Deshone Kizer got his first NFL start wearing a Cleveland Browns uniform. I think the kid did alright for a guy with only 2-years college experience playing quarterback. The Browns however did a terrible job protecting the rookie.

Kizer was sacked 7 times in the game. Sure he might have held onto the ball a bit too long on a couple of occasions, but for the most part the Browns offensive line was offensive indeed.

The Browns rookie QB completed 20 of the 30 passes he attempted, for a total of 222 yards and one touchdown. He had one interception and he carried the ball 5-times for a total of 17 yards. One of those carries resulted in a personal foul to the Steelers line-backer and former Ohio State stand-out Ryan Shazier for a hit that he led with his helmet and committed when Kizer was already in his slide.

In the first half, it looked like the Browns were going to make a game out of this season opener. But in the second half in true Cleveland Browns fashion, the Browns let the Steelers sort of run away with it.

After 3-quarters of play, the Browns trailed thew Steelers 21-10. The Cleveland defense didn't allow the Steelers to score again, and held them score-less in the 4th quarter.

The Browns running game didn't look that good yesterday.  Isaiah Crowell carried the ball 17 times for a total of 33 yards. It's going to be a long season if the Browns offensive line-men aren't able to pick it up some.

They need to open holes for the run, and they need to protect their quarterback. They can't afford to let Kizer get hurt, this kid looks good and he's ready to play in the NFL. Now we are left to wonder how long will he last???



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