’m hoping the #6 pick , or our first pick if we trade down , will be on a CB … even if we wait until the 3rd round , there will be good talent available.

  6. Bob

    Need a cornerback. Would love to get Victor Cruz to be a leader for the WRs. What are you waiting for Haslam? Show Cruz the money. Fans would love it.


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