The Cleveland Cavaliers lost their 29th game of the season last night. They lost to the New Orleans Pelicans by a score of 100-89. The Cavs were leading early in the game, and then the some old thing happened. The bottom fell out.

Cleveland can’t continue to do what they’ve done this season. Something has to give and for some, this something is firing the head coach Mike Brown.

The Cavs don’t play 48 minutes with intensity. Brown’s leadership is far too passive. He doesn’t bring any intensity to the game and Cleveland needs to turn things around and they need to find a way to do it quickly.

Many think Dan Gilbert made a huge mistake letting Chris Grant talk him into bringing back Brown. This is a another case of a guy hiring his old friend and not getting the guy that could turn this team around.

The Cavs have made some personnel changes and they are still losing basketball games. Someone needs to light the fire under these players to get them to compete for the whole game.

Mike Brown sadly doesn’t look like the guy who can get this done. Gilbert has to reevaluate the situation and he has to find a guy who can turn the Cavs into a competitive basketball team.

The Cavs can’t continue on the path they are traveling now. With Mike Brown, nothing is going to change.



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Readers Comments (2)

  1. roy hammer

    mike brown is not a head coach! he couldn’t win with the best player in the game. why would you fire him and them bring him back?

    • LG

      Now we have Grant sticking up for him.


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