The lawyers were in court yesterday to try to block Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III from giving sworn testimony in the Pilot Flying J rebate fraud case. Why would Haslam’s lawyers be afraid to have their client give sworn testimony.

Haslam continues to say he didn’t know anything about the fraud inside his company that has seen several employees plead guilty to charges. If Haslam truly knew nothing then why is he and his legal team working so hard to stop him from giving sworn testimony under oath?

Some think that Haslam’s company ran across state lines to open up a dummy corporation to negotiate a settlement that made it like they have reached a settlement in the rebate fraud case. Could this be true?

Imagine Haslam and his Pilot Flying J company opening up a company strictly to negotiate a fake settlement to make him look good. Could this happen? Who knows, here is a statement one of our readers left to the article we wrote about the lawyers trying to stop Haslam from giving sworn testimony.

The latest development is huge! The lawyers wanting to depose Haslam believe they have evidence of fraud on top of the fraud case. They apparently believe that Haslam’s company ran to Arkansas (just a week after the FBI/IRS raid) and created a fake dummy company called National Retail. They set that company up for one reason only. It was also the company that spearheaded the settlement with Haslam’s company! The lawyers wanting to depose Haslam believe that National Retail never bought one single dollar of fuel from Pilot Flying J! It was simply a fake company created by Haslam’s bunch to create it’s own favorable settlement! That’s why the Knoxville judge wants to get to the bottom of the discovery before the Arkansas settlement is bulldozed through the courts by Jimmy’s lawyers. If the lawyers are right then we will be saying goodbye to Jimmy Haslam III!!!

Wow, this is incredible. If this is the case, than Haslam and his Pilot Flying J company could be guilty of a fraud to cover up the original fraud. This case involving Jimmy Haslam II an his Pilot Flying J company gets more interesting as the weeks go by.

The judge in Knox County said the lawyers have a week to respond to the deposition request.


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Readers Comments (23)

  1. Jim

    Another asinine article…….lol

    • LG

      Yeah right……


      LG…Thank you for keeping us informed.

      • LG

        Thank you for doing your part my friend….

  2. B-rad

    wow…. you truly are an idiot LG…..None of this is even proven true. however, you will shed the light on anything negative involving Cleveland Sports….You better duck when I see you at Browns games….May be a pie heading your way…..

    • LG

      B-Rad, I am an Idiot? Are you kidding me? Look at the stuff this owner is pulling. People who let people like him pull the wool over their eyes are the Idiot as you put it. This is news, I report news. Look at the statement someone in the know left on my site. Why is Haslam trying to avoid sworn testimony? If he truly didn’t know anything don’t ya think he would enjoy the chance to take the oath and tell the world under oath he didn’t know anything? Come on man, smarten up. People like this cover stuff up all the time….

      • 54CLEVELAND

        LG….Very good point. To not recognize the widespread corruption in corporate America is to simply show how naïve one is.
        Browns fans just don’t want to recognize that their owner may be one of them. He and company have already had to pay out millions for price gouging poor folks trying to recover from two separate hurricanes.

      • jackal

        “Who knows, he is a statement one of our readers left to the article we wrote about the lawyers trying to stop Haslam from giving sworn testimony.”

        LG, I agree with Bobby D below. Please proofread what you write before you post. Makes you ignorant.

        • LG

          I hear ya Jackal, I’m far from ignorant but always going too fast…

        • Old goat

          As the worm turns, I have no doubt there is more hiding under a rock. These owners are all ?? That is why the NFL wanted the “suits” instead of former players to own the team.

  3. jt

    this is like the star magazine of football talk…

    • LG

      LOL leave it to a Cleveland Sports team right? LOL

  4. BOBBY D

    Please, please please go to Lakeland Commuity College and take a writing course or an english course.

    Please it will make your articles much easier to read, I don’t know where to begin.

    Unfortunately I believe there is somethhing to this story. We will have to see what comes out of this but it won’t happen this season. So as we finally get going in the right direction we will have:
    THE CONVICTION to go along with all the other catch phrase failures in Cleveland.
    The DRIVE
    the Fumble
    The decision
    now The Conviction.

    • LG

      The Conviction, I like it Bobby D…..

  5. TimF

    While I hope this will all work out in Jimmie Haslam III favor, I fear that it will not. I say that only because it does seem to follow the adage… ‘when it rains it pours’.
    One day we will come out on top. I say that from a Clevelander’s perspective.
    And I hope it is a sports team that does it.

  6. Spider

    Didn’t know you had a law degree too LG. of course his lawyers are gonna protect him while lawsuits are going on. Anything he says could possibly be used against him. Happens all the time in lawsuits. Doesn’t mean he has something to hide. Once again LG looking for anything negative to write.

    • LG

      BS Spider……People go into depo’s all the time if this were me or you our asses would be in there already. And yes I know a little about how it works…..

  7. Thomas Lawrence Jr

    I sincerely hope that this is not true. I would like to have ONE season of New Browns” without SOME kind of controversy. Moreso than that, I’d like a super Bowl appearance and WIN! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LG

      Wouldn’t we all……

  8. Alibaba

    Jummy’s goin’ to the joint and he’s gonna get cornholed by those dawg pounders

  9. Jim Mc Dowell

    LG, you really tick me off. You make me get off my lazy butt and do some research on the half stories you write that is so called news. In about 15 minutes I read both sides of this story that you only write one side of. Maybe you should do a little research before you have JH III sitting in the electric chair. If you need a little help with that task just let me know.

    • LG

      What is the other side of the story? Haslam’s company ripped off the trucking companies and now he doesn’t want to be sworn under oath…..What part is so hard to understand.

      • Extremisim In The Pursuit of Truth and Logic Is No Vice

        The other side of the story is that your so-called news flash is nothing more than Chicken Little telling the world he just received a VM announcing that the sky was falling when all he had to do was look up to see that it wasn’t.

        Your story is dated Aug 23d, the day after the owner of “National Trucking Financial Reclamation Services LLC”, not “National Retail”, explained why he started the company so quickly after the FBI’s raid was made public. He did it to purchase the claims of Trucking Companies cheated by Pilot, which gave him the right to sue Pilot to collect on those claims.

        What he did is common practice in cases like Pilot’s, and he had ready access to all the of the victims through his Trade Association.

        If you want to howl at the Moon about something entirely speculative, why don’t you howl at him, since deals like his usually involve purchasing rights to recovery at a discounted price – his profit margin – which in this situation would effectively screw his membership. After paying his constituents some fraction of what was owed them, Pilot began voluntarily paying the cheated companies what was owed them, in full.

        Cmon’ man, smarten up, I report the news.

        Yeah, right.


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