The lawyers were in court yesterday to try to block Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III from giving sworn testimony in the Pilot Flying J rebate fraud case. Why would Haslam's lawyers be afraid to have their client give sworn testimony.

Haslam continues to say he didn't know anything about the fraud inside his company that has seen several employees plead guilty to charges. If Haslam truly knew nothing then why is he and his legal team working so hard to stop him from giving sworn testimony under oath?

Some think that Haslam's company ran across state lines to open up a dummy corporation to negotiate a settlement that made it like they have reached a settlement in the rebate fraud case. Could this be true?

Imagine Haslam and his Pilot Flying J company opening up a company strictly to negotiate a fake settlement to make him look good. Could this happen? Who knows, here is a statement one of our readers left to the article we wrote about the lawyers trying to stop Haslam from giving sworn testimony.

The latest development is huge! The lawyers wanting to depose Haslam believe they have evidence of fraud on top of the fraud case. They apparently believe that Haslam’s company ran to Arkansas (just a week after the FBI/IRS raid) and created a fake dummy company called National Retail. They set that company up for one reason only. It was also the company that spearheaded the settlement with Haslam’s company! The lawyers wanting to depose Haslam believe that National Retail never bought one single dollar of fuel from Pilot Flying J! It was simply a fake company created by Haslam’s bunch to create it’s own favorable settlement! That’s why the Knoxville judge wants to get to the bottom of the discovery before the Arkansas settlement is bulldozed through the courts by Jimmy’s lawyers. If the lawyers are right then we will be saying goodbye to Jimmy Haslam III!!!

Wow, this is incredible. If this is the case, than Haslam and his Pilot Flying J company could be guilty of a fraud to cover up the original fraud. This case involving Jimmy Haslam II an his Pilot Flying J company gets more interesting as the weeks go by.

The judge in Knox County said the lawyers have a week to respond to the deposition request.


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