When a quarterback hurts his hand hitting it on a defensive players helmet, the television people usually search through the tape and play it over and over in slow motion. This wasn’t the case for Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden.

No one knew he suffered an injury. I have seen it though the years, when a quarterback hits his throwing hand on another players helmet, he usually stands behind his guys shaking his hand. that wasn’t he case for Weeden either.

Did anyone actually see the play that injured the Browns starting quarterback? I have talked to people who were in Baltimore and at the game and they reported, nothing looked odd on the Browns sidelines. When Weeden came out of the game, they never noticed him seeking or getting any medical attention.

That too seems odd. The next thing you knew Weeden was being taken to the locker room and he was just gone. No TV replays and now big deal was made out of his injury. It just doesn’t usually happen that way, especially when a team loses its starting quarterback.

We have seen replays over the years of players getting poked in the eyes, yet no replay at all, of the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback injuring the thumb on his throwing hand. Seems more than a little strange to me.

If you actually saw this injury to Brandon Weeden take place, leave us a reply below and let us know when it happened. Weeden himself seemed a little unsure of when it happened. he said it was one of the plays on the last drive he was in the game for.

Wouldn’t you think if he hurt his hand and he couldn’t grip the football, he would have summoned medical help right away. We even saw Tom Brady spraying his hand with the cold stuff in the New England game last Monday night, yet nothing with Weeden…..Strange I’m telling you….


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  1. greg

    PD posted a pick of his injured thumb.

    • LG

      did they see the play when it happened?

      • greg

        Pic is of him in uniform, on the field still.

  2. Jrustyo

    Nope…I didn’t see him hurt his thumb but if he is using this an excuse for not wanting to stand behind this front line….who could blame him? Good luck to the next poor soul who has to put his life in their hands.

  3. Jim

    LG.. I know you luv writing asinine article. But it also apparent you do not watch the games played. What’s up with the initial LG, be a man.. sign your name to these piss poor article.

    • LG

      I watched every play of the game and I always do…..

  4. T

    Players get injured all the time, you DO NOT have to see EVERY play for EVERY player that gets an injury, minor or not… They were not behind in that game by much, he wouldn’t have left the game if he wasn’t injured.

    • LG

      It just seems a bit odd that the starting QB goes down with an injury and we didn’t see any signs of it.

  5. Don

    Maybe the gut needs a Sunday off. For the last eight quarters of football he has been horizontal more then he has been vertical.

  6. TopF

    Nothing to see here folks, move on…

  7. Luke49

    I think LG needs to take some time off, and spend some extra time in therapy. It is apparent your hatred for Weeden virges on lunacy. Maybe you should be put on a terror watch list before you go postal. You are always talking about how afraid Weeden is, and the fear in his eyes, but he was sacked 6 times and hit 15 times last week and sacked 5 times this week. I don’t know how many times he was hit, but he stayed with it. It is apparent to everyone else that whatever problems he may have fear isn’t one of them.

    • LG

      Don’t worry Luke49, I am as sane as you are………..

      • Luke49

        See I told you , you have a problem. No one has accused me of being sane, and I am sure the same is true of you.

        • LG

          LOL thanks for the laugh. Humor every now and then is great….LOL

          • Luke49

            Hey , I’m a Browns fan with at least maybe 30 other better teams to root for. Does that tell you anything about the sanity of a Browns fan.

          • LG

            We are all nuts…..

  8. RICK

    LG, It doesn’t matter when he did it. He obviously hurt it or they wouldn’t have taken an MRI or maybe thats part of the conspirocy. Give it a break your gonna get what you wanted so you can bitch and whine about someone else now.

    • LG

      Rick have you seen the MRI Film???

      • Paul in LA

        Of course he hasn’t see the MRI! What is up with the conspiracy theories? Stick to reporting real sports news, not this stuff not worthy of the Weekly World news. We have FOX and NBC for that kind of crap. Write about something with substance please!

    • Old goat

      Was this injury the same as the injury that prevented Weedhead from suiting up against the Steelers. Welcome to rickety rick land. Hopefully this will put him on the IR list long enough for the browns to actually see if Campbell or Hoyer can win.

  9. Chris kellar

    Good article LG, I asked the same question yesterday, I did not see how he could have hurt himself, nor did he show any signs of having a problem. Fishy if you ask me…. Best thing for the Browns!

    • LG

      We gonna see….

  10. Old goat

    “but a local radio report that Weeden could miss the majority of the season was refuted by Chudzinski, through a team spokesman”.
    Here is hoping that the “injury” would be season ending. That is the best thing for the Browns. Weedhead is an embarrassment to the team. Sending him off to rickety rick land would be a start,

  11. RICK

    Old Goat, I wish you well with your health too.To wish a season ending injury on someone is pretty pathetic but now you will get a chance to watch your beloved Browns whithout any distractions and GOATVILLE will be in bliss. Happy days are here again.

    • LG

      Rick, how can you say without any distractions? What are you referring to?

  12. RICK

    LG, I am referring to QB distractions of course. That seems to be the main distraction to a lot of people like thats the main problem here. It’s ignorant to wish a season ending injury on someone and be happy about it and call yourself a fan. Football is a dangerous sport that could cripple for life and I wish all the Browns players well. I guess if you want something bad enough you will take it however you can get it at anyones expense.Pretty bad when you can rejoice over someones misfortunes on a team that you supposively support. Sad but true

    • LG

      Well, Rick, I don’t think anyone is really happy a guy got hurt. I know I don’t want to see that happen to anyone……..

      • Arthur

        Old Goat is happy enough LG, but then that says more about him than it does about Weeden.
        He says Weeden is ‘embarrassing’ then behaves like this himself. If this is how he chooses to represent himself there is really not much more to say. I just hope his parents are proud of him.
        Rick is right though. Without Weeden to pick at, some of you on here will be able to watch a game of football for once, and not wet yourselves every time Weeden throws an incomplete pass or gets sacked.
        So, put the diapers away Old Goat, watch the team you claim to support, and see what the team looks like without the player you not only hate with a passion, but one you watch each week hoping he will suffer a serious injury.

        • LG

          Hey I have to agree with him. Weeden is a little embarrassing especially when he misses wide open players……

      • RICK

        LG, I do think that some people are happy that he got hurt but whatever it takes I guess in their eyes.

        • LG

          Ya never want to see an athlete get hurt. I can tell you I knew it would happen sooner or later. They guy can not get out the way……..But this is just a thumb. I thought he would lose a knee or something…..

  13. Wane

    LG, i was more concerned about the challange flag the browns thru late in the game for the bad spot on 4th looked like the browns had the first down bye a ball, and it clearly stoped what could have been a game changing drive late in the game. maybe you can do some real reporting and find out why there was no instent replay shown on the play. NONE – NOT ONE REPLAY ON T.V !!! ON A PLAY THAT COULD HAVE CHANGED THE GAME. and here you are worried about no replay on Branden Weeden’s thumb. I HOPE YOU DIDN’T LOSE ANY SLEEP OVER IT. it’s funny how somebody you have never met, can get into your head so bad. i think they have pills for that!!!

    • LG

      Wane, if you were watching the game, the refs gave the Browns a very favorable spot on the play……It was not as close as they made it with the spot….

  14. Wane

    maybe i need pills, i forgot to put my name on my post. now that is funny!!! LOL – go browns

    • LG

      I fixed it for you Wane

  15. Wane

    nobody will know for sure with no replay. that is my point.

    • LG

      True that

  16. Arthur

    The NFL ‘Around the League’ program did show the play on Monday night LG, and Weeden clearly hit his hand on a defenders helmet. I have tried since to find it again and cannot.
    Still, I have no doubt it happened because I saw it, and they were talking about it as they showed the images.
    Ytpically, the NFL channel do not spend any time showing the Browns so it has not been shown again, nor do I expect it to be.
    The fact that Weeden did not make a big deal of it at the time will be why no replay was played, on top of which it looked like one of those injuries that you might be able to just shake off.
    I guess not, and I hope he recovers soon.

    • LG

      Man I must have missed it but I didn’t take my eyes off of MNF

  17. JimV

    I can’t believe all the idiot replies. I just read! Apparently, a lot of readers and commenters have not a clue how the NFL works? most contracts in the NFL have a performance clause! However, the contract is worded it might be starting so many games to get your pay bonus or however it is written. The one thing that is in most of the contracts is you have to play in so many games! I mentioned this in a previous comment, I forget what the topic was? We saw colt McCoy hit his hand on a defenders helmet. But he never saw much action. After that, therefore, he lost money! I have not read anywhere on this site or any of the TV football shows, where Weedon hurt his hand!. Some of you mentioned how tough he was after being hit and sacked in the first game. Apparently he has weak thumbs! So I’ll just leave it at that. Next week will show what this team is made of no matter whose quarterbacking? If they are successful I’ll bet you the farm bill start saying because our top wide receiver is back . Hey Weedonites, just think this could turn out and possibly you are wrong! I already know you’re wrong that next Sunday, will tell the tale. If I am wrong. I will keep my mouth shut and just wait for next year. A diehard Browns fan! why do you all pick on LG he seems very knowledgeable. If my fiancé can see Weedon and other players are not NFL material! And she is not a diehard football fan! . How come you guys can’t see it? you all must have been Derek Anderson fans also?


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