Mike Pettine the Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator is now the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Team owner Jimmy Haslam III said, “He is our guy, he is the guy that the Browns need.” “We are thrilled to announce Mike Pettine as the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns,”

“Mike is the epitome of what we want the Browns to be — tough, aggressive and innovative — with a blue-collar, team-first mentality.”

Do you think Pettine is the guy that can turn the Browns into a winning football team? Maybe the team had to settle for him because no one else wanted the job.

Pettine doesn’t bring any head coaching experience to the table. He has never been a head coach in the NFL and is going to have to learn on the job.

How long will Haslam III and Joe Banner give Pettine to turn the team around? We all saw what happened with the last head coach. Chudzinski was even with the team for a year.

Pettine seems to like the way quarterback Brian Hoyer played last season even though he only played a couple of games before being injured. What if Pettine doesn’t win more than 4 games next season?

Will the team fire him on the final day of the 2014 season? Tell us what you think by casting your vote now.


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  1. marty

    This man is facing great pressure of expectations. Being a new coach he faces going against experienced coaches who know when to make adjustments. He will need to know when trick plays might be played. Eventually in life he might be that coach. This franchise would have to wait another 6 years to get that experience. Will the fans be tolerate? Will the front office be tolerate? I hope the new coach will be the one. I still think history of Browns letting go of coaches will hurt them deeply.

    • LG

      I think that history of letting guys go has already hurt them deeply and that is why we got this guy…..

  2. Leon II

    The answer to that question is both yes and maybe. Let’s be very honest, the Browns have been the joke of the NFL for longer than any fan cares to remember. The change in ownership while applauded by many fans, including myself, quickly turned sour. The manner in which the front office was assembled and organized was disappointing and head scratching for many of us with the exception of Ray Farmer as assistant GM. Last year’s coaching search was frankly, embarrassing, and while the hiring of Chudzinski was a feel good story it failed to result in success on the field. Still many thought Chudzinski and his staff, again including myself, should be given at least one more year to see if they could turn the corner with the team. That the front office made him the first Head Coach to be fired after the NFL season ended was to say the least shocking and again made the Browns the butt of jokes.
    Let’s be very honest again. If anyone thought after the tragedy of events of the last year this front office was going to entice a proven commodity out of retirement, nab a quality ex-Head Coach from the ranks of the un- or under-employed, or attract a big name rising star from the ranks of NFL assistants or college coaches they were sadly mistaken. No one was going to come to the Browns and risk tarnishing their storied reputation, their second and maybe last shot as an NFL Head Coach, or their chance to coach a team in the NFL that has not been a “Factory of Sadness” for over two decades to come and be the Head Coach of the Browns. This is especially true after what happened with the now not so feel good story of Rob Chudzinski.
    So what option did that leave the Browns as viable candidates to be their next Head Coach? Well again to be very honest that left us with two pools to pull from: ex Head Coach who had failed so miserably in their first attempt who could be perceived as having nothing to lose (McDaniels and Schiano) by taking the job and extremely ambitious Assistant Coaches (McAdoo, Gase, Bowles, Quinn, and Pettine) who are on the rise but may not quite be ready for being on the main stage. McDaniels always felt more like a Lombardi pick and thankfully either he was never considered a serious contender by the front office or he saw more advantage in staying in New England and withdrew his name. Schiano was clearly an afterthought and was never given serious consideration. That left Browns front office with the pool of young, ambitious, but maybe not quite ready assistants, to choose from.
    McAdoo and Gase have their background on the offensive side of the ball. They also had the least experience and their seeming success may have been more a result of who they had to work with on the field (Rodgers and Manning) then their actual coaching ability. Bowles, while an up and coming assistant on the defense side of the ball is in a similar position being relatively untried and having an inherited an already good defense that looked no better than it did under his predecessor. Any of them would have been true desperation choices and their chances were slim from the onset of being selected. Wisely they choose to withdraw their names from consideration I feel because they all knew they were not ready for the challenge that turning the Browns around would present which could seriously tarnish their rising stars if they failed.
    This left only two viable candidates for the job. Dan Quinn, Defensive Coordinator Seattle, and Mike Pettine, Defensive Coordinator Buffalo. While Dan Quinn was likely the better candidate of the two, and I believe would have taken the job if offered, he had one major drawback – the Seahawks made the Superbowl. The problem with that is that the Browns could not afford to wait until January 3rd to start assembling the rest of their coaching staff. We are quickly seeing the pool of quality assistant coaches disappearing as they are hired by other teams or decide to stay in place. The success of any Browns Head Coach, especially one who may not quite be ready for the position, is going to be highly dependent on the staff assembled around him. The Browns simply could not afford to wait on Quinn and it should come as no surprise that they hired their number two option, Pettine, four days after Quinn became unavailable for another two weeks.
    That Pettine has been the number two candidate all along should not be a surprise to anyone who has watched the search and looked at it logically. With the pool that the Browns viably had to choose from he was clearly the second best option. He is a hard-nosed defensive minded coach with experience in the AFC North as an assistant in Baltimore and has spent the last five years game planning as Defensive Coordinator twice a year for one of the best passers in the NFL Tom Brady. Bill Belichick has publically stated that he considers Pettine’s defenses among the hardest to game plan adding credibility to the hire. That in Pettine’s five years as Defensive Coordinator for the Jets and then Bills he has never had a defense that has finished below top ten overall in the NFL only adds to his luster. Add in that his defenses have always had a hybrid 3-4/4-3 look and you can see where he is a perfect fit to coach up an already good Brown’s defense that has the talent in place for his schemes.
    So was Pettine the right man for the Browns’ Head Coaching job? The answer is at this moment absolutely yes. He was simply the best candidate available to the Browns right now. However, that does not insure he will have success as Head Coach of the Browns. While he is widely perceived in the NFL as a young, ambitious, and talented assistant destined to be a Head Coach his name was not well known by fans and is not a sexy pick so fans will question it rightfully. Also many consider him to be in need of another two to five years of experience before it was clear if he truly is Head Coach material. There has been, again rightfully, the question as to whether his successes have been more a result of the talent he inherited then his actual coaching ability. Honestly, he may not quite be ready for the task of coaching the Browns or for that matter any other team if he ever is.
    So again is Pettine the right man for the Browns’ Head Coaching job? The real answer is maybe and only time will tell. What we can say for certain is that the Browns now have a Head Coach who is young, ambitious, and talented who is willing to risk a bright future by taking a job with a team that has struggled and whose front office has not proven trustworthy. In the end his success will be dependent on a number of factors. First, can he get the players to buy into him especially after the way the front office treated Chudzinski and the ingrained culture of losing that permeates the locker room. Second, will he be able to keep the best assistant coaches remaining on the staff and replace those who have left. Clearly he will need some proven veteran presence on his coaching staff, especially on the offensive side of the ball where his only experience is at the High School level, to instill confidence in and develop players. Third, will the front office provide him the stability, talent and support to succeed or will they hamstring him by failing to recruit and retain talent (both players and assistant coaches). Thankfully, Ray Farmer did not leave the Browns to take the Dolphins GM job as he at least for now does not appear to be Shemp.

  3. JIM V

    I can not explain it! I have a “Gut feeling” he’s the right one. I don’t know about the rest of what’s going to be his staff? He strikes me as a Cowher type coach.

    • LG

      Lets hope you’re right Jim

      • Leon II

        Well you have to like the selection of a HC whose nickname is “Blunt Force Trauma” instead of “Chud”, just saying. I’m pretty optimistic that the Browns D won’t suffer as Pettine is a proven commodity on that side of the ball. To me the key is the O-Coordinator. I was really hoping Kubiak would take the job but with his apparent lack of interest I must say I’m getting nervous. I don’t want to see the Browns drift back into the anemic offense of the Shurmur days.

        • LG

          Lets get Bernie Kosar and let him be the play caller. No one can read the D like Bernie


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