The Browns drafted a guy who had a reputation of eating quarterbacks in college. Barkevious Mingo comes to the Browns after a college career where he had a habit of getting to the quarterback. The team presented Mingo formally yesterday and head coach Rob Chudzinski handed him a jersey with the number 51 on it.

A look back in Browns history, reminds me of another guy who came to the Cleveland Browns in 1981. He played for the Browns for 10 season and went by the nickname of “The Assassin.” Eddie Johnson wasn’t taken in the first round of the 1981 NFL draft, he was the 187th pick in the 7th round and he was one heck of a great football player.

When ever I see the number 51 on a Browns player, it takes me back in history to when there was a guy on the field that liked to destroy the guy holding the football. They didn’t give Eddie Johnson the nickname the assassin for nothing. He was a hard-hitting linebacker that made things happen.

Johnson died in 2003, after a 2 year battle with colon cancer. Eddie still live through his Eddie Johnson memorial foundation, with his former Browns teammates keeping his memory alive. The Eddie Johnson memorial foundation helps people who are affected by serious medical problems.

With Barkevious Mingo coming to the Cleveland Browns and wearing the number that the assassin wore, we have to wonder if this could be the rebirth of the assassin. Mingo has a lot to live up to with the number 51 on his back.

He may not know the history attached to the number 51. Mingo wasn’t born in time to see the assassin play football in Cleveland. If this kid knows the history of the Cleveland Browns, then he would know he has some large shoes to fill while wearing the number 51 on his back.

There is nothing that Cleveland fans would like more than to see the rebirth of the assassin in Cleveland. Eddie Johnson was a heck of a great football player, he was even a better human being. Lets hope Mingo, is as good as the old number 51 was.

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  1. Rahshan Johnson

    A friend of mine sent me a text with the link to this article. My sisters and I are humbled to know that people still recognize our father as a Cleveland Brown 22 years after he retired. Thank you!

    • LG

      Mr. Johnson, the pleasure was all mine. I have sent you an e-mail please check your e-mail….

    • Jethro

      Mr. Johnson, there is something you need to know about Cleveland Browns fans. And when I say that, I mean the TRUE Browns fans who know, respect, and understand the history of this franchise. I admit there have been more lows than highs of late, but as a true fan I know success of the franchise is met with greater joy when the wait has been long, the frustration is thick, and the dedication on my part is strong.
      Having said this, I have been a long time frustrated fan for over 44 years. I remember watching your dad, and in some sort of way, consider him a part of the family.
      Sorry to hear of your loss, but I pray his character lives on with you, your sisters, and your extended family.

    • al

      Your father was a great Cleveland Brown and a great goal line hitter. Much respect.

  2. mangon

    i hope the browns aren’t too satisfied with their picks enough to forget this year’s goals!!! go browns

  3. c-ment

    “Devious” Barkevious would probably be appropriate for him. “The Assassin” should be retired with the jersey!

  4. tyeats

    I talked to your father numerous times at the old Brown Derby after practices at Lakeland. Always enjoyable. I feel honored to have shaken his hand when i saw him at the new Browns Stadium. Great man! Great Brown!

  5. Leon II

    I’m hoping Mingo is the caliber of player we hoped. If he is I can just imagine the laments of “A Mingo at my QB”.

    • LG

      Pretty strange draft Leon II. They took more picks for next year and we still had needs to fill….

      • Leon II

        Actually I thought the draft strategy was pretty savvy. The Browns Front Office has stated we are building for long term success to stay consistently relevant. Based on recent scientific analysis, such as the one by Western Polytechnical Institute students this past March ( this is exactly what we did this year in the draft.

        This study, and similar ones, show that your best value comes in the 2nd through 4th rounds. Studies are also demonstrating that in terms of positions the Browns had need at, late round picks tend to have little chance of success. What we did in this draft was not spend picks on players who had little chance of success but instead added two picks for next year in rounds where they do.

        The WPI study demonstrated that using established metrics the Browns were the seventh worst team, and using their revised metric the second worst team, at drafting from 2000 to 2012. Based on this I can’t say I’m upset that we drafted with a new mindset. The mindset we employed this year was the model of drafting used by the Patriots (Belichick) and Ravens (Newsome – Belichick’s protege). Based on both metrics they are among the best teams at drafting in the same time period. We have all seen what this has meant in terms of their consistency of long-term success.

        My gut desire for immediate success hated this off season, but the rational side of my brain absolutely loves the direction we are headed. I can see the plan taking shape and while I know most Browns fans won’t agree with me I like it and am starting to respect Banner Lombardi. The question is if they can bring that plan to fruition next year with those extra picks or not. If they do we should have a shot at the playoffs in 2014 and from their just keep rising.

        • LG

          How long have we been, building for long term? 14 years and counting. Does this mean we are in for another losing season Leon II? It gets a little old.

          • Leon II

            Like I said I’m tired of waiting as well but what I’m most tired of is getting two or three years into a rebuild and then abandoning it to go into an entirely different direction. We don’t see any thing through to the end but abandon it just about the time we should start seeing returns. It began with Model and continued with the Lerners. I’m hoping the new ownership and front office aren’t cut from the same cloth.

            Sadly, I expect our team to be more exciting to watch but not much better in the W-L column. I hope next year is better and the year after that we are true contenders. In the end I don’t have much other choice but to hope. I won’t switch loyalties and last time I checked nobody from the Browns was calling to have me take over the front office. Well that and to blog – lol.

          • LG

            So Leon II, here is the million dollar question for ya. Are we in another 2 -3 year rebuild now?

        • RICK

          Leon II, I agree it looks like they have a plan and I hope they stick to it.

  6. Anonymous

    Nice piece, LG. Thanks for bringing EJ to our minds & providing props to a deserving memeber of Browns history.

    • LG

      Thanks for taking the time to read it and leave a comment. Much Appreciated.

  7. Steve Wurster

    Let us not forget another pretty good # 51 Dale Lindsey. I take nothing away from Eddie, but Dale was a pretty good LB also.


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